President for all Zambians in Ghana to attend inauguration of new president

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 former presidents Rupiah Banda, Yakubu Gowon of Nigeria and Bakili Muluzi of Malawi.Rupiah Bwezani Banda, the Fourth President of the Republic of Zambia, is among several high-profile dignitaries who have been invited to attend tomorrow’s inauguration ceremony of newly-re-elected President of Ghana, His Excellency John Dramani Mahama.

President Mahama, a communications expert, historian, writer and former vice-president,will be sworn in as the fourth President of Ghana’s Fourth Republic at the Independence Square in Accra.

(In the photo, from left, former heads of state Rupiah Banda of Zambia, Yakubu Gowon of Nigeria and Bakili Muluzi of Malawi.-)

He ascended to the high office of President following the death of the incumbent President John Evans Atta Mills on Tuesday, July 24, 2012 in Accra and was re-elected in last month’s elections on a National Democratic Congress (NDC) ticket, polling 5,574,761 votes against his close contender, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) who had 5,248,898 votes.

President Banda says he is honoured to be considered worthy of being invited to attend the inauguration ceremony of the leader of one of Africa’s shining examples of democratic governance.

This is according to a statement released by the former president’s administrative assistant.

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107 Responses to President for all Zambians in Ghana to attend inauguration of new president

  1. Viva RB …………..

    SHEKWASI - January 9, 2013

  2. RB, a polished diplomat,the best president zambia had ever had.The most recognised zambian president in the world. You leave it or you take it, it is all up to you.

    zambian - January 9, 2013

  3. Mr Banda is being pointed fingers at, lets wait and see how many fingers will be pointed at you. Moreover no one will be as successful as Rupiah Banda when it comes to International recognition. Keep on hating as he keeps on enriching his name/ CV.

    Big Ben - January 9, 2013

  4. If sata was a dictator childish bwezani banda could hav been behind bars for stealin.fake watchdogs.

    Prince mulenga kunda - January 8, 2013

    • If sata has failed to convict kapoko with overwhelming evidence of thieving how could he have managed with rupiah when there is zero evidence? And point of correction, Ukwa is indeed childish. Just refer to the parliament opening speech

      Bondate Liato - January 9, 2013

  5. I’m waiting for a comment from Winter and his ‘friend’ Masebo or any other PF cadre.

    I will spare GIVEN this time around.

    By the way, i hope the more you become more vocal in speaking ill about the opposition in Zambia, the less the price of meali-meal will become.

    Talkative politicians with nothing to offer but simply to enrich themselves and their families.

    Koma Kaya Mwee!!! - January 8, 2013

  6. RB is learned. He suits anywhere. How do you invite former president and not incumbent? Valueless. Sata will lecture at Sondela after retirement.

    OP - January 8, 2013

  7. what of sata when is he going to be invited ?

    coolman - January 7, 2013

  8. RB= Mealie Meal K38.400 in 2011
    Sata= Mealie Meal K75.000 in 2013

    Where are we going Zambia, HH is very correct we will face very hard times with Sata

    Fred phiri - January 7, 2013

  9. RB, PRESIDENT FOR ALL ZAMBIANS. I think he was for the following reasons: He allowed freedom of assembly for all Zambians; His Police IG protected all Zambians and political parties whenever there was need; His agriculture policies allowed the selling of mealie meal at K40,000 to all Zambians; His cabinet was better balanced with Zambians from all provinces than…; He respected “the wrong decision” of the “majority” of Zambians by accepting the will of all Zambians… Indeed, a great man he is.

    Michael Chilufya Mumembe - January 7, 2013

    • My dear friend you are 100% correct RB was by far the best President Zambia has ever had.

      Fred phiri - January 7, 2013

      • Good to know there are people who are objective , not those blinded by loyalty

        joze - January 9, 2013

  10. RB = Mealie meal price @ K40,000.00 or less per 25 Kg

    MSC= Mealie meal price @ K58,000.00 or more per 25 Kg

    Clock Wise - January 7, 2013

  11. RB = Mealie meal K40,000.00 or less
    Sata = Mealie meal K58,000.00 or more

    Cannan - January 7, 2013

  12. There is NO substitute for humility and nobility. Two very essential human traits that sadly are missing in our current crop of leaders. Look at the arrogance of Winter and Masebo. They would do well running a bar together coz its the only place where wild rumour mongering is acceptable as part of entertainment and certainly not in governance!

    Kaliza - January 7, 2013

  13. active poltics kk

    pawato - January 7, 2013

  14. he lost because of bemba tribalism. otherwise he seemed to be a president for all zambians. my people are tribalists lets face it. to solve this problem of tribalism, we must point at the biggest culprits who are the bembas.

    Sata M.C. - January 7, 2013

    • He did not lose because of bemba tribalism but because of the BAD constitution which allows for a president to elected by a minority of voters. Watch out. The next constitution will be as bad as the present one. The majority 57% voted against Sata.

      anyaprawo - January 9, 2013

  15. If hez president for zambians they would have voted for him, but he did all what he could to rig the elections but failed, hez your presido but not for a normal zambian. Jealousy pipo.

    Kalembe kafyuke - January 7, 2013

  16. but people you are monkeys RB is today President of all people when you were calling him NYAMA SOYA AND TOURIST!! LESA AKA MIKANDA BA KOLWE!

    pointblank - January 7, 2013

    • I agree with you. They treated him trash!

      Cannan - January 7, 2013

  17. Thats his hobby am sure he is so delighted

    tripoli - January 7, 2013

  18. Compared to CNP Ukwa, RB has turned out to be an angel, thats how bad CNP is

    suggestor - January 7, 2013

  19. It was also sad to hear that KK never went to south Africa for the celebrations of ANC, and yet Mandela is his friend,i wonder what has got into KK to be campaigning for PF and telling everyone to support PF, instead of telling his UNIP party which he has dumped with his SON???its funny, how can KK be busy supporting PF when his pary UNIP is still there and his only dear son is president…that he even shunned appearing at the ANC just to be busy receiving CADRES for PF?/ Really? has he become active in politics, i though his benefits MUST then be stopped

    NewZambia - January 7, 2013

  20. You see, when RB was in state house PF cried he is traveling too much, they thought they fixed RB by lying to get him out, kanshi they were just jealous of his invitations, NOW RB is not in state house, YET he is STILL TRAVELING….wooooo, mwailashya…RB still travels the same way he did before, this time the world is inviting him even MORE…

    NewZambia - January 7, 2013

    • walasa, winter namasebo bazapolika ku jealous, shame on you satanists

      lubi - January 7, 2013