President Banda says something on FAZ ‘crisis’

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President Rupiah Banda, whose infamous sons are believed to be behind the confusion in the administration of football in Zambia, has appealed to what he calls factions in the football association of Zambia to resolve the crisis.
In effect, president Banda has recognised the group led by Simatata Simtaa but wants to appear neutral.
A statement from president Banda who is also ‘patron’ of FAZ, says he is deeply concerned with the continued wrangles that have rocked Zambian football administration and appealed for dialogue among the leaders.

He said he has followed the wrangles in FAZ with keen interest and he is disappointed that the situation is getting out of hand. He noted that football in Zambia, like in many other countries, is number one sport that unites the country across partisan interests and attracts thousands of followers.

“It is, therefore, important that these problems affecting the administration of football are resolved quickly so that concentration should be on developing the sport,” President Banda said.

President Banda said the two camps within FAZ need to find a way of resolving their differences before the situation worsens. He said having two parallel FAZ Executive Committees is not healthy for the development of football and may in the long-run negatively affect the performance of players and their teams.

He als appealed to the world football governing body, FIFA to urgently help resolve the problems affecting the administration of football in Zambia. He said his Government will not interfere with the administration of football in Zambia but will use the available conflict resolution mechanism through FIFA to try and resolve the wrangles.

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30 Responses to President Banda says something on FAZ ‘crisis’

  1. ba presdo Please tame simata mata.the man is power hungry,let kalu finish his term.

    umu bemba - December 11, 2010

  2. Ba ZWD, stop stooping so low. Any journalist worth his salt knows that Simata is PF and cannot associate with RB’s sons. The basis for the revolt in FAZ is that Kalusha has been running FAZ like a ka ntemba. This has nothing to do with RB or his children. This habit of spreading opinions and pretending that it is news is what is making the Zambia media look ridiculous.

    Shu Shu Shu - December 8, 2010

  3. What did Simata Simata do when he was FAZ President??? What will Kamanga do?? people don’t have an idea of what leadership is all about…we live in a civilized world where you cannot be a champion of all knowledge or truths, will they succeed in developing Zambia’s soccer?? The issue here is how Kalusha solicited for contracts and their execution and the monitory gains he accrued, but this begs for the next question, does the FAZ constitution have provision for how to enter or commit the Association into Contracts??? Lets assume that Kalu goes…Are you sure the Kamanga led Executive will produce the results you require???

    Masheke Akashambatwa - December 8, 2010

  4. Pa Zeb pa drama zoona, why are you people teaming up to bring Kalu down? The PHD [Pull Him Down] syndrome wont take us anywhere. Simata Simata and Kamanga are opportunists; just wait for the elections and your turn will come. Simata; from FAZ president you want to be the secretary general now? Muleumfwako ne nsoni and let other people come on board and run football.
    Bembas say “UKUMA AMASENGO MUBAMAKA YALAPETA” Since FIFA is behind Kalu, no mater what simata says, his group is doomed.
    Abena Zambia, tutasha kali mwitobo!
    Viva Great Kalu!

    Fulwe - December 7, 2010

  5. In Ivory Coast they are two presidents and in Zambia we have two presidents Kalusha and kamanga .Lets invite Thabo Mbeki to mediate since Kaunda cant do it and may take a side of Great Kalu

    charlie - December 6, 2010

  6. leave RB out of this, its that sturbon boy called kalusha and this so called FIFA secretary general. i think there is something between the two gays. kalu you have really failed us. you are just good in illegal player deals. please live FAZ and go to southafrica and stay.

    patrick m phiri - December 2, 2010

  7. kalusha was not appointed but elected, let him finish his term. simata simata has never been in good terms with kalu. if fifa bans zambia from playing international matches it is not kalu who is going to suffer alone but the whole nation and we shall see who is going to look foolish. remember football is like a religion in zambia. soccer fans will be on your necks. what is wrong with you people andrew and your group. stop this you rebels.

    man bolivia - December 2, 2010

  8. Kalu just corrected his mistake on Saturday if i were simaata and kamanga i would have gone to that meeting, but as things stand these guys messed up an opportunity and kalu stays according to the so called constitution, both FIFA and FAZ. So the initial disolved executive was reconstituted on that Saturday Kabwe meeting.I guess the simaata crew were dribbled here smartly.

    Jeffaits - December 1, 2010

  9. there is nothing kalu has done wrong, the problem is that ka simata and the group they think they can run FAZ better, infact kalu has done more better things that the mulonga and other exectives but as others are saying there is too much interfirance its better to leave everything to kalu to finish the term and then others can contest and do the best they think they can.even all these rangles are neccetated by some one from government because all the coments that come from the committies of NSC are all bias and are just aim to remove kalu from the seat even tu bena pivoty they were just incited to resign no wonder FIFA are able to recognise the kalu exective because they understand how the positions are sweet .the simata want also to be getting travelling allow. and coverage

    Ntambafye - December 1, 2010

  10. why is the blame now on RB’s sons? this author is biased and not neutral. and a damm F>o>o>l. can this stupiid anonymous author reveal himself? that is called coward journalism, gossip and idle talk. pull me down syndrome at its worst. ZWD u shud be ashamed, really ashamed to blog such nonsense. u are as pathetic as the post when u allow insinuations to be published. i curse all journalists who provoke negative sentiment based on personal grievances. hope you and your families suffer, die and wallow in sorrow till you repent. swines!

    Zodie Dube - December 1, 2010

  11. i really don’t think your reporting is correct anyway,but i strongly feel that everything happening is out of greed and misguided selfishness by some individuals.

    pepe - December 1, 2010

  12. Led by simata simata ? c’mon ZWD , the leader is kamanga .

    troubled great kalu - November 30, 2010

  13. ZWD has a bunch of half baked journalists. This story lacks coherence. Can you please give us well researched articles and stop speculative reporting.

    eAnalyst - November 30, 2010

  14. This is beginning to sound like the ‘split’ we had in Ireland in the early 1920′s when the Football Association of Ireland broke away from the Irish Football Association. Hope you don’t have to go through the same pain barrier and division that we experienced. In Ireland, we have brought together young people from the African Diaspora through Sport. As we are inspired by the ‘Insaka’ of Zambia, we urge you to get into the safe space to get dialogue going. We are prepared to work as an honest broker if you wish.

    Ken Mc Cue - November 30, 2010

  15. The parallel FAZ executive committee has been citing the constitution in justifying their actions. Why is Kalu and FIFA not doing the same instead of just throwing vagueness and threats?

    Kapanga - November 30, 2010

  16. Simata, From being FAZ president,now u want to be General Secretary. Animal in Man (selfishness)

    Youngster - November 30, 2010

  17. You pipo what is wrong with our head of state? its like he is mentioned in any move. For the sake of peace let kalu finish his term and there after simata, kamanga, son to RB,Ponga,Kazabu, Katongo ,PIVOT,and The big fish and loser Teddy muonga can stand. Lets also look at the motive behind the petitioners. FiFa has put it straight that they dont entertain politics in the game and as zambians let leave politics out of the game.

    shi ngosa - November 30, 2010

  18. leave RB alone…its this chap simataa simataa and co. who are bringing confusion in the game we love so much…!

    viva great kalu! viva Faz!! viva Fifa! abash petitioners, shame on you!!

    dot com - November 30, 2010

  19. Ba ZWD please give us facts that RB’s sons are involved instead of your gut feelings. Galu is the real culprit in this FAZ mess. He is a pompous character with no managerial skills of solving problems.

    mtombolilo - November 30, 2010

  20. zwd, very stupid reporting,dnot involve rb and his sons.its simataa pf and kazabu upnd causing confusion in faz

    smith - November 30, 2010

  21. Ba ZWD Naimwe nomba mwaya sana.. We all know the mess FAZ is in and we cant point figures at RB for this also. RB has indeed messed up alot of things in this our beloved Zambia but Kalu is too blame for FAZ confusion. If only he had listened earlier and tried to bring 2gether all parties but alas he is too big headed ( literally) He thinks shaking hands with all these Muzunga FIFA guys it makes him one 2.. He has forgotten which country he really belongs to and careless as long as he makes his buck. Let him leave FAZ and will see how many FIFA Guys will ever welcome him in their own countries…

    Na Mpundu - November 30, 2010

  22. This is really a mess !The original have been abandoned .Everyday new faults arise .That’s how it is when contitutions in organitions where tailored in a dishonest manner.Not even Britein can fight fifa that would fighting them themselves.You don’t know realities. We knew that for people like Simata to behavior the way he does ,for Teddy’s appointment ,Chipungu’s atitude toward long before the resignation of the four cowards and so own and so forth we knew that Kalu won’t have it easy no matter what good he does. You President’s children please leave kalu alone .Z ambia is for everybody.Mr Rb ,posterity will judge you hashly for the spirit of”Wako ni wako”which is evil .This kind of behavior is not good fo Zambia.l know fifa is right and the ealier Zambia is canned the politician Mwacila .One day you must be thrown in acid so that no one even sees your remains.Devilish. You just everything to be in the hands of your kith and kin.Watchout in the years to come!

    Osmuka - November 30, 2010

  23. So it is RB’s Children causing confusion in the so called FAZ and not Samataa. But these children are very very old people. Should RB not say anything because his Children have a football team. Should RB not say anything on the running of the private sector because he has a child who owns a business. Should RB not say anything on the health sector because he as a child who is a medical officer. Ladies and Gentlemen lets not politicise everything. FAZ problems started a long time ago, and they have more to do with the hero worshiping of Kalusha than anything else, we were warned about Kalusha a long long time ago by Jonestone Bwalya, Mwape Miti, Charles Musonda and many more unsang football heros whose raise to Zambian football prominance has been surpressed by Kalusha. RB’s Children were no where in that picture. Lets not shift blame to other people when the problem at FAZ is created by Zambians themselves by projecting Kalusha as a person that can manage everything in football just because he a good goal scoreler

    I careless - November 30, 2010

  24. ZWD,which of RB’s sons is believed to be behind the faz wrangles and why???

    Richie - November 30, 2010

  25. Guys report correc tly. You say In effect, president Banda has recognised the group led by Simatata Simtaa but wants to appear neutral. but your story does not support this. The next sentence does n’t tell us how Banda has recognised Shibata Shibata. If you know something that we dont as reporters you ought to tell us. Not just throw opinions at us.

    Lungile - November 30, 2010

  26. There is something that just doesn’t add up in this whole affair. A situation where we can have 2 administrations running the same organization just means there are no rules governing such an entity. This is jungle law and I don’t understand why such a situation should be allowed. It wouldn’t be FIFA’s fault to simple strike this FA off until it gets its house in order & that means putting in place proper rules and regulatuions that ensure no more room for this kind of mediocrity.

    Papa Wemba - November 30, 2010

  27. WHAT DOES THE FAZ CONSTITUTION SAY…Galu is out of line!…his exective was dissolved when munaile resigned!..

    AKAPONDO - November 30, 2010

  28. It’s simple if Government gets involved FIFA suspends Zambia, therefore RB has to be neutral. FIFA has lost a lot of credibility Sepp Blatter should stand down and pave way for a new administration. This Kalu guy still thinks he’s as big as he was at the peak of his career, too big headed and this appears to be our nature/culture in Zed.

    Afroking - November 30, 2010

  29. I dont think RB is favoring the Kamanga group as the article seem to be suggesting. FIFA is responsible for the mess FAZ is in. The Kamanga group are defending their position by quoting articles from both FAZ and FIFA constitutions. And yet statement s from FIFA are so empty . FIFA has so far not cited any provision that the Kamanga group have not followed.
    FIFA is just rubbish. UEFA is more organized than FIFA.

    Dawa1 - November 30, 2010

  30. RB leave FAZ alone and just keep on movig around the world cause you are good at that

    Milar Bj - November 30, 2010