George Bush coming to Zambia to renovate clinic

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Bush painting a clinic used to screen and treat cancer in Kabwe, Zambia

Bush painting a clinic used to screen and treat cancer in Kabwe, Zambia

Former USA President George W. Bush will return to Zambia next week to help renovate another women’s clinic.

Bush’s office in Dallas on Saturday announced the 43rd president and his wife, Laura, will travel to Livingstone, Zambia, in support of the George W. Bush Institute global health initiative.

The Bushes last July helped renovate a women’s health center in Kabwe  about 90 miles north of the Zambian capital, Lusaka. Officials say that center has screened and treated nearly 30,000 women since opening last summer.

The clinic in Livingstone is scheduled to open July 1.

Following their trip to Zambia, the Bushes will travel to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, to host the Bush Institute’s African First Ladies Summit, Investing in Women: Strengthening Africa

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64 Responses to George Bush coming to Zambia to renovate clinic

  1. Thank you Mr and Mrs Bush

    Sad - June 24, 2013

  2. Hope no undiplomatic jokes this tym please

    bingo - June 24, 2013

  3. good for your tattered imageo(zambia) this guy did more for africa than blak obama or kili ntoni. he is the one who initiated the PEPFAR program which has put millions or ARVs through CDC.

    joeking - June 24, 2013

  4. It is not help? It is sad news for Zambia. The evil forces are converging on Zambia. Please cervical cancer clinic or women health is their own propaganda to help depopulate sub Saharan. What AIDS will leave out will be wiped out by challenges faced by our young women who are the targets. See ‘victims of Gardasil vaccination you tube’ please. Type it as it is in quotation marks and see what benefits to Zambia this aid is other than monitoring the effectiveness of their strategies. We need good advisors to our presidents who can think outside the boxes and reject some of these so called AID.

    tell the truth - June 24, 2013

    • Another Zambian has become a racist.

      Edward Mumba - June 24, 2013

  5. True, you can bet on it he is skipping meeting Zondwe this time around after the embarrassing encounter with the baboon from kwa Nabwalya last time he was here. Further, I hear it stinks at Plot 1!

    Ngombala Muhapi wa Mafatsi - June 24, 2013

  6. BUSH is interested in the URENIUM in Lumwana. Sata is giving him problems on this investment. That is why he keeps comming to “renovate a clinic’.

    ZOLO - June 24, 2013

    • OK

      dexter - June 24, 2013

    • Another Zambian racist.

      Edward Mumba - June 24, 2013

  7. Its the war monger again coming to Zambia.Many people have their lives in Iraq because of the same man Bush.How I wish him to charged for crimes against humanity.But alas America is wold policeman and its imposible.They are not members of ICC court.

    Mwanawachisi Mpongo - June 24, 2013

    • Another backward Zambian racist.

      Edward Mumba - June 24, 2013

  8. What Happened to the Maureen Mwanawasa Initiative?

    Masebo - June 24, 2013

    • the chap was using the presidency to enrich their family through donations by those who wanted favors from the corruption of the then first family

      GEN K - June 24, 2013

      • How can you be so foolish to talk about corruption in the land of corruption.

        Edward Mumba - June 24, 2013

    • This is Africa and Zambia in particular. Nothing political stands.

      The observer - June 24, 2013

  9. Hes bored and in need of comic relief as prescribed by his doctor. because its not normal to come all the way to africa just to shit.

    STUMPY - June 24, 2013

  10. Kaseba at Work!

    Masebo - June 24, 2013

  11. Are you gay sir ?

    man - June 24, 2013


    Fountain of Wisdom - June 24, 2013

    • They dont claim anything my dear, we just read in the news that one guy is intelligent,invested, and now he is wealthy and you can also do the same too. Viva financial freedom

      dexter - June 24, 2013

  13. Please! Don’t be misled. If Bush means good to human race or Zambia, why didn’t he do it while in office? He invaded Irag on the pretence of helping the people of Irag and promoting democracy with Dick and Ramsfield.Has it happened? Where were the weapons of mass destruction he gave as the reason for killing both Irags and many innocent American soldiers. The truth is this man always has an agenda. Why attracted to Zambia? Don’t bells rings? This man belongs to an Occult (Skull and Bones) and the cervical or health promotion is just a cover up(weapons of mass destruction) for a big Agenda for Zambia and sub Saharan Africa. Please check it out. I am not scaring anybody but check the Capital hill’s 50 year policy targeting sub Sahara or the black population. If you think I am mad, check out reports of cervical cancer vaccine(Gardasil) side effects. It has left a trail of disability, pain and deaths. I worked in the health sector in South Africa, Lesotho, Zambia and UK and I feel for my country.

    I reside in UK now and a year ago a girl died at a school only 3 miles from my home. My two daughters attends this same school and people laughed at me when I refused my daughters from getting the vaccine.It was news for a while but as usual there were strong arguments dissociating this vaccine from the vaccine. PLEASE TP IN your URL: victims of Gardasil vaccine or even better: ‘victims of Gardasil vaccine you tube’ . Prove me wrong. I can only say check out the vaccine history but as for me I can only thank God for my decision I took. I am not sure how I would be feeling if that girl was my daughter after knowing the side effects before hand. PLEASE I AM NOT SAYING THAT VACCINES ARE BAD BUT IAM SAYING THAT WE SHOULD BE VERY CAREFUL ABOUT SOME OF THE SUPPOSED CHARITIES OR PEOPLE PRETENDING TO BE BENEFACTORS WHEN THEIR HISTORY DENIES IT.

    tell the truth - June 24, 2013

    • Another Zambian reading fake stories.

      Edward Mumba - June 24, 2013

      • edward mumbi,another ignorant zambian trying to be controversial so that people notice him. my friend,try to read medical science journals and search vaccines from their library. just maybe you might start to understand what “tell the truth” is trying to put across. AM also against mass non personalized vaccines.

        Hitman - June 24, 2013

      • Iwe chikala,ulaimona kwati walisambilila sana ai? Jst do yo research chikala iwe. We tole iwe!

        Osiris - June 24, 2013

  14. Bush was not insulted by anyone,what is your defination of insults?I recommend you revise your defination. There is no problem with Bush coming back.the world is now a global village.if you have the capacity you can go the US as many times possible

    humphrey bauer pailande - June 24, 2013

  15. Hahaha awe mwe some comments are far hard to be desired

    Wenye - June 24, 2013

  16. He is coming when is a former president, why did he come the time he was a president it was going to make a lot of sense not now, i forgot he is doing a mining of diamond and gold?

    gabino - June 24, 2013

  17. Hes coming 4 his uranium at lumwana,whch he sells to his country,nd used 4 makng wepons,medicines nd otha advanced technologies nt the clinic.

    Warfala - June 24, 2013

  18. He is subtle as a snake

    edwardo tikiz - June 24, 2013

  19. Africa should learn to help its self,then we will not have unfortunate comments

    dexter - June 24, 2013

  20. I wonder if our mad President will allow his plane to land.

    Fougarcon - June 24, 2013

  21. He is just coming to promote the Nonsense of Cervical cancer vaccines to our virgins.Let this vaccine to our young virgins be stopped.Abash to cervical cancer vaccines.Abolish them before its too late.our future to procreate lies in these young virgins what is their mission with Kaseba.Please leave us alone.If you have a girl chid in school tell them to run away because cervical cancer is not for us Africans.Bilharza yes we know it.Please watchdog join me in the campaign

    Kattie Zambia - June 24, 2013

    • Why are some people so stupid? Cervical cancer and other types of cancer are spreading around the globe because of the change in our life style and the things we now eat.

      Edward Mumba - June 24, 2013

  22. He is just coming to promote the Nonsense of Cervical cancer vaccines to our virgins.Let this vaccine to our young virgins be stopped.Abash to cervical cancer vaccines.Abolish them before its too late.

    Kattie Zambia - June 24, 2013

    • anything that you have heard that we might need to know?…any logic in your blogg?

      neverseenanidiotlikeyouallmylife! - June 24, 2013

  23. please tell your president this time around to behave, not like last time when Bush Visited Zambia those silly comments about colonialism. that is the thing of the past. we must move forward

    kaingo - June 24, 2013

  24. George is a good man with a good heart for Zambia. mr Bush you are welcome to Zambia but stay away from Sata. Just meet Scott, Kaseba or any sensible leader who will not say bad things to you.

    Famasin golozaba - June 24, 2013

  25. Just give him reside.ce not those Nigerians and Chinese convicts who it easy in your own back yard

    leave them - June 24, 2013

  26. The united states has hidden interests in zambia,I don’t think this is just for free!how many times has he come to zambia inspite zambia having a poor human rights record and the governmnt full of corrupt individuals!God help us!

    nochi guilty H.H - June 24, 2013

    • He is a major shareholder of Lumwana now Barrick Mining!!!

      Chalabesa - June 24, 2013

      • The whole of G.Bush coming 2 Zambia just 2 renovate a clinic, has he sank that low or there is more 2 this than meets the ears.

        man - June 24, 2013

  27. Shows Bush is much bigger than pettiness. He is most welcome to Zambia to carry out the noble work he has embarked on. Wish you God’s blessings Mr Bush.

    Martino - June 24, 2013

  28. Let Bush come and help the people of Zambia,he has retired & has love for mother Zambaia.He needs our support to enjoy his stay!No silly comments we needs America & other countries willing to offer help.The fact is that we are a developing country let him come for development and not politics.He is very much welcome!Mr Bush you are well come!Come to Chipata too, Eastern pronvice!

    chimbwichimwi - June 24, 2013

    • Just learn to help yourself

      dexter - June 24, 2013

  29. better than pipo who just get minerals without giving back, he is welcome to Africa and Zambia in particular

    simbwindibwi - June 24, 2013

  30. They are skipping UKWA this time. Cause Ukwa receives instructions from Mugabe to insult George Bush…

    Mpangula Mputyu - June 24, 2013

  31. What a truely great man,he’s as humane as he is human

    ken mulenga - June 24, 2013

  32. They are after minerals or other resources, those thinking they are good people are just simple minded, too bad we cant stop you from coming to Africa

    dexter - June 24, 2013

  33. I doubt if that couple is only coming to renovate a clinic. I have a strong feeling he is after minerals or probably he is the one sending beef to Zambeef and he is just here to check on the situation

    mwamba mutale - June 24, 2013

    • You are chaps who said all sorts of things when Obama did not name zambia as a country he will visit during his african countries visit. Now bush is visiting us and you have continued with your hate for anything towards mother zambia

      kuku chicken - June 24, 2013

  34. hmmmmmmm!!! yaa shita nobantu!!

    muko - June 24, 2013

  35. He’s really human. After being insulted he can still come back?

    mweene - June 24, 2013

    • He is abnormal,only an insane person can go where he has been insulted

      mwamba mutale - June 24, 2013

  36. we urge former president bush not to go to state house and waste his precious time

    riddick - June 24, 2013

  37. According urine bag, Bush is simply bringing back what America stole when they colonised Zambia!

    Kantakarous and karfworfwor President - June 24, 2013

  38. Nonsense, we don’t need him here. Our poor country is just being put more on the terrorist world map, hence drawing un necessary attention from the American enemies.
    This chap should be arrested for crimes against humanity / all the deaths caused by his / tony blair’s selfish motives to attack Iraq!

    Whisky - June 24, 2013

  39. George bush and Obama are only coming to africa to collect mandela`s soul… mark my word!!1, these guys will be in africa when mandela is just dying or immediately after he died

    ndobo - June 24, 2013

    • Rubbish!

      Fougarcon - June 24, 2013

    • …side effects of smoking Dog Shit!

      neverseenanidiotlikeyouallmylife! - June 24, 2013

  40. Thank you for your continued assistance to Zambia George. You truly are a great friend of this Country and just hope Ukwa realises that sooner.

    We truly grateful.

    OldRugsOUT - June 24, 2013

  41. Will there be a visit to State House or the Bushes are skipping that this time around?

    Hams Nsanje - June 24, 2013

    • It’s just honourable that when such a very high profile Individual visits the Country, they pay a courtesy call on Ukwa.

      Hope Ukwa realises that, and pretty soon.

      OldRugsOUT - June 24, 2013

      • Let him visit the Litunga, he will be more appreciated over there than in zambia!

        cynic - June 24, 2013