King Mswati bans miniskirts, low-rise jeans to prevent rape

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But is not banning theseArguing that wearing miniskirts would make the task of a rapist easy as he would have to remove fewer clothes, the king of Swaziland has banned women from wearing miniskirts. The whimsical ban will also apply to low-rise jeans, tank tops and other ‘revealing’ outfits.

The offenders could face a six-month jail term.

“The act of the rapist is made easy, because it would be easy to remove the half-cloth worn by the women,” police spokeswoman Wendy Hleta was quoted as saying by Independent Online on Monday.

“I have read from the social networks that men and even other women have a tendency of undressing people with their eyes. That becomes easier when the clothes are hugging or are more revealing,” she further added.

Paradoxically, the ban doesn’t apply to traditional costumes worn by young women during the annual Reed Dance, in which the king chooses a new damsel to be his wife every year. In the ceremony, the maidens dance in front of king in outrageous outfits which leave their back side uncovered.

King Mswati III, the ruler of the last surviving absolute monarchy, has 13 wives till date.

swaziThe law was enforced after a march by women and young girls last month calling for protection against a spate of rapes in the impoverished kingdom, which is almost entirely surrounded by South Africa.

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62 Responses to King Mswati bans miniskirts, low-rise jeans to prevent rape

  1. Bonita

    bonita - December 27, 2012

  2. chipuba sana shud have started with him.

    abyei - December 27, 2012

  3. That’s why we have a high rate HIV prevalence in this small country

    Vic- Malloy - December 27, 2012

  4. the king must be sincere him marries every year he must set by example dresssing cant lead any normal dudy in to bed fuck you king

    kanchule - December 27, 2012

  5. When is the next “REED DANCE”??????

    "TRUE ZAMBIAN" - December 27, 2012

  6. Stupid law indeed. Why not stiffen the law for all those who prey on defenceless females of any age!?, this is stupidity at its best and lets respect the rights of women and girls and their dressing should not be an issue here. The swazis should also forbid men to wear tight tshirts and jeans because such dressings do exude sexual desires in women!!!!

    Jeff Mwanza - December 27, 2012

  7. when man sinned,God had to shed blood of an innocent animal to cover man nekedness.we are created in the image after the likeness of God,God does not delight in nekedness.Even the prists were told that there gaments should reach the ground while going to the alta of God.THE BIBLE SAYS DO NOT ENTISE ANYONE TO ladies please mind your dressing that it won t entise anyone to sin.

    ftj - December 26, 2012

  8. Gug move king,plz giv this same piece of law CNP through RB.Va cilamo vi kashana vapa Zed.Everyone looks like ni mahule,u can’t differentiate btween a hule,wife,mother or mariage material.

    Julius Malema - December 26, 2012

  9. What a stupid law. Africans remember not too long ago you were not dressed at all. we are talking less than 130 years here. Leave the women to enjoy they freedom of expression. Rapist are just sick minded chaps….

    Zed@crossroad - December 26, 2012

  10. His next rule after this one fails will ban couples from having baby girls. Babies and old women are defiled and raped everyday. Do these babies and old people wear mini skirts and tank tops? Banning mini skirts is not a solution, well i’m not saying mini skirts are not the reason for rape, they could be a contributing factor in some cases. Some minis are just too disgusting, embarrassing and enticing too. Some ladies dont consider their structure and size, they just want to go miny. I feel in my own opinion, castration is the solution because a rapist will remain just that. Life imprisonment is not stiffer enough in case one is pardoned along the way and gets back to his old ways.

    GB - December 26, 2012

  11. i write to re act to the article on sata appoints relative .palan mulonda is not a bemba is a swaka from mkushi in chief chitina’s put your records straight

    fred lusanso - December 26, 2012


    OUR RIGHTS - December 26, 2012

  13. It is only good for him to parade half naked women to chose a wife. Others shouldn’t see naked women. Ban miniskirts and that sex arousing ceremony. You and your colleagues are all humans and as men have blood running through your pen.s

    Observation Point (OP) - December 26, 2012

  14. Raping some one should be a criminal offence. How can the king feel to rape is a right and women should just find heavy and hot things to wear. Is this one way of encouraging men to indiscriminately rape women? This automatically means that a man can plead in the court that this woman was wearing a miniskirt and that is why they raped her. Let us change the thinking please and think right. If you are from America you should be subjected to primitive ways of dressing? King Mswati please punish offenders and not innocent people who are just obeying the weather and living in modern times.

    Syber - December 26, 2012

  15. Bans mini skirts but allows women to walk around naked…strange that.

    Loconino - December 26, 2012

  16. The King is very selfish. He should extend this law even to the traditional ceremony and bun the stupid costume

    Bad News - December 26, 2012

  17. No wonder AIDS has not spared these chaps. It’s irresistible especially after gazing at such beauties. Yaba! raising some under pressure! Nice pictures for Chrismas though!

    Rude Monk - December 25, 2012

  18. Mai wee,if those gals were to pass through Zambia then it would mean a million divorces. They are slim,light perfect for a meal. Thats why am looking for a job in Swaziland.The chaps that side are super. Miniskirts are good though it matters what kind of a body is wearing the same. ZAMBIANS check your bodies first then go for a rite DRESS CODE,otherwise the Love 0f a man is on what he sees,PERIOD!

    savimbi - December 25, 2012

    • and HIV will catch up with you

      chanda - December 26, 2012

      • What do think? Better get HIV from those beautiful ones than ugly ones. They are nice mune. Also very clean. In any case you will also die with or without HIV. What do you think my friend?

        savimbi - December 26, 2012

  19. Absolute selfishness from the ‘King’. He is swift to ban exclusive bare dressing from everywhere except for the King during the reed dance? Horrendous selfcentredness

    Mpututu umu Tutu - December 25, 2012

  20. A little too late by that fool. That is why Swaziland has the highest rate of HIV in the world.

    pounds and pence - December 25, 2012

  21. But those breast on top picture looks like sum1 has tempered with them while the one down look fresh like tembusha!

    marv - December 25, 2012

  22. terrible pictures for Christmass – you could have done better than this!

    Bwalya - December 25, 2012

    • you must be a homo…

      txam - December 26, 2012

  23. The swazi have almost the same culture with the Ngonis of Eastern province,except our Ngonis here in zambia parade very old women with flacid(flat)breasts.Nangu ni mwambo I strongly feel King Mswati is a master of Girl-child abuse.

    The Eyes of an Eagle up in the Sky. - December 25, 2012

    • I agreed with you.

      Honest - December 25, 2012

  24. Gud move King M. It shud come to Zambia soonest. We r late. Vanyanya vibakashana with buhule in mind kuvala ma mini.

    Chiko - December 25, 2012

  25. Beautiful chicks for me mwee. I can asure u, these small girls have big holes bane. They are not virgin.

    Time Saver - December 25, 2012

    • How would you know they have big holes? maybe its you with a small one….

      pounds and pence - December 25, 2012

  26. Long skirts cant be a replacement for the Police and law. Its better to stiffen the punishment for sex predators other than making all women and girl dress like ninjas.

    Its better the King also desists from sampling among virgin girls and vandalise their virginity. If the girls are allowed to be naked at traditional dance, is the rapist who takes this rare opportunity to pounce on one immuned from prosecution? Absolutely absurd!!!!

    Dr. Savimbi - December 25, 2012

  27. Only the king should feast and oggle on the young maidens to satisfy his sexual exploits? Fact is that he can’t have them all – he is only human of flesh, bone and blood. Therefore and can only be of use to so few!! His eyes are too big for his tummy.

    indigene - December 25, 2012

  28. That’s a welcome move. Most of these girls from Swaziland are beautiful,hence un principled men pounce on them.

    jackson - December 25, 2012

  29. Useless king! My grandma grew up in the 1900s when she wore skimpy animal skin and she was never raped, that is the most stupid law ever!

    good girl gone bad - December 25, 2012

    • How do you know she was not raped?

      Nostradamus - December 25, 2012

      • ask him!!!

        chipwalipwali - December 25, 2012

      • @Nostradamus, of course she told me. Infact rape caaes were unheard of in those days but men and women moved about nearly naked. Only villagers with hunters in the family as well as the royal family could afford animal skins to make short skirts, she explained. Therefore, wearing a mini skirt has nothing to do with rape.

        good girl gone bad - December 25, 2012

        • That’s a lie! Rape cases were there except people were few, cases were not reported to law enforcement wings, Police were not easily accessible, it was acceptable (in many kingdoms) that it was a taboo to report sexual harassment/rape case since it was considered self-discrediting!!!

          Your grandmother could have been raped but she wouldn’t say…. OK!

          Fairplay - December 26, 2012


      BAD ASS - December 27, 2012

  30. Gud king,mayb we sud fire sata nd astablish a mornach too.!

    Masters - December 25, 2012

  31. Things dictators focus on.Crazy!

    Beerman lungu (home affairs). - December 25, 2012

  32. Most kids today commenting don’t know jack before the white man brought all these clothing how do you think we dressed? Was there high number of rape cases? In the 60s women in Zambia used to wear minis were there a high of rape cases?

    Timothy Grant - December 25, 2012


    linso - December 25, 2012

    • No, if you check the definition of nudity, nakedness, state of undress, are some of the words that come up.

      Bob - December 25, 2012

  34. Yet this foolish king wants to marry every virgin in the land..a true hypocrite; his kingdom is hollowing in poverty and he is concerned about fashion style…

    Timothy Grant - December 25, 2012

    • There is a difference between marrying and undressing a woman for the purpose of rape.

      Bob - December 25, 2012

  35. Our parents used to way these minis in the 60s and women were minis in different parts of the world…

    Timothy Grant - December 25, 2012

    • Thats why you don’t know who your father is.

      Nostradamus - December 25, 2012

      • Foolish!

        Rude Monk - December 25, 2012

  36. Useless just let the women dress as the feel..are you teling me that some men are such savages that they can’t keep it in the pants. This rule is blaming the women…

    Timothy Grant - December 25, 2012

  37. many rulers are selfish, greedy, capricious, malicious, vindictive characters. what a shame, what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

    Mzee Hekima - December 25, 2012

  38. Absolutism : not things! Especially in the 21st century.

    But hold on…. If looking at a woman lustfully is as bad as adultery then wearing any sexually-provocative out-fit is as bad as any act of sexual abuse.

    Thus, on second thought , good move your royal ‘absolutness’.

    CÀKELONE - December 25, 2012

  39. thats a gud move by the king! Atleast the cases of rape wil reduce in tht country.. Women dress code is so deceiving at times. Some they do tht 4 a purpose.

    Fred - December 25, 2012

    • let the king come to Zambia he will get a shock when he learns about child defilement cases here. I know for sure that babies don’t have to ware short and skimpy dresses to get raped here in this country.

      Linda Nakazwe - December 25, 2012

    • This is warped thinking! What about men who abuse babies? What has that got to do with dressing?

      Truth Seeker - December 25, 2012

  40. i saw it coming but how about tourists who come from different countries where its more than normal to even walk amost naked? This law is most welcome in zambia

    sakala francis - December 25, 2012

    • Tourists will definitely have have to abide by the law as well. After all, those are the same people who came up with the saying – When you are in Rome, do as the Romans do.

      Mwikisa - December 25, 2012

      • So you want to borrow their sayings, but not their dress code? hypocrite!

        Ndeleloshafye - December 26, 2012

  41. The move is good,but the king is selfish,he should lead by example,why should he be given the privilege of watching the half naked beauties?

    Black Bull - December 25, 2012

  42. Number 1

    Bokoseni Mwale - December 25, 2012

  43. The King is a hypocrite since he allows the same dress he condemns to be worn during the traditional Reed Dance. He enjoys nudity so that he can add a wife each year. Shame indeed.

    Honest - December 25, 2012

    • Thanks for your observation! hipocryte indeed…..Jungle laws in the 21st century!

      Esbee - December 25, 2012