Petersen and Pilato sing about political lies in ‘Bufi’

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peterLocal musicians Petersen and Pilato have denounced political lies in the new hit ‘Bufi’.

Petersen and Pilato sings about broken promises like cheap fuel, construction of roads and job opportunities for young people. Singing in Bemba, Petersen says all were lies as people are still sleeping in dirt. Boza, bufi, ulabeja, wenye are some of the recurring words in the song that traces the lies certain politicians uttered while campaigning for power. He said you were lying Tata. You promised cheap fuel; you said you will construct roads but you were lying as people are still sleeping in tunnels.

Click here and follow instructions to listen to the song.

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81 Responses to Petersen and Pilato sing about political lies in ‘Bufi’

  1. Kwena bufi ZOona. Pilato to be honoured for opening the eyes of die hard PF supporters like blackbelt. It’s sad pa Zed. PF supporters will try to justify their actions in deception that campaign promises are being met,fighting corruption has been accelerated & yet corruption is enhanced, the cost of living is harder, no job for the youths,graduates are on the streets, accidents every were, fuel has gone up,ubunga nabudula,miss handling of agriculture & people will soon be starving to death etc. However that’s the name of the game for politicians. When People become carried away with firm Deceit is the order of their life. Remember when the TITANIC sunk killing about 1522 people more than 100yrs ago, reports that Made head lines were that the Titanic is okay & all passengers are Safe. For sure the boat is sinking & its your choice weather to be buried with it or to come out. Weather you like or not, the Boat is on the blink of capsizing. Cholongoma nachitulika.

    Watch Tower - May 11, 2013

  2. These suckers are full of shit thus the fact and there is no question about it or what so ever! everyone had high hopes in pf but its total crap. well done guys Petersen and Pilato bravo!!!! thumbs up for the job well done please, together we can.

    Andrew banda - May 11, 2013

  3. Guys be prepared to be arrested for this hit, remember tomato Malunda I hope sata ba zamuvelezyako

    Shimaini - May 9, 2013

  4. Next they will plant drugs or dagga in pettersen’s home. Mark my words.

    Man of action in killing the poor - May 9, 2013

  5. A nice somg denouncing pf’s evil and fake promises, let more artists join this movement and commedians also should stand up on the platform to denounce this evil with their God given talents.

    Mazhilu - May 9, 2013

  6. Damn, this song z a hit n it gonna put these fools under pressure

    Disappointed me - May 9, 2013

  7. well lets view what happens next

    the viewer - May 9, 2013

  8. Ati Mother-Zambia ali na kashishi,Ama A.R.V’s ema LOAN… Nice Work Petersen and Pilato,please keep on exposing them!!! Too much bufi!!!

    Incompetent PF must GO... - May 9, 2013

  9. Veri nice song…ati Zambia naikwata kashishi,AMA LOAN EMA A.R.V’s…LOL!!!! Hands down to Petersen and Pilato! Expose them…too much Bufi!!

    Incompetent PF must GO... - May 9, 2013


    mpombo - May 9, 2013

  11. its a hit.

    mpombo - May 9, 2013

  12. Lets just sign the alternative Narep governance plan that H.E DR Elias Chipimo mentioned 2de. Only 1 million pipo newed to sign n it becomes effective. PF takwete plan ine ine. Limbi HH was right in most of his sermon ; C…………… no plan.

    Sir Jeff - May 9, 2013