Kabimba’s oil corruption deals probe halt, as Indeni is shut

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Corruption investigations against Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba, who allegedly obtained a kick back in the US$500 million Trafigura oil deal, have stopped and the case files have been handed back to the ACC Director-General Rosewin Wandi, reports the Daily Nation newspaper of today.
And Watchdog sources say the oil importation deals involving Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba will soon be felt by Zambians as the country’s Oil refinery has shut down due to lack of crude oil.
Sources told the Watchdog that Indeni abruptly shut down yesterday because the company corruptly engaged by Kabimba to supply crude to the country have not honoured their obligations and are not in a hurry because they are dealing with an untouchable senior government official in the PF government.
Even when Indeni has been operating, it was not at full capacity resulting in fuel shortages in various parts of the country.
But now sources in the energy sector said the refinery plant has finally shut down and are not sure when the stock will arrive, unlike in the past when such operational shut downs were due to scheduled maintenance reasons, sources told the Zambian Watchdog.
However, the PF compromised Post newspaper are quoting Energy Permanent Secretary as saying the shut down is temporal and no one will be inconvenienced.
And today’s Daily Nation newspaper reports that the threats by the President against the ACC has led to officers abandoning investigations involving Wynter Kabimba.
Sources at the ACC offices told the paper that many other investigations involving Mr. Kabimba including the manner in which his company WM Kabimba and Company, a law firm, awarded a contract to represent the National Pension Scheme Authority have also been dropped.
Recently his company was at the forefront demanding the recovery of K90 million allegedly owed by the opposition MMD.
“My friend it is a non starter.  We are not receiving any support from President Sata on this matter. Actually there are instructions not to proceed with this matter because the investigations will embarrass the government and his cabinet.
Madam Wandi is aware about that and we don’t know why she is still quiet on the matter. She can’t inform the nation because the time she does that she is gone.”
According to the officers at the ACC investigating Mr. Kabimba had become dangerous because he enjoyed the support of the President.
Already, they said, the officers who had been investigating Mr. Kabimba were threatened with dismissals, demotions and transfers if they pushed for the investigation further, “As a result they have now abandoned the investigations and have indicated their concerns to the Director General.”
The officers also revealed that a team of PF cadres were being trained for infiltration into the ACC an act which will further compromise the system.
The officials said that they were concerned about other corruption related complaints involving the PF ministers and party officials, citing the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) procurement and delivery of the computerized system where directors at the agency were colluding with some named PF officials to offer a tender to a foreign firm that was incompetent.
The officials said it was sad that even the investigations in the procurement and delivery of the Farmer Input Support Programme (FISP) had been affected because some ministers had also been mentioned.
“We cannot proceed with these investigations because almost on all matters we are investigating these PF ministers and officials are mentioned , it would mean that we seek permission from President Sata, but that will take us years before we commence. And obviously even the exhibits will be tampered with,” they said.
President Sata’s action has been widely condemned by the Church, the Civil Society Organizations, Opposition political parties and the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ).
President Sata last week blasted the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) for what he called embarrassing investigations against his government, adding that ACC should have firstly sought permission from him before any commencement of the corruption investigations against his ministers.
President Sata also said that he would not suspend any of the ministers accused of corruption until they were found guilty of involving themselves into corrupt conduct.

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    FRACKSON CHIKUMI - December 17, 2012

  2. Zambians listen prayers wont change the country its people themselves who change a country in 1991 it was not “prayers” that changed our country to a democratic state the same needs to happen in regards to corruption for instance in this case the Zambian public should demand the resignation of Kabimba and anyone found wanting for ACC to do their jobs people should not be afraid of their government the government should be afraid of its people….

    Likman666 - December 16, 2012

  3. The ACC Directorate should render in their resignation in national interest if it is now difficult for them to delegate their duties on an autonomous basis. Why wait to be charged with a corrupt regime? The ACC officials work has now been compromised and if the is any moral concious on their part they would behave in the rightful manner.

    "THE SILENT MAJORITY" - December 15, 2012

  4. This guy is one big dunce. How can Ministers be found guilty of corruption if you are blocking the process of investigating them…

    Loconino - December 15, 2012

  5. I feel pity on the current leadership which will slaughtered like animals shortly.

    Advocate - December 15, 2012

  6. Ba Ndola mwamona how bad sata is,with his carders.

    more buchushi than before,kwena twalapila.Again sata never.

    katwishi - December 15, 2012

  7. This change has come with aprice.twachula,next thing will be retrenchments from companies God help us.

    Ndutu - December 15, 2012

  8. maweee

    SUNTWE - December 15, 2012

  9. i dont know what to say but we were warned before elections. this is exactly what is happening.

    patrick mwamba mukamba - December 15, 2012

  10. Animals I tell you criminals and thieves. No hope for your Country.

    Lord - December 15, 2012

  11. ACCC investigating people allergic to corruption!!!!! It makes me laugh.

    Dr Dick - December 14, 2012

  12. AIDS has failed to kill this Kabimba’ maybe we should try planB

    Hara - December 14, 2012

    • Classic!

      Renal failure is also not completing things at plot 1, Plan B bane!

      Lwalwa - December 15, 2012

      • TB Joshua atishani pa Central Southern Africa. Nilisaaa

        Mpangula Mputyu - December 15, 2012

  13. Am I dreaming? Can someone tell me this is reality.

    MegaMind - December 14, 2012

  14. Corruption BY Zambian Government …. NEW PAGE ON FACEBOOK CREATED , SUBSCRIBE

    Aka Sam - December 14, 2012

  15. I conquer with some views of disbanding the ACC and DEC. why should we continue to pay institutions that have turned into political weapons. PF and Sata have suddenly amassed a lot of money am sure they can do just fine funding ACC/DEC and they can even make it profitable than its current state. Mr Sata repent to which ever GOD or god you pray to otherwise your ending shall be very BAD. take a lesson from HISTORY even if you didn’t reach that Grade or Ask Kabimba am sure he memorized something.

    concernedcitizen - December 14, 2012

  16. Iwe mu zambian you do not deserve a breath, whether or not you do not believe in God it is fair and good to respect those whose beliefs are in the almight JEHOVA GOD. Please accord RESPECT AND REVERRENTIAL HONOUR TO OUR GRAND CREATOR GOD,READ PSALMS 83 :18

    bambazonkhe - December 14, 2012

  17. Mr President sata kindly listen to the cries of your people.There’s no way kamimbya can so suddenly become so “stubborn and arrogant small god in PF.Let kabimba tone down.

    The Eyes of an Eagle - December 14, 2012

  18. Has the international community stopped giving assistance to Zambia?

    If they are, why are they so quiet? The PIG must be stopped.

    Wafwawafwa Washalawashala - December 14, 2012

  19. Ati zero tolerance to corruption! I look at their black flat noses.

    Wafwawafwa Washalawashala - December 14, 2012

  20. It is disheartening what’s happening in Zed, who’s is running the country back there in Zambia. Have mafias taken over? The church needs to start serious prayers it’s like demons have taken over

    sweetie - December 14, 2012

  21. Praying for peaceful resolutions concerning everything Zambia is facing.Praying for wisdom upon our opposition leaders so that they may stand up for Zambia’s freedom and liberties in a peaceful way, praying for a peaceful revolution. Speaking the blood of Jesus and Psalm 91 over Zambia.Zambia needs a 24/7 prayer watch.

    Zambia shall overcome - December 14, 2012

  22. If Namulambe ‘the political hule’ will be forgiven his stolen bicycle cases because of defection, I wonder what will happen to Maxwell Mwale’s case for the same bicycles? Winter will ask him to defect perhaps?

    Kaliza - December 14, 2012

  23. winter makaka

    MAKUTU - December 14, 2012

  24. The fight against corruption has been compronised.

    Honest - December 14, 2012

  25. Sata and wynter know that any time any day they would be dead, that is why there corruption is sacred and cannot be investigated. They dont care. They sing the chorus of fighting corruption so that zambians can think they are not part of it. This is the problem with cadres in leadership anad they call themselves president and SG. UBUKOPO. How would you cover bog so that it does not smell when it is within the underwear and pair of trousers you are wearing. You call on the ACC to kneel before you sata and ask for permission to investigate your erring ministers is the above example. why dont you stop mentioning your claimed fight against corruption and do others of the many promises you made?

    Swilizya - December 14, 2012

  26. All useless Zambians who voted PF knew that MCS is a dictator and whatever he promised was a lie because of the way he used to change goal posts when cornered by the masses on issues. We are all in for it and four years is too long for us to bear. This will be the most corrupt group in government ever and God help us to survive their rule. Someone said to me during the campaigns that ‘we just want to use him to oust MMD’ when I asked them what they thought of the new government now they said what they did was a grave mistake but at that time we differed so much on the issue of voting PF into power.

    mwaka - December 14, 2012

    • Mwaka, well expressed concerns. But please realise that it’s futile to expect a non-existent character called God to help us.

      Mu Zambian - December 14, 2012

      • blasphemy

        luts - December 14, 2012

      • SATANIST

        amc - December 14, 2012

      • Feel sorry for you

        Joseph Mbesuma - December 14, 2012

      • Never play games with God.

        You have been warned.

        Zaza - December 15, 2012

      • Mercy, mercy. May it speak for you

        Sosa - December 15, 2012

      • “…it’s futile to expect a non-existent character called God…”??????????????????????????
        May GOD have mercy on you.

        Christian - December 15, 2012

    • Zambians never voted for PF, they voted to remove MMD. so as PF they shouldn’t even flatter themselves to the point of misleading themselves that people want one party state. Just because the useless Gabriel has jumped ship doesn’t mean that it Zambians. We all know that this CROP of Zambian politicians is diseased.

      concernedcitizen - December 14, 2012

  27. Twachula

    Tulemona - December 14, 2012

  28. voters are subject to at no notice.don’t take zambians for granted. We hav leant a big lesson.

    jackson - December 14, 2012

  29. This is exactly what Given Lubinda could not stand. He is cut from different cloth to these contemptible thieves and scoundrels. The man has courage of his convictions and he could not bear to be part of a thieving cabal headed by Sata.

    Liminabanganga - December 14, 2012

    • Well stated.And they hate him for that.

      niwameneuyuemwine - December 15, 2012

  30. Getting into a sad page in Zambia under our promised man of action. 42% hope is still there anyway.

    osward - December 14, 2012

  31. Wynter Kabwamba take it easy or you will crush

    Fr Ukwa - December 14, 2012

  32. I feel sorry for Zambian citizens for voting in this corruptly rotten PF regime.
    ACC should just spill the beans to the nation because only truth sets all living free.
    Its better to be fired with dignity than shield these criminals destroying the country.
    Zambian politics are the worst in the entire world. No sense of humour, all are just cadres thinking only of their bellies.

    Kay Love - December 14, 2012

  33. both sata and june are not that smart watch now what happens everything will unravel the whole nation will know the truth

    yongi - December 14, 2012

  34. these corrupt pf elements have brought the country to its knees..!

    CNP-4U - December 14, 2012

  35. yes fire everyone at ACC if they cant work why are they being paid then let zambians do an egypt very simple sata has failed and now he wants to hold on to power because hes invoved in the oil scam everybody knows very soon a higher power will visit you

    yongi - December 14, 2012

    • You should be at t
      he fore front then see how you will wacked. Foolish suggestion anyway.

      The Judge - December 14, 2012

  36. We are keeping the files for future reference as advised by HH

    mwima - December 14, 2012

  37. Zambia in Reverse gear!!

    Dick Chain - December 14, 2012

  38. Then why are you there[ACC]

    king fisher - December 14, 2012

  39. This ka man also…!!

    Youngster! - December 14, 2012

  40. Sata’s statement nailed the last nail in the coffin of the fight against corruption.

    No more kolwe for president - December 14, 2012

  41. Noole and your girlfriends at Indeni….? too mischievous you are…!!! Terminating contracts of young energetic honest guys to replace them with PF crooks/suspects hey?

    The Don - December 14, 2012

  42. Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadest

    MilesGBMSatan - December 14, 2012

  43. Disband ACC if it can not do its functions, atleast the donors should stop wasting any more money on them which they cant account for to their tax payers abroad.

    Lwalwa - December 14, 2012