Is Dr Kaseba’s K1.5 Billion Meant For Alangizi?

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A Parliamentary decision to approve First Lady Dr Christine Kaseba’s K1.5 billion budgetary allocation displays the highest levels of hypocricy in Zambian President Michael Sata’s so called crusade against corruption.

There are a lot of questions that beg answers following this development but most paramount would be, what is this K1.5 billion for? Is it that Dr Kaseba has some unfinished business with alangizi (marriage counsellors)? But that will be an outrageous payment to access those services.

Agreed, Dr Kaseba is not a State House employee. Her office is not provided for under the current constitution. The closest she comes to accessing government funds – our hard earned tax payer – is through her distinguished profession and occupation at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) as a physician.

And for someone who knows, or may be is expected to know, the extent to which many Zambians are suffering from poverty across the country through her job, Dr Kaseba could have done better to contain her greed.

Unfortunately, this is not the Dr Kaseba, whose husband – President Sata – postured as the man of the poor people. If they genuinely stood for the poor, they would have done something different not to their benefit but the general populace.

President Sata and his wife are doing the exact opposite, if not worse than the other four State House couples before them.

In fact, only the respected late Mama Betty Kaunda and Thandiwe Banda will proudly walk their heads high without creating some sort of organizations that are only conduits for corrupt activities in the name of First Lady whatever charity they call them.

Vera Tembo-Chiluba came with Hope Foundation. Where is it? A shell of its former self. Mama Maureen Mwanawasa came with MMCI. Where is it? It’s on the path to oblivion.

And Dr Kaseba has also come with Ubutala Bwabumi. Where will it headed? Your guess is as good as mine.

It is bad enough to create a Lazarous project in the name of helping the needy in society when it is a conduit for corrupt activities but further drawing into taxpayers money for unconstitutional offices constitutes an organised crime.

Never in the history of this country has there been such a criminal activity as an allocation of the First Lady’s office in the budget. Here, work is voluntary and should not be a burden on government coffers. Being First Lady does not make Dr Kaseba an employee of the government neither did Zambians vote for her, it is the husband.

Today, President Sata can decide to divorce her and take in another woman as he holds a brilliant field in that area and there will be a new First Lady.

As the First Lady at State House, there is enough allocation to run the affairs of Nkwazi House. Now, other than getting a salary from the Ministry of Health, she will be paid, again, through this budgetary allocation. Then how else can one call it? Is this not a crime? Are these not criminals?

But this is the President Sata who sees nothing wrong with this when he saw it all wrong the time Levy Mwanawasa and Rupiah Banda were in charge of the instruments of power.

Mwanawasa and Rupiah did not have budgetary allocation for their wives. Their wives never used the Presidential challenger jet but Michael, to generously borrow from his image builders at The Post, never rested.

In fact, he would never even allow people like Maureen to comment on national issues or respond to his verocious attacks on the first family. He sarcastically and rudely told Maureen to consult alangizi.

His general secretary Wynter Kabimba went to court to block mere donations by Thandiwe Banda from going on.

Today, the champions of clean governance are the most dirty apostles of the corruption fight masquerading as angels.

They were fierce champions of the corruption fight but can’t see anything wrong with the blatant disregard of the constitution – the supreme law of the land.
Instead, they have become demons of corruption abetting the vice with impunity.

When winding up the debate on the budget, Vice-President Guy Scott claimed there were no illegalities in allocating money to the First Lady’s office.

In Dr Scott’s view, allocating some amount of money to Dr Kaseba was a way of enhancing transparency.

Dr Scott, an otherwise intelligent and candid politician, is wrong in the hope of protecting his boss. His submission to Parliament on this one lacked merit.

Dr Kaseba’s office as First Lady is not a constitutional office that should draw from national coffers. It’s actually morally wrong for Dr Kaseba to deprive the same cancer victims she is purporting to represent.

Look at the University Teaching Hospital! Cancer patients sleep on the floor due to congestion, they sometimes take ages to access quality medical attention and access to medicine is more or less zero. Why not take the K1.5 billion towards improving UTH than furnishing Dr Kaseba’s office and fattening her allowances each time she jumps on the challenger?

Are these the people who claimed to be for the poor? Their action speaks far much opposite of what they preached when in opposition. That is why opposition MPs walked out when the allocation was approved via a 65-44 vote.

UPND Kalomo MP Request Muntanga aptly put it this way; Dr Kaseba’s office cannot be allocated funds because there is no structure to support it. “How is she going to be supervised? This is the first time this is happening in the history of Zambia,” he said.

His MMD counterpart 
 Catherine Namugala for Mafinga echoed those sentiments saying the office of the First Lady is not a constitutional office.

In fact, Namugala said allocating funds to an office that does not exist constitutionally is tantamount to creating “a slush fund’’.

“Why do you want to recognise it and provide for it? Are you trying to create slush funds? You are making the First Lady unpopular because we will know when she travels that she is using our money,” she said.

The former community development and tourism minister said recognition of the First Lady is through the President who holds the constitutional office.

If this is a listening government as President Sata claims, this allocation must be reversed and channeled towards the needy areas in society not creating another Emelda Marcos whose pre-occupation will be the wardrobe in the guise of helping cancer patients who so dearly need that K1.5 billion more than Dr Kaseba’s office which can still adequately function on State House funding and donations as the case has been in the past.

Therefore, Dr Kaseba does not need that K1.5 billion for her office unless she tells us she still has some unfinished business with alangizi who, in this case, are demanding some outrageous fees. The Zambian taxpayers, for the sake of State House dignity, can afford to foot a bill for alangizi on behalf of Dr Kaseba but that K1.5 billion is plainly out of this world for those services.

Anyway, this is what Zambians asked for; a President who will increase his salary by 100 percent at midnight, start constructing his retirement house before exiting office, manage the multi-billion road projects so that his friends get favours and run down the country with impunity.

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  1. God, you are so full of nothing but hatred and lies . You told us that dr Kaseba is gone out of state house, you are now telling is another story…. You are so consumed with hatred and this will be your down fall tamba galood

    Miriam whitts - November 20, 2012

  2. For sure you are a king cobra,zwaaa with your fp or pf!!

    Nelson Elisons BJ - November 20, 2012

  3. The only way this would make sense is if we pay Kaseba K1.5 billion then we as taxpayers are free to do her as well not just Ukwa.

    Lwalwa - November 19, 2012

  4. Those who dont know sata shd ask the post to reproduce the resignation letter of levy as a republican vice president.The main reason was that sata was corrupt and untouchable by FTJ.

    MOJO - November 19, 2012

  5. I am sure Parliament will pass the Concubine Act so that tax payers can pay for Ukwa’s extra marital activities!

    Shrek! - November 19, 2012

    • Who voted for this joker ???

      kalikeka - November 19, 2012

    • Days of reckoning will surely come.

      MOJO - November 19, 2012

  6. Sata is the founder of corruption, violence, Vote rigging and Bad language. Sata has no leadership qualities, Sata is a good servant not a good leader he needs constant supervision otherwise he self destructs. Sata is a loose canon, who remembers Sata almost coming to blows with this Guy Mumbi whose just reigned from UPND am sure to join Father Sata?
    Hadn’t their been body guards to restrain Sata we would have seen a FIGHT. Sata has intentionally kILLED the OPPOSITION in parliament as it is the only thing that can have Sata on a leash ( keep him under control)but now his free to go mad.

    concernedcitizen - November 19, 2012

  7. Sata is so pre-occupied with finding ways to enrich himself, his trying to catch up for all the years he was in opposition and for those missed opportunities to steal the time he held a none existent post of minister without portfolio. Sata am sure will have more GUNS to add to his current 7 at the end of his tenure. Sata is a confused man just listen to him speak for a minute and you be surprised with the amount of rubbish he can come up with. No wonder his been advised not to hold any public rally since assuming office as the whole world might notice his madness.

    concernedcitizen - November 19, 2012

  8. The only problem in PF GON. is that theries no educated MP there all educated eginolants they dont know what there are doing there just driven like a SHEEP which goes to be slotered.

    This is the most corrupt govn. eventhough sata was saying is aledged to corruption it was opposte that he is better to corruption.

    DR. ZIGWEPANO NZATONSE - November 19, 2012

  9. My Grand Mother can ALANGIZI Kaseba for free. Just provide transport and lunch.

    Kaseba will quickly abandon UKWA as UKWA is a serial child Fatherer. supported by the Cahtolics.

    he he he he

    Mpangula Mputyu - November 19, 2012

  10. Mabwetebwete ni ma MPs who allowed this nonsense to be approved. Mastyopeti yakantu vima MPs

    from nsengaland with love - November 19, 2012

  11. She is not Dr. Kaseba a physician mwembwa mwe..Ba galu…She is an Obstetrician and Gyneacologist

    "Nomad" Mumba - November 19, 2012

    • @’Nomad’ Mumba, You don’t seem to know that physician means a medical practitioner or doctor and Obstetrics and Gynaecology are branches of medicine.

      Distant Drums - November 19, 2012

      • true

        mwata - November 19, 2012

      • We don’t care whether she is an OB & G or a Mortician/mortuary attendent. The fact is she and Ukwa have fraudulently taken tax payers money !!!!

        kalikeka - November 19, 2012

    • Thank you for making the distinction.I wish it also possible to distnguish you from genital warts

      from nsengaland with love - November 19, 2012

  12. The only reason UPND will not form government in a long time is because HH does not want to and as long as he is kept at the helm of the party you can be sure that UPND will always be second-best. HH leave the party to reform…for once show some leadership by resigning and we are all gonna remember you for that.

    Commander Zero - November 19, 2012

  13. My Friend get your facts right.Who is going to audit a non existent office?When parliament wanted to summon Maureen Mwanawasa to answer some allegations,was she allowed to appear before parliament?What did LPM office say or told parliament concerning the first lady?LPM refused the first lady to appear before parliament to answer to some allegations because there is no where in the constitution were it is said that the office of the first lady is a constitution one that can be reporting to parliament.In the same vein the office of the auditor general will find it hard to request for audits from the non existence office of the first lady.We know PF want to use the first lady to be campaign for them in the rural areas like what Vera Chiluba was doing with her Hope Foundation.Can parliament show the budget request from this non-existent office of the First Lady and where the money is going to be used for and what?In short PF is back with Presidential Slush Fund but in a different form through the first lady.Next the budget allocation for this office will triple from the current amount.Its now that we can reverse this daylight robbery than never.The people supporting this illegal allocation of K1.5 Billion will be the first ones to complain.Do not be surprised if this money is channeled to the first lady’s village in Serenje electrifying it like Grace Mugabe’s homeland.This money should be returned by to the government coffers and channeled to the need areas in our social sector.As already said by the author there is enough allocation at State House that can cater for the first lady.We are witnessing another plunder of national resources part two through the office of the first lady.

    ABENA DIGGERS TOWN - November 19, 2012

  14. Building one’s retirement house now is called planning ahead….but the first lady’s allocation while I support it on grounds of transperancy the amount is too big if not utterly outrageous.

    Commander Zero - November 19, 2012

  15. My Friend get your facts right.Who is going to audit a non existent office?When parliament wanted to summon Maureen Mwanawasa to answer some allegations,was she allowed to appear before parliament?What did LPM office say or told parliament concerning the first lady?LPM refused the first lady to appear before parliament to answer to some allegations because there is no where in the constitution were it is said that the office of the first lady is a constitution one that can be reporting to parliament.In the same vein the office of the auditor general will find it hard to request for audits from the non existence office of the first lady.We know PF want to use the first lady to be campaign for them in the rural areas like what Vera Chiluba was doing with her Hope Foundation.Can parliament show the budget request from this non-existent office of the First Lady and where the money is going to be used for and what?In short PF is back with Presidential Slush Fund but in a different form through the first lady.Next the budget allocation for this office will triple from the current amount.Its now that we can reverse this daylight robbery than never.

    ABENA DIGGERS TOWN - November 19, 2012

  16. Imwe bantu why are you so agitated and surprised with this issue? Just refer yourself to the SEVEN COMMANDMENTS in the ANIMAL FARM -George Orwell’s novel.Its normal, and thats how politicians behave.They develop a thick skin when they are at the helm of POWER .As for my Mbuya at plot one please take time to browse ZWD website and see what your people are complaining about; you may pick something sensible for your own good rather than putting full trust in some of the JUDAS ISCARIOTS around you.Mr.President I love you.Please listen to the people.Remember Samson in the Bible was brought down by a woman.Banamayo pang’anda bakupelako nokusunako panono.A lot of powerful men have fallen before because of trying to OVER-APPEASE their wives.Some men have even gone to the extent of stealing in order to appease their wives or girlfriends. Finally sent to prison because of women .Long live Mr.Sata .I rest my case.

    The Eyes of an Eagle - November 19, 2012

    • Problem is, if he reads imbwa sha pa zed he will be misled as most of the peolpe that comment are anti PF

      Mumbwe Pakulila - November 19, 2012

  17. Now you have resorted to kaponya way of reporting

    Wise Man - November 19, 2012

  18. You primitive Zambians whats wrong if first lady is allocated funds and its tabled before parliament?That’s transparency!aFTER THIS IS THE ONLY FIRST LADY WHO is a real performer!Very intelligent!real doctor!
    She actually needs more funding

    JOVIAL ONE - November 19, 2012

    • it you who is primitive

      king fisher - November 19, 2012

    • Please restrain your flea-infested self from calling other people names !!! Are you so duft that you can’t see what is happening right before your eyes ???? YOU MUST BE THE PRIMITIVE IMBECILE !!!!

      kalikeka - November 19, 2012

  19. Of the four Presidents we have had after KK only Levy respected and upheld the rule of law. At the rate Sata is going he will rank the worst in undressing our statutes. It may be sangwapo for him now but he should remember that every dog has its day.

    Fitiball - November 19, 2012

  20. Hhow is this different from RB’s government of removing the “corruption” clause? All PF is doing is seeking legitimate means of syphoning funds from the national coffers using a non-existent office. And parliament is ndwiiiiii!

    Mubanga - November 19, 2012

    • ndwiii indeed I believe our represantatives don’t seem to care to analyze certain things such as this one. All the learnt councils, doctors,teachers etc in parliament just endorse after a dosier of coffee. Ndwiiiiii indeed look at them.

      Nsima-yabeenda - November 19, 2012

      • Vili ndwii, vima spineless clowns! They are a disgrace to the electorate who voted to represent and protect their interest. How do the clowns live with themselves when they knew the right thing to do??

        patriot - November 19, 2012

    • This is unbelievable !!! If you recollect how he humbled himself duting the campaign…..No body can believe this is the same guy……money in poor people’s pockets actually meant money in his own pockets ! What a shame !

      kalikeka - November 19, 2012

  21. How do you allow money to go un-audited like that? Where on earth do they do such nonsense? What kind of country is Zambia? And everyone is watching except talking!!!! Bulali basiketi!!!

    Mubanga - November 19, 2012

  22. The next government needs to collect this money back to the Zambian taxpayer where it belongs….

    Lwalwa - November 19, 2012

  23. Insatiable greed!

    So Kaseba gets more money than some hospitals, with such distortion of priorities do you chaps really expect to improve your lives?

    Lwalwa - November 19, 2012

  24. This money will be used to support her husband the party. Allowed by Parliament to squander sure! Pa Zed twalipena mwe!

    Mubanga - November 19, 2012

  25. This is how they steal in Zambia. Legitimate thieving in broad day light! Allowed by Parliament to steal! Aawe mwandi Zambian politicians are dull. She will use this money to support her husband and PF so that they continue in office!

    Mubanga - November 19, 2012

  26. Sata is as slipperly as a COBRA. SATA thrives on Lies.

    Mpangula Mputyu - November 19, 2012

  27. The ongoings in thisw country are really sickening to say the least. Day light robbery by those in the corridors of power. Where are the civil society organisations?Where is Reuben Lifuka, Lee Habasonda, Obby Chibuluma, Suzanna Matale, Goodwell Lungu, Father Frank Bwalya, Samuel Mulafulafu? Where their criticism of RB a way of just also geting into government to also eat? Surely someone must sgtand up to this nonsese by this hypocritical government run by crooks. This PF government will be the worst, worser than the Chiluba government. In fact am tending to beleive now that we never voted for any change, this simply the same MMD (Chiluba’s MMD) they now want to finish what they started. We are documenting these crimes, no matter what PF will never be in power forever! whether they buy as many stupid MPs from tye MMD or whereever their time will come to answer to all the atrocities they are commiting against the Zambian people.

    AstraVISTA - November 19, 2012

  28. But honestly pa ZED!!!did we really put PF in power to be dealing with such nonsense???ALANGIZI being budgeted for??and then what???marriages no longer LAST!!!plz put that money to good use!!!infact there’s no harm in feeding the homeless and needy on it!!!BULLSHIT ALANGIZI!!!

    Lolly Brown - November 19, 2012

  29. The ongoings in this country are really sickening to say the least. Where are the so-called Civil Society Organisations (CSOs)? Politics aside, this is a serious violation of our constitution which Sata swore to uphold and defend. The office of the first lady is not established anywhere in our constitution. Its a pitty that our parliament is toothless, the PF have managed to buy off some weak souls and now they can have a feild day. Any way, one conforting thing is that they will never be in power for ever. These are the crimes Sata and his cronies will have to spend time for in Jail the day they exit office. This government is the worst and may end worser that MMD of Chiluba!

    Chisenga - November 19, 2012

    • Where is Reuben Lifuka, Lee Habasonda, Suzanna Matale, the bunch of catholic preists that criticised RB and the MMD? Where they doing that for their tummies? This country is gone to the dogs!

      ConcernedCITIZEN - November 19, 2012

  30. Each time I hear Kaseba, Wynter and Sata open their dirty mouths to tell us that the PF is a pro-poor government I get so irritated. Can a pro-poor government allocate collossal sums of tax payers money (K1.5 billion) to a non existent and unconstitutional office such as that of first lady? Can a pro-poor government allow the first lady, who is not elected by anyone and not entitled to use the presidential jet, burning fuel at great cost to the tax payer, go around on a presidential jet to glob-trot on her private errands when she is not entitled? Can a pro-poor government allocate funds to the president’s retirement home when the incumbent is still serving? Can a pro-poor government fly the president to and from the airport when it is much cheaper to use the road? This government is a hypocrytical government thriving on lies upon lies. Very soon, and we mean very soon, the cover will be lifted and they will all be made account for all their deeds. Now it looks impossible because they are all blinded by power. The people of Zambia are not all that stupid afterall. They are watching and listening. One day they will rise and claim what is theirs. That time always comes for people who take everything for granted.

    Inspector - November 19, 2012

    • please even as we comment lets be realistic. taking the president to the airport by air is a good development! not only does it save money on gas for the numerous escort cars and police, it also saves precious time for people on the road who may be delayed for various economic activities! be sensible!

      pro-poor - November 19, 2012

  31. I get so annoyed when I hear Kaseba, Sata and Wynter claim that the PF is a pro-poor government. These idiots do entirely the opposite. Can a pro-poor government allow the wife of the president to be globe-trotting on a presidential jet using tax payers fuel? Can a pro-poor government allocate such collosal sums of money(K1.5 billion)to an unconstitutional and non-existent office at the expense of other important sectors of the economy? Can a pro-poor president ride on a helicopter to go to the airport and back from Sate House? Can a pro-poor government allow the building of a retirement house for a sitting president when his predecessors’ houses have not yet been constructed? We must answer all these questions. At the end of the day you conslude that all these chaps are hypocrytes. They are looting our hard earned resorces in broad day light and we are watching. God help Zambia.

    Inspector - November 19, 2012

  32. We are being taken for a ride once again.

    Slush fund.

    Future President - November 19, 2012

  33. selfish basterds!!!

    JC - November 19, 2012

  34. Is not better to know the source of funding when you see the first lady doing charity work ? or not knowing at all?

    Mumbwe Pakulila - November 19, 2012

  35. cry beloved country.

    Honest - November 19, 2012

    • why 1.5 billion why not 10 billion 20 billion or even 30 why choose 1.5M? if you must abuse us please go for the gullet…anyway one term thats all…2016 you will be out on the streets where u belong…and arrested if not careful…Shame on some of those MPs…..who ‘voted’ for this can a vote be cast on an illegal expenditure?…Mr. Speaker please guide the house you were an honourable person before this….take a leaf from the clerk of the national assembly who refused to be used to pass the name of a chief justice past retirement age to be in office as an incumbent before the Parliamentary Select Committee now reforms to the legal system are being passed by a person older than Justice Sakala…..we are watching you

      mwata - November 19, 2012

  36. If something is suspicious or raising questions, through members of parliament the people should register their concerns and these are going to debate and vote against it.
    It is the most democratic way of doing things.

    dingi wa dingi - November 19, 2012

  37. At first Sata wanted really to show us that he sympathises with the poor by boarding minibuses,cancelling workshops he still doing the same?

    sinazeze - November 19, 2012

    • Where?

      Umkonto We Sizwe - November 19, 2012

    • You are right. Its very unfortunate that the finishing is poor.

      The Advisor - November 19, 2012

    • Sata has always been like this. How people never knew, I don’t know. time and again we said do not vote for this man, but people never heard. Most voters in Zambia are vagabonds, streek pedlers and the like.

      Patriotic Zambian - November 19, 2012