A society against itself – implications of misdeeds

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scottBy Lucky Mulusa, MP.

On 30 March, 2013, it was widely reported that “Ceremonial vice President Guy Scott says the Patriotic Front (PF) has eaten up the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) to a point that the former ruling party is virtually dead”. I was left wondering – why are we enemies of ourselves? How does the demise of the MMD assist the PF? UNIP existed alone for close to twenty years. Did that underwrite their hold on power forever? Where is UNIP today? Then there was the Editorial of the Post Newspaper of Friday, 29th March 2013, entitled Rupiah and the diplomats in which the Post editor made desperate attempts to condemn RB, the high commissioner, President Zuma, and South Africa generally. Again I was left wondering – Do the people behind the chaotic lifting of RB’s immunity understand the implications of what they have done?

Where are we going when people like Dr Guy Scott who we expect to be a thinker sinks so low as to make pronouncements that are supposed to be made by those who do not appreciate the meaning of multiparty democracy, nor complexity theory and systems thinking? Three characteristics about ourselves provide a strange unifying theme: hypocrisy; sadistic disposition; and lack of appreciation of society’s complexity and systematic existence. The Zambian society like any other is divided into three layers. The first comprises thinkers. The next level comprises opinion leaders who decipher the thoughts of thinkers and package messages for the larger group of followers who look up to opinion leaders for direction. Leaders must come from amongst thinkers or at the least, from amongst opinion leaders.

When leaders come from amongst thinkers, that particular society progresses because, thinkers appreciate and respect society’s complexity and systematic nature of existence. They tend to understand the implication of their decisions on society and beyond. Wisdom is usually their most powerful tool. They think through issues and their decisions undergo mature deliberations. Leaders from amongst thinkers are guided by professional ethics if they are educated and they are guided by respect and fear for systems if not educated.  As such, such leaders will never claim that they can change society’s fortunes in ninety (90) days because they know that development, job creation, and poverty alleviation are products of a complex web of inter-linked decisions, strategies, programmes and activities which for a nation of 14 million people cannot be achieved in ninety (90) days.  There is a reason why the term of Office is five (5) years and not 90 days.

When leaders come from people who ordinarily are supposed to be led, they are a danger to society. They have no appreciation of complexity theory and systems thinking.  They behave like a delinquent child in a house who does not realise that the house they live in took several man hours and resources to build and the furniture they use cost money and that somebody thought to arrange the furniture the way it is arranged for the family’s convenience.  The delinquent child does not realise that the food on the table, the clothes and all the assets in the house take somebody’s sweat to be made available. Such a delinquent child for the price of a match stick, can burn down the whole house in a matter of seconds.

In our midst, we have such a delinquent child – the PF.  The PF is blessed with some thinkers but, in the presence of pirates who have hijacked the soul of the PF’s struggle to emancipate Zambians, the party’s thinkers have been rendered impotent. The PF is unaware of the importance of the complex interconnectedness of the various elements in governance.  But that is not where my worry lies.  My worry lies with thinkers such as Dr. Guy Scott, who have not necessarily been rendered impotent but are clamouring to be cheer leaders for the pirates.  His claim in Lukulu West two days ago that PF has eaten up the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) to a point that the former ruling party is virtually dead, is a victory cry for the pirates whose only sole purpose of joining the PF very recently was to inflict the worst possible pain on the MMD for the past conflicts with them. Dr Guy Scott belongs to the group that originally formed PF promising to take Zambians to another level by doing what MMD was doing, but doing it differently.  What Zambians expect from him is a report back that the PF has delivered development, created employment, and has alleviated poverty amongst Zambians. That was the mandate for which PF was supported.

When you fail to understand the implication of your actions, you get confused. Life does not have a linear formula. Its formula, if there is any, is not even exponential either. It is an outcome of a multitude of events, decisions of people, institutions, societies, events, and conditions an individual or a group of them can hardly influence. In the Editorial of the Post Newspaper of Friday, 29th March 2013, entitled Rupiah and the diplomats, the editor asked several questions the most relevant of which were, “Where is the problem? What is South Africa’s concern?” This is proof enough that you can only trigger an event, after that the implications are beyond your control.South Africa’s foreign policy is entitled “Building a Better World: The Diplomacy of Ubuntu”. The Policy states that, “In terms of South Africa’s liberation history, its evolving international engagement is based on two central tenets, namely: Pan-Africanism and South-South solidarity. South Africa recognises itself as an integral part of the African continent and therefore understands its national interest as being intrinsically linked to Africa’s stability, unity, and prosperity. South Africa strives to promote its national interest in a complex and fast-changing world. The impact of these complexities and changes must be factored into the nation’s work to achieve a better life for its people both at home and in a regional and continental context.” When a country starts degenerating into a state of polarisation, when democracy starts being abused, when a handful start abusing state machinery to settle personal scores, then a country starts sliding into a state of chaos and the South African foreign policy kicks in. Mr Editor, this is where the problem is and this is what concerns South Africa. When South Africa’s Foreign Policy states that, “The Department of International Relations and Cooperation therefore undertakes to conduct its business of managing South Africa’s international relations ever mindful of its responsibility to the people it represents, even beyond the nation’s borders”, it means the workers in South Africa, the business community and the workers and South African investors in Zambia – hence RB’s invitation to the embassy.Back to Dr Guy Scott, it is shameful that the celebrations of the outcomes of the goal of the pirates in PF which is to destroy the MMD is being hijacked by the clueless Guy Scott who does not know that, that was never one of the PF’s outcomes at the formation of the PF in 2001.  Reading through David Reed’s book entitled ‘Economic Change, Governance and Natural Resource Wealth’ to which Dr Guy Scott eloquently contributed chapter three, I find it strange that he can abandon his comfortable position of a thinker and choose to be a cheerleader of the pirates.  Mr vice President, the PF has not eaten up the MMD to a point that the former ruling party is virtually dead. Rather, your misplaced victory claim shows that the PF’s original ideals have been hijacked to a point of the PF being rendered the single worst political failure in Zambia’s history.  My advice to the original PF members is that team up with the Kola Foundation to remove the pirates from having an influential hold over your party. Otherwise, you will be ashamed to claim that you were once PF members for you have failed to be useful and protect the ideals for which the PF earned the mandate to govern.

Lucky Mulusa, MP.

Solwezi Central Constituency.

April 1, 2013


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    Zikomo - April 2, 2013

  2. keep writing such thought provoking and constructive articles

    Chief Advisor - April 2, 2013

  3. Guy Scott reminds me of “Pinko”- in the Pink Panther Cartoon! (there’s even a physical resemblance in the colour, slouch and gait) Very mute on important national issues but just waffling on inanities..

    Fenwick - April 2, 2013

  4. Well thought out article by Lucky. The only weakness in it is the last part about teaming up with the Kola Foundation. This foundation is made up of tribal supremacists whose agenda is continued Bemba rule and it does not matter to them which Bemba is in charge. They will back even a bafoon like GBM for the presidency. There is not much difference between the pirates and this hegemonistic formation. The solution lies in fighting both the pirates of Bwinjimfumu and this group of supremacists.

    Deep Thinker - April 2, 2013

  5. Well thought out article by Lucky. The only weakness in it is the last part about teaming up with the Kola Foundation. This foundation is made up of tribal supremacists whose agenda is continued Bemba rule and it does not matter to them which Bemba is in charge. They will back even a bafoon like GBM for the presidency. There is not much difference between the pirates and this hegemonistic formation. The solution lies in fighting both the pirates of Bwinjimfumu and this group.

    Deep Thinker - April 2, 2013

  6. mr. mulusa sir, the interconnectivitinerary of the multiple national functionaries can be represented by a multi-variable differential equation. it is the only one with characteristics which can represent all physical quantities, in plausibly in such a case. but however, such a stuation would require, firstly, separating the variables, then, changing the order of operation, and finally, introducing an integrating factor. but now, given the ‘MISTLETOEic’ nature of affiars in 3rd world; CITA ?

    'e' the independent f(x) - April 2, 2013

  7. Satana akafa che nishi power is ours

    moffat Zulu - April 1, 2013

  8. Let’s maintain our Zambia, Guy will fly to United Kingdom when country goes down.

    Joe Johnson - April 1, 2013

  9. MMD is in our hearts wait and see yo schemes will never work agaist mmd it is a blessed one formed by many zambians ulike that power faiture(pf) formed satana ukachimona

    Ukachimona - April 1, 2013

  10. Mulusa is our man leave him is our mouth piece for nwp swana Teta,how does he develop solwezi when yo gvt is busy trilions of kwacha to develop muchinga northern and luapula u think we are dull wait on that day even the dead will raise in nwp a registry of misdeeds is being compiled we are watching u even from yo bedrooms Ukachimona

    Ukachimona - April 1, 2013

  11. Am, equally impressed with Hon. Mulusa’s article.The over zealousness of M’membe if not checked will cost this country. He should not antagonize us (Zambians) with other countries just coz he wants to be leader of PF. I was also disappointed with the utterances by Scot. In a democracy you don’t aim at killing the opposition by poaching some of its morally wicked members and then u gather audacity to stand on an anti- hill and claim to be democrats just like u cant practice professionalism in institutions such as military. so is scot fai;ling to be professional in almost all his utterances.I feel for professionals such as Hon. LUO in the PF. once such people bring progressive ideas in the party, they will be deemed as threats by those who have money bt have not advanced in academics. Examples of such people in a party are the likes of bena GBM, WILLIE NSANDA etc can u imagine one nsanda being C/man for ERB !! The guy just grow up pa station (KMB) a BULLY and KABOVA. But what do u expect from a rotten system. Anyway ni nshita.

    stixy - April 1, 2013






    katongo nsambe - April 1, 2013

    • If only the PF were not busy corrupting MMD MP’s, I would agree with you. It is the same party the condemn to be corrupt and yet they are happy to entice, into their inner circles, the very MP’s with corruption allegation pending in the courts.

      It's a worry(M'membe & Co should pay back our K18b) - April 1, 2013

  13. I’m beginning to like Mulusa

    chiang - April 1, 2013

  14. Those of you who Think if Guy Scott belonging to the UK you are wrong that man can not be accepted here by his Scottish people because he does not talk like them I know what I’m talking about I have lived here for years that guy is Zambian he was born there live with it!

    ashamboko@yahoo.co.uk - April 1, 2013

  15. MMD is even better, just wait for the death of Wonama Sata as he is PF himself PF will collapse in one day. PF is already divided and with the death of Wonama Sata soon the likes of Kabimba and hule Masebo will be flashed out of the PF. Just wait and this is coming soon.

    Volcanologist - April 1, 2013

  16. This MP has really impressed me with his “deep” understanding and analysis in every article he has written. This one hits the nail on the head in as far has “how primitive we remain in Zambia”. We are still at a stage were politics are simply a form of tribal wars and the victors parade their leaders despite the irreparable damage caused. What our country needs are “thinkers” and “influencers” that can steer our political scene to one where policies intended to benefit the poor (irrespective of their political affiliation) and most in need. Currently, even the Head of State is championing the primitive mentality especially at by-elections and swearing in sessions where he will proclaim that “vote for PF if you want development to come here” and to opposition MP’s taking Govt office “I am giving you a car, driver and fuel, that your party can’t give you”. The President in all his utterances just not seem to realise that it is every tax paying Zambian and resource (not Sata or PF) that is paying and undoubtedly this is the very point the honourable Muluza is alluding to, in part, when he says failure to appreciate the social complexities of any society. God help us…

    It's a worry(M'membe & Co should pay back our K18b) - April 1, 2013

  17. MULUSA is just a DULL chap who always cry like a baby. Go and develop solwezi than writing poetry on this hopeless site. In 1991, MMD had around 125 MPS and non of you characters said defacto one party state. stop wasting our time.

    sali sali - April 1, 2013

    • Argue on the substance and issues raised in the article and not insult the author. Let’s debate and not insult each other. Zambia is for all of us; it does not belong to any section of our society or any political party. Even if MMD had 125 seats in the National Assembly in 1991, facts are there for everyone to see. The numbers have gone done with every election that has come. That’s how it goes. No party will perpetually be in office.

      Straight Talk Zambia - April 1, 2013

      • If you look at your MULUSAS articles deeply, you will see that the poor MP always go off track.He has a poor understanding of rules of RELEVANCE. for example, the VEEP talked of MMD being killed in the context that they are even falling to field candidates. your MULUSA goes for a cross country debate.He brings all sorts of peotry in the world,for what.

        sali sali - April 1, 2013

        • @sali sali
          Thats why your wife is being fucked by your neighbour and you dont want to believe when tipped off,because you got a warped mind.you dull arse.how for heavens can you stand up and think you can challenge such volumes of rich wisdom bustarrrrd.

          mobutu seseseko - April 1, 2013

          • Politics can make you cry… MMD work up, bamitundila muyangana.

            Politics - April 1, 2013

    • @sali sali you are the one who needs to rethink, it is proven that even if MMD had 125 seats in parley, they never shuned democratic policies and rules around democracy, now PF have less seats than 125, they already are behaving so undemocratic its unbelieveable….you should even be ashamed to utter such..nowadays is full of threats, no one should campaign, they(PF) are the ones who are busy in corruption and by the time this year ends which will be 2 years for them in power they will have corruptly plundered more than any party in this country…

      NewZambia - April 1, 2013

    • @ Sali Sali,

      You are spoiling an otherwise pertinent issue full of food for thought. The author has unselfishly described the three layers that permeates our society and I am trying my best to be part of the group he describes as thinkers. Which group do you fancy belonging to?

      Centre Back Of Democracy - April 1, 2013

    • Sali Sali, ndwi chakanga…..

      mwanawina - April 1, 2013

    • @sali ….u truly a reflection of ordinary minds. Expected counter policy Arguments ,issue based better than what Mulusa has articulated, not that shallow position…..Or is a case of ,”the wise speak bcoz they have SOMETHING TO SAY…..but the unwise speak bcoz they just want to SAY SOMETHING….

      YAMI VISION2030+ - April 1, 2013

    • If this is the definition of dullness, I would rather be dull than smart like President Sata

      mk - April 1, 2013

    • saili you are a USEFUL IDIOT

      tom - April 1, 2013

  18. gay scooter or sorry I mean guy scot is just a wheelbarrow going whichever direction it is pushed to. you will be disappointed if you expect beyond that

    rev.masipa - April 1, 2013

  19. MMD will bounce back to power.I think God cannot forget the only Zambian political party to have in its Manifesto and then declare Zambia as a christian nation. God is a rewarder. The likes of Mulusa should remain solid, he may at that time when MMD bounces back, Mulusa may just become our Veep. PF knows very well and is envious of MMD’s solid national structures which they are trying to break by falsehoods that MMD is dead. It’s a lie. They hope if the lie is repeated again and again, then it will stick. MMD is a party while PF is not. Zambians voted for a person dubbed “man of action” hoping he would change things. Without Mr. Sata PF is dead unlike MMD which has outlived several founders.

    Impartial observer - April 1, 2013

    • Can we have a conversation that does not include God? Nefya ciwelewele ati God God. What is the matter with some of you? Our problems are purely human and God does not need to reward nobody. Everything we need to govern ourselves was given to us, placed cleverly between our ears. Our failure to use those resources is our fault and nothing more.

      We may learn the lessons, I hope, when we get our fingers burnt.

      Malundu - April 1, 2013

  20. Can someone please inform me how much money PF govt has wasted in form of bye elections in ‘destroying’ the opposition?

    Observer - April 1, 2013

    • Enough money with some change to build the following in each constituency of Zambia:
      1. Medical Hospitals the size of UTH;
      2. Cancer Hospitals the size of the Lusaka Cancer Hospital;
      3. Mental Hospitals the size of Chainama;

      Enough money to buy the following for all the new hospitals;
      1. Dialysis Machines; 2. Scanners; 3. ARVs; 4. Essential TB Drugs;

      Enough money to build two Primary schools and two secondary schools in each constituency of Zambia.

      Enough money to build two hydro-electric power stations.

      Enough money to take piped water to all communities and villages in Zambia.

      Enough money to build dual carriage ways from Livinstone to Chililabombwe, from Lusaka to Chanida Border post, from Lusaka to Chirundu border.

      Enough money to provide free education to all pupils from Grade One To Twelve, Free education to University and College students.

      In all this there will still be enough change to buy every Zambian an Egg for breakfast every morning.

      Centre Back Of Democracy - April 1, 2013

  21. I read Lucky’s article with pleasure because it is written by a thinker I have associated and share a background with. I don’t know what else Lucky has studied but I know that, like Fred M’membe, he is a graduate of accountancy studies at the Copperbelt University. Fred, well appreciates Lucky’s line of thinking, but he, Fred, has chosen another route to protect his personal interest to the total exclusion of what is good for Zambia and all of us. Guy Scott, I agree, is a thinker who finds himself among and has to sing the song of those that should ordinarily and logically be led. Guy has to stoop to Sata’s level for him to be accepted by Sata’s followers. Society is such a complex system whose existence does not depend on a single entity, which is just a constituent part of it. Society evolves so much and learns from itself. The Zambian society has evolved a great deal and most people will not stomach foolish political statements like the one from Guy Scott. What has the demise of the MMD to do with poverty elimination, job creation and freedoms of the populace? Scott and his team seem to be directing their efforts and energies toward wrong goals contrary to what catapulted them to power. Having been in office 1 year and six months, Scott must no longer talk about the MMD being killed, but tell the people of Zambia the positive developments they have delivered, and if none, as I can see, apologise for lying to the people.

    Straight Talk Zambia - April 1, 2013

    • Thanks straight thinker zambia.To add on,i feel guy scot knws very well about what could be good for zambians,but the problem is his immediate head (Sata) who does not accommodat ideas. As he (guy scot) said,u cant teach an old horse new tricks.That is wat he meant.The power of money and strength of power has made even the most educated people behave stuped(sink so low). Sata a grade seven(if @ all he attained that level of education) has managed to make them all behave to his stardard of thinking by manipulating them.(low thinking capacity).Sata needs a capacitor bank to make him level headed

      castro - April 1, 2013

      • The level of sophistication of his thinking should enable him to devise a way of succeeding against incredible odds; find a way to convince the non-thinkers around him to realize that while ‘barking at suspected intruders’(opposition) is permissible, rolling up sleeves to do developmental work is a much better deterrent and therefore non-negotiable.

        Nsonzi - April 1, 2013

  22. I should say, I admire the intellect that Mulusa uses to impart the much needed advice to the stubborn pf to change their ways of playing politics but i however would like to strongly disagree with him where he is putting Guy Scott among thinkers.
    Guy has never been or must i say will never be a good citizen of zambia. i still believe, his allegiance is still to UK.lest we forget that, this is the man that swindled the country over swine & if at all he had moral, he couldnt hv accepted toveep

    Njekwa - April 1, 2013

    • To say guy scot is a thinker by hon.Mulusa was not to open his guys charecter.Am sure that you,me,mulusa and guy himself knws that mulusa wants guy to fuse himself were he best suits OPINION LEADER.

      castro - April 1, 2013

  23. Nice analysis.

    Kaputa wa sata - April 1, 2013

  24. Mr Mulusa I like your analysis. What is your profession sir? But you are in the wrong side of the bridge. Crossover lest your are also rendered an impotent thinker and opinion maker.

    Mbebastan. - April 1, 2013

    • What do you mean by the wrong side of the bridge? Of course not pf.

      Tan tulisha - April 1, 2013

  25. its amazing that we have such brilliant minds in Zambia, this is the article of the year,

    Patrick Nkhata - April 1, 2013

  26. sinizakamba chifukwa ninga mu shoute muzungu uyu.He is a cadre wat do u expect effi afuna ndalama.

    chikubabe - April 1, 2013

    • muzungu wa njala, what do you expect

      NewZambia - April 1, 2013

  27. U re a genius Mulusa..waiting for you in UPND

    J M - April 1, 2013

  28. ive been won over by Mr Mulusa… A hope in our messed up low calibre politicians in zambia… Nice article once again Bravo.

    mwenya - April 1, 2013

  29. Cry my beloved Zambia…..It’s time to Arise!!
    Excellent honourable Kalusa, Oways Astute…..Fred Mmembe with his egosm is the worst enemy not only for PF but Zambia as a whole.

    Using his newspaper and some useful idiots Fred Mmembe has been able to manipulate his way in all governance institutions ,look at Patrick Matibini Parliament, DPP Nchito, ACC, DEC POLICE , Mwenya Attorney General all under Mmembe’s control…PF has been hijacked by this Fred Mmembe &co demagogues, no wonder Dr Guy Scott is behaving like a headless chicken without intellectual acumen that he was …

    YAMI VISION2030+ - April 1, 2013

  30. Article of thought, good indeed.

    Skeleton - April 1, 2013

  31. Most of the comments above are far less serious, except one, to help the situation. May be because of political “üseful idiots’ or did not understand the premise of the article.
    HON. Mulusa has eloquently developed a premise which makes the so called clique in PF-Kabimba, mmembe,etc -the pirates- look stupid and short sighted. Society and the Community of Zambia as whole may now appear helpless as the pirates play their ball. Unfortunately everything has its time and they-the pirates- will have ,one day, to answer before this Society which now appear to be docile. The only disconcerting thing is that they will have taken Zambia into dark edges and will be difficult to come out.

    Nyakwawa - April 1, 2013

  32. Guy Scott’s ancestors must be turning in their graves whenever this dude opens his mouth. He is a mockery to what his kind claim to be championing. Beware of this dude, he’s a smiling assassin!

    Bro - April 1, 2013

    • Guy can’t smile, he grimaces! He is an old bag of bones, his brain is as withered as his face!

      Czar - April 1, 2013

  33. indeed..he behaves like an uneducated leader..shame on guy scott..

    Ngilingindo - April 1, 2013

    • Sad to see a white man behave the guy scrotum is,I would like to say bravo Kalusa indeed even if i not read the articles of mmembe paper im sure this one of Honorable kausa is mind opening to people who seek knowledge and direction.Bravo kalusa,keep it up,cant wait for your next article.

      lubasi - April 1, 2013

    • Sad to see a white man behave likeguy scrotum is behaving,I would like to say bravo Kalusa, indeed even if i dont read the articles of mmembe paper, im sure this one of Honorable Kalusa is mind opening to people who seek knowledge and direction.Bravo Kalusa,keep it up,cant wait for your next article.

      lubasi - April 1, 2013

  34. Guy Scot is the most useless and dangerous white-skinned fool south of the equator. He can only be compared to Ian Smith and Piet Botha. The only reason he is veep is because Sata worships the white skin going by his treacherous tendencies in the colonial days. As soon as Sata is no more, so will be Guy Scot. I hope he is holding on to his British passport. Because he will need it. I feel pity for poor Effie

    Ukwa-Dead Bodies My Redbull - April 1, 2013

  35. Sata fools Zambians resurrected or released from his prison by Meembe to say let Zambians see you briefly in churches,commissioning of roads in Feira then they wont complain when you disappear to China.They have released him so that can take the opportunity of going to another country for medication/review .You re failing to hold a press conference even to answer questions from babies in diapers but busy to go and address the Chinese pipo u were busy insulting.Masebo wanya you have been left out.kaseba doesn’t like you .Two faced woman .1 minute you want to please Sata next minute you re with Wnter/meembe.Snake in the grass.

    mwanya amafi ba pathetic fools - April 1, 2013

  36. Well articulated. PF should remove the Bwinjimfumu peverts/pirates from the driving seat. They have even peverted some thinkers like Guy Scott, Chief Nalubamba etc who can’t think rightly anymore. But Mr Mulusa should have left out the Kola Foundation out of the equation because it is basically a tribal and hegemonistic force trying to stear the ship in its own tribal direction. Finaly Mr Mulusa, consider running for president one day. You are the kind of thinker any nation needs to develop.

    john - April 1, 2013

    • Spot on bro… He should ve looked for another alternative of removing the pirates other than using a tribal Kola fdn whose involvement has costs for zambia, both opportunistic and fixed in nature! Other wise analysis was good. A blind-proof read from a second person usually helps eliminate such flaws.

      Muzukuzemba - April 1, 2013

    • To be truthful aim very very disappointed with my own chief whom I held in high esteem, to be reduced to a level where he starts singing praises for people that hate southerners is a treasonable offense in the courts of sound reasoning. I have watched with devastating accuracy the low levels to which this chief have stooped and am left with no option but to berg for reason to quickly return to this once a giant and reliable chief from whom fear never found room. May people who are so close to this gentleman ask him to open his mouth and conderm tribalism in hh leaving the filthy of the employment style being practiced by the current government allegedly. How could this once gallant soldier of social justice align himself with an agenda and propaganda Initiated by the clique to paint hh as tribal,nevers mumba as corrupt and Banda as a thief all because of fear of their own shades. Time came for gaddafi, sadam, hitler etc, time will come for these minions of a clique no matter what they do. As for you chief nalubamba, your highness, as I still feel that way, I believe time is still there for you to make amends, there is still plenty of room fir change. But if you continue in this path, then you shall have yourself to blame, your cyber immunity once lifted you will receive a potion of what suits you. Am sure zambians have prepared a docier and enough verbal venom for people like yourself. If you are wise as I know u are, you will read the writings on the wall before it’s too late.

      Chimbolyo - April 1, 2013

    • President.

      mobutu seseseko - April 1, 2013

  37. Its a big shame how PF can manage to turn an intellect into an unreasonable human being. Dr. Scott, I urge you to rethink your position in governance issues and society. You always claim politics is about numbers, but are you garnering quality numbers or these numbers are only useful for a specific/limited time frame in order to kill democracy? The Guy Scott I know can do better than that.

    You aren’t killing the opposition but democracy!

    mwanawina - April 1, 2013

  38. Sata is like the re-based currency…… DIFFERENT STATUS… SAME REASONING(or even worse)…

    Horny.REBEL Silvia Masebo-M.P-Member of Prositution..(Sperm Bank Mini-star) - April 1, 2013

    • You’re right my brother,i cant vote for this chimbwi no plan.He was there in colonial,UNIP,MMD and now as so called president.What can he offer honestly!Only lies……90 days,More money,more jobs,more food etc what has he achieved so far nothing.Not even facing babies!!!! the so called leader is failing!GOD HELP US!

      lubasi - April 1, 2013

  39. nkumba nayo iyi iza vuta bacon on the plate

    riddick - April 1, 2013

  40. This is the problem of having the majority “Useful Idiots”in Pathetic Failures(PF),they can’t see the points Hon.Mulusa was making for the good of Democracy in Zambia for the well being of our country and how we relate to other countries in the Region and beyond.MMD is not dead.What is dead is the Soul of the “Useful Idiots”who don’t see where the country is being driven to.I pray that God Saves Zambia from these dead souls.

    litiya kayula - April 1, 2013

  41. We are indeed lucky to have Lucky….viva R.B…..

    Horny.REBEL Silvia Masebo-M.P-Member of Prositution..(Sperm Bank Mini-star) - April 1, 2013

  42. If MMD goes the way of UNIP,and Guy Scott gloats about it, then sure as day is different from night, the next party to die will be PF. We can’t continue on this useless and destructive path because we need these institutions for national development.

    Black Mist - April 1, 2013

  43. very soon i see the white pig carged and sent back to is origin.watch my space.

    COME2016 - April 1, 2013


    supafos - April 1, 2013

  45. well said L.Mulusa, pump some sense into these useful idiots. they don’t think beyond today

    selako - April 1, 2013

  46. Where is Mukanga, Yaluma, Simuusa? PF has good brains in this trio.

    kizito - April 1, 2013


    visa vesa - April 1, 2013

    • You are very dull! No wonder you can’t even spell “versa”! Readthe article and contribute sensibly! Muppet!

      Czar - April 1, 2013

  48. Truth pains. MMD is dead. Mulusa just face it. It is all written clearly on the wall.

    Mumba - April 1, 2013

    • Mumba the follower you think like many PF followers who cant think beyond tomorrow

      Suntwe - April 1, 2013

    • You seem to have missed his point. He is concerned about people who are expected to be thinkers who are instead not thinking that they have become so stupid that they reason like Sata who does not appreciate the complexity of our modern existence that supports and nurtures multipartism. In other words, Guy scrotum is celebrating the death of multipartism not MMD. Think you monkey manure!

      Chibeka - April 1, 2013

    • Just admit that mulusa’s article has stubbed your ass.you always do you want to put on brave face to defend the indefencible.if civilised people like yaluma,simusa,lubinda don’t heed mulusa’s advise they will deeply regret.

      Tan tulisha - April 1, 2013

  49. During the colonial error Im sure the Whites including Guy’s ancestors though they ha “Swallowed” Africa to the extent that they thought Africa had become their slave dum where they could just come and pick any number of slaves at their disposal.

    Ask this stupid white Guy Scot why and what he is still doing in Africa when Africa has proven thier evil dreams of colonialism can not longer be tolarated in Africa.

    Has he forgotten that it is the same people of Western Province that are so disgruntled by PF to the extent that they wish they had their own country. Besides the idea of being in charge is that of developing that area instead dof “killing” whoever you think youcan kill to satisfy your political ego.

    What Guy should be honest with is the fact that PF has killed MMD and Wetsern Province at the same time. The people of Western province should realize that the only person who usually gains from the killing is the killer himself.

    Philosopher - April 1, 2013

  50. Great article. I too get shocked with such statements. Not long ago Kabimba said it was a military strategy to ambush enemies when commenting on the uncivilised manner of removing Banda’s immunity. I am not saying it was wrong to remove the immunity but the means did not justify the ends. I think and I fear for democracy because we are really dealing with enemies of democracy. The civil society should all be deregistered because are only chewing donor money except FODEP. Transparency International is not fit for purpose. post newspaper is not fit for purpose, it’s a shame. That’s what happens when job seekers get jobs. They do everything to stay and can even kill.

    Ola - April 1, 2013

    • Yes!

      mwanawina - April 1, 2013