‘Bush Tracks does not recognise some Zambian holidays’

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Dear editor,
Allow me space in your very informative publication to find out from authorities weather it is in order for a company to recognize only but a few , to be exact eight(8) of the almost gazetted  sixteen(16) holidays .

This company is called Bushtracks Africa in Livingstone.
The minimum wage implementation leaves much to be desired as we are given very confusing payslips and explanations.
Pls withhold my name for fear of great victimization.

Thanking you in anticipation.

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  1. To the writer it is good you have aired your views this has to be brought to our labor so called inspectors who are not inspecting anything Livingstone has so many of these slave wage and condition employee givers can the money be banked in the country not outside the problem you have the so called president to be elected in UPND a chairman to a hotel and the conditions are bad can he make them better when he is president a question we should ask ourselves and the reason tuli mu bwato.

  2. Ba POPI, Ba POPI, Watch Dog, where are my comments.

    Ostrich - November 30, 2012

  3. Zambians learn to fight on your own instead of crying out all the time. as a group of employees think of some things you can do to put pressure on your employers. let us stop this cowardice. chalo chesu

    Kalulu - November 30, 2012

  4. Where is my comment ba popi?

    Ostrich - November 30, 2012

  5. My brother you are in wrong career, you were supposed to be a tourist instead. Imagine a Guard complaining that he is not allowed to sleep at night when all citicens do so. At times if one is quite people may mistakingly judge him to be intelligent. Try it. What you are asking for are off duties Period.

    Advocate - November 30, 2012

    • Spot on

      ben 10 - November 30, 2012

  6. My brother you are in a wrong profession. Instead you were supposed to be a tourist and not a tour operator. Imagine a Guard complaining that he is not allowed to sleep at night when everbody else does so in the country. Does that make sense? Sometimes if one is quite can mistakingly be credited to be intelligent. Try it. Off days is what you want.

    Advocate - November 30, 2012

  7. This is a serious issue you have raised Mr. disgruntled Bushtracks Africa employee. I sympathize with you and your fellow workers but please listen to this… The Tourism Industry operates in a different model altogether compared to other industries. When employees in other sectors of industry go on holiday, the tourism industry services them and it actually gets busier during holidays meaning that you Mr. Disgruntled Employee have to work on holidays. I might be wrong but you must have a company policy towards public holidays please find out from your Human Resource Manager. Most companies in the Tourism Sector will ask you to work on a public holiday and pay you ‘double ticket’ or if money is not a motivating factor for you, you agree to take another day as day-off compensating for the public holiday you worked. If you still think you need to go on holiday each Zambian Public Holiday, then you are working in a wrong industry or your HRM (Human Resource Manager) did not induct you properly during engagement. In some safari companies my brother, employees work for over month without a day-off nor a holiday and during this time they don’t even see their families. I wouldn’t ask you to seek advice from the union (if you are a union member) as they are the worst and very corrupt institutions. They don’t serve their people. Just dialogue with your immediate bosses or Mr. Christopher Tett himself, he is a good man and very listening too.

    Maramba - MC 144 - November 30, 2012

  8. There are too many holidays in Zambia and sometimes it may affect productive, but I feel that if the company request staff to work during the holidays they should pay an appropriate rate (ordinaly rate x2) to the staff who work during these holidays or allow staff to take compesatory time during normal working time to compensate for working during holidays.

    I believe Bush Tracks is in the tourism/hospitality industry and many people take advantage of public holidays to access such services and need the company need the staff during the holidays……difficult but as staff you need to understand that the company need revenue to pay your salaries and one of the objective should be to help this company generate this revenue

    AlfredT - November 30, 2012

  9. My brother I am sure you don’t understand operations in the tourism industry. More tourists travel during your so called holidays and that is when you want to close and go on holiday as well. Nosense. You are a tourist and not a worker. Imagine a Guard complaining that Guards are not given enough time to sleep at night when everybody else is sleeping in the country. Use your head to think and not to waffle. Sometimes if you are quite some people may mistake you to be intelligent. Try it.

    Advocate - November 30, 2012

  10. Which are the 16 gazetted holidays you refer to?

    1. New Year’s Day
    2. Youth Day
    3. Good Friday
    4. Easter Monday
    5. Labour Day
    6. Africa Freedom Day
    7. Heroes’ Day
    8. Unity Day
    9. Farmer’s Day
    10. Levy Mwanawasa Day
    11. Independence Day
    12. Christmas Day
    13. Boxing Day

    That’s more than eight, but not exactly 16 either.

    Of course, in the hospitality sector, the business remains open and doesn’t stop because of the holiday (….as I’m sure you know, holidays are some of the busiest days of the year for lodges!).

    Anyway to answer your question, I’d guess there is some provision in the law to say that you should be either be allowed to take some other day off in lieu of the public holiday and/or be paid overtime for working on the holiday itself. It could also be that if you signed an employment contract stating that you agree to eight holidays only, then that is that. In either case, of course, you should probably be as concerned with doing good work for your employer than how little you can get away with.

    … but don’t take my word for it (or any other blogger’s word). Just go to the Labour Office and ask – simple!

    Say what? - November 30, 2012

  11. Let them run the tourism, as they are much better and please listen to their advice. Untill they came,Torism was non existant and the chaps have oppened up Zambia, creating jobs and promting tourism.U guys failed, just accept it.

    HATEMBO - November 30, 2012

    • why are you condemning yourself to the lowest a human being can ever get? Someone is complaining of the injustice in this industry and you go yapping about how they introduced tourism to Zambia. So what, does that give them the right to sell their packages out of Zambia and just bring the so called tourists to come and tour and go (for free as it were to the country?). Come on, Sylvia Masebo the ball is in your hands mama and the Labour Office (?) a very strange office indeed. Zambian workers are being mistreated daily by these foreign investors.

      One Zambia One Nation - November 30, 2012

      • As if Zambian employers are treating their fellow Zambians fairly. Stop this bullshit of pointing fingers are foreigners all the time. And for the love of God, stop abusing the term mistreat. Please define mistreat, you miscreant!

        Scholastica Chocolatika - December 1, 2012

  12. bafikamba,you failed to run eagle travel.

    sister - November 30, 2012

  13. This company should know that it exists bcoz of the very zambians that it victimises.hadnt been for us (zambians) it wouldnt have set up its investment, therefore it should show appreciation by recognising zambian legislations.it didnt have this opportunity elswhere thats why it settled in zambia and we welcomed it and it should abide by the law of our land.

    big mac - November 30, 2012

  14. My brother, the answer is GO TO SCHOOL

    Chairman - Kasama Boys - November 30, 2012


      The Gambino - November 30, 2012

    • What has going to school got to do with anything? We all can’s be managers

      Shu Shu Shu - November 30, 2012

  15. Mwana thanks for that update. And ba EDITOR know that it’s not only bush tracks who does that. There are many foreign companies in Zambia behaving in the same manner even some big and giant mining firms. This is the legancy MMD left and PF must be extremely carefull with this behavior and bring an end to it.

    Zambian is the only animal farm where everyone does what they want amongest these so called infestors in the hospitality industry. be it in south luangwa. lower zambezi national park and kafue respectively.
    Once they make their money remit it back home and this exmas will be off to their countries for holiday. sometime clients come to zambia without paying a coin here beacuse they ( clients) would have settled for bills before coming on a package they call all inclusive FI.

    mwinsho - November 30, 2012