Milupi says Sata is insensitive as Nawakwi says Kabimba is above the law

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ADD president Charles Milupi has said President Michael Sata was too insensitive to the Zambian people by appointing justice minister Wynter Kabimba as acting vice-president amid serious corruption allegations he is facing.

Meanwhile, Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) leader Edith Nawakwi says President Michael Sata’s defence of Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba who is under probe by the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) is a clear indication that the minister is above the law.

Milupi noted that even in the absence of vice-president Guy Scott, Sata could have appointed a dignified and credible person to act in that position instead of somebody who has no respect for constitutional offices such as the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC).

“The PF is too sensitive to what Zambians think. The people chose to fall for fake promises of the PF leaders and now they can see their true colours. It is up to the Zambians to judge the behavior of PF leaders,” the Alliance for Democracy and Development leader said.

Kabimba, as acting vice-president, officiated at the opening ceremony of the Zone Six Games at Lusaka’s Nkoloma Stadium on Friday.

In the absence of vice-president Scott who is attending a SADC heads of state summit in Tanzania, Dar-es-Salaam on behalf of President Sata, Kabimba has been appointed to act even though many civil society organisations, political leaders and ordinary Zambians watched with shame how the PF Secretary General tried to interfere with the course of justice in corruption investigations against him.

In the past week, Kabimba has been embroiled in a wave of controversy after hiring a bus load of Patriotic Front (PF) cadres to accompany him when he appeared for interrogations for alleged corrupt activities in an oil deal at the ACC offices.

Kabimba is alleged to have solicited kick backs after pressuring the Zambia Public Procurement Authority (ZPPA) to award an oil supply deal to Trafigura Oil.

Instead of condemning Kabimba’s unruly behavior, President Sata urged the ACC to stop embarrassing his ministers in public making it clear the PF corruption campaign is only for window dressing.

Meanwhile, Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) leader Edith Nawakwi says President Michael Sata’s defence of Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba who is under probe by the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) is a clear indication that the minister is above the law.

Ms. Nawakwi says it is unfortunate that even the order of protocol puts Mr. Kabimba, as PF Secretary General above the Speaker of the National Assembly.

She says ACC Officers are only trying to perform public duties on behalf of the Zambian people should be allowed to operate independently.

The FDD leader adds that any public officer suspected of corrupt activities should be subjected to investigations by the ACC and that the anti graft body need not to seek permission carryout their mandate.

She says justice should be seen to be done in the corruption crusade the PF government has embarked on.

On Thursday, President Michael Sata urged the ACC not to investigate his ministers through the media.

He further said the ACC should seek his permission before investigating senior members of the ruling Patriotic Front party.

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59 Responses to Milupi says Sata is insensitive as Nawakwi says Kabimba is above the law

  1. What a country without visionary leaders taking us ten steps from where the MMD left.Pls put yo house in order to instil confidence 2 all zambians.

    mp - December 10, 2012

  2. Oil deals don’t come cheap and are normally handled at Presidency level mind you it was perceived to be the biggest deal PF transacted since assuming office. Pokets were as dry as rivers in Zimbabwe during summer time so what do u expect? Your guess is as good as mine.

    Pesonde - December 9, 2012

    • The president was actively involved!

      Zozifunila paku vota - December 9, 2012

  3. if sata is saying ACC should ask for permission to investigate top officials of pf, then ACC will not be independent moreover does ACC need to get permission to investigate corrupt leaders. Am one of those who is regretting for having voted for pf.

    Manchips - December 9, 2012


    .. - December 8, 2012

  5. you wanted to be appointed? wwwoooooooooo.

    MACKY 09 - December 8, 2012

  6. God had time to rescue his own after many years of suffering. Zambians chose their destiny and God allowed it which might not be his will

    Ruth Hams - December 8, 2012

  7. No matter what you say, you shud remember pf is in power. They went as far as convicing children in the street about more money in their pockets. No opposition can go this far. Mind you? You are not more than 100,000 on this site. Your impact to GRZ is in pico units. You need to work extra hard for the next 50 years in opposition.

    chileshe matekenya - December 8, 2012

  8. “Mwinchusha nshilanya”, said Maiko Sata

    Mulenga Sata - December 8, 2012

  9. Milupi and ugly Nawakwi shoul shut up because they both contributed to this mess. Who do they want to cheat now.

    Kangala Itoito - December 8, 2012

    • Let them speak out. I think that we can allow them to speak their minds. Maybe they are now regretting. We need many voices to speak against injustice and arrogant, disrespectful and insensitive decisions.

      M.L. Martin - December 8, 2012

  10. If the majority of voters voted with theirs heads, Sata would not be president and we would not be in this mess. Unfortunately for us, the majority voted with theirs feet and stomachs. Bakaponya brought us this disaster.

    John Moomba - December 8, 2012

  11. don’t complain do it the egypt way,can’t u see what is happening in egypt…….u ar all cowards u fools complainin.

    SHI MABOOLO - December 8, 2012

  12. He is just ok constitutionally to hv appointed the SINNER in his absence and the vice President.

    Gabriel - December 8, 2012

  13. Incapasitated or Insensitive to think caused by what? Choose the correct answer.

    (E)All the above

    Chin Shoe Pool - December 8, 2012

  14. Zambia is in a mess. The country is now being handled like a club.

    MMD was not perfecto but if you ask me…they are better off than than the current crop of leaders.

    Zambians let’s wake up and teach these morons a lesson. We wanted to see if PF would change our lives lo and behold they have lamentably failed whin a few months in office.

    By the way Donchi Kubeba song won’t work next time and copperbelt and lusaka brought you in and so shall they vote you out with this Mealie Meal prices and other goods sky rocketing and zesco’s load shedding now becoming worser than it has ever been.

    We will put someone else in state house and its not too long from now!!!

    Chin Shoe Pool - December 8, 2012

  15. We were clearly warned! I hope we will learn a lesson albeit the hard way!

    Mubanga - December 8, 2012

  16. Demonic leaders who lead themselves and steal from the poor

    Ukwa boys - December 8, 2012

  17. Its always good to express our independent view, but doing so on behalf of the majority poor who most of us on this blog do not think about when carryout our respective businesses is not right and will not prove our perceptions right come 2016…

    KCM - December 8, 2012

  18. Lmao!!!Commedy in Zambian politics..

    Mwansa K - December 8, 2012

  19. Zambians are hugely docile . They fail to reason properly as to distinguish right from wrong. Tribal affection has largely eaten up their brains. You are a confirmed embarassment to society and mankind.

    Advocate - December 8, 2012

  20. Stop complaining because efyo mwalefwaya Zambia ukutekwa nama shilu. Mwafikwako. You were warned that the man was not only evil but very wicked going by his past history of doing things in previous governments and in opposition but in your love for wickedness perhaps because God has given up on you, you went ahead and made a chief satanist the great leader over Zambia.

    joses - December 8, 2012

  21. you ve not yet seen wat we used to tell you people. Let us wait and see.

    kapolinikapoli - December 8, 2012

  22. We don’t want to live like Egypt,Somalia,Pakistan etc and mr.president shouldn’t push us to that far.

    Politician - December 8, 2012

  23. U know guys?we made a mistake putting some chichen shit in our higher office but every problem has a solution and the solution to this one is only 2016 as we will vote.

    Harry Mwaanga - December 8, 2012

    • Who is “we”? Speak for yourself. Blame yourself for voting for your fellow bafoon becoz in 2016 another slogan chanting bafoon will easily fool you again

      opanda nzelu - December 8, 2012

      • I agree with the will come with another slogan in 2016 and fools will vote like no man’s business. The problems with Zambians is that they are easily fooled. Maintain a lie for over a year and most of the people will believe it. PF did just that and again they will come up with another lie and people will simply say “let’s give them another chance since 5 years was not sufficient” We should not complain much since we asked for it.

        Priscilla Namukoko - December 8, 2012

  24. The problem with Sata and his cronnies is that they just sit at state house and Shi…t. Sata just like Kabimba, Masebo, Maumba, his wife, GBM etc and the rest are all full of shi..t. The worst shi.tting president this continent will ever see. Actually, surpasing Idi Amin. What a shame!

    Amafi Yaba Ukwa - December 8, 2012

  25. What has happened to Nawakwi? PF still hasn’t given this useless a job? What a hopeless cow, she thinks she can con us into believing that she’s providing checks and balances? I still think she deserves to be gang raped by real men.

    Amafi Yaba Ukwa - December 8, 2012

    • Am shocked the way analyze issues. Sober up, you time to be in plot one will come after 20years. Just keep praying your under five remain healthy and president of you ka one tribe party.

      Chinokole - December 8, 2012

    • Amafi Yaba Ukwa, no one deserves to be gang-raped, you know that. Don’t let Ukwa get to your head, we Zambians are civilization people.

      Kwacha - December 8, 2012

  26. And you people r sure you expected anything good to come from this ganja gang of leaders? Lets just admit that we never learn. It’s not like God did not send Chanda Chimba III who had clearly and proudly delivered the message and warned us about all these dangers.

    Chanda Chimba wherever you are may the Good Lord bless you and keep you. You are my hero and I would take tIme to sit and listen to you than this chi milupi and kanawakwi. They are all pretenders who all made sure Sata won and today they want to lecture us on Sata’s conduct. Shame on you two useless leaders.

    Umkonto We Sizwe - December 8, 2012

  27. The isrealites suffered in the hands of pharaoh and his pipo but God never forsake his children.we cried for this and he gave us sata for us to see why he(God) never allowed sata to be presido in the first place

    Mr Kiss - December 8, 2012

  28. this is the worst of times,he has gone to the chiefs thinking they win a vote for him come 2016 we will have you out or may God collect you to your fathers please,even a school is run better than the way you are running things in this country…

    jojo - December 8, 2012

  29. FALSE POWER: Time has shown that politicians that allow transient power to blind them from perceiving realities of living in Zambia suffer and regret for having done things that they could easily have avoided. When you become president of the republic of Zambia; it is not for ever. In Zambia, as any intelligent person now knows, it is impossible to age and die as a cabinet minister. It is not even guaranteed to be a cabinet minister in every elected government today. So what does it benefit a man or woman to gain access to authority that gives him or her temporal protection to break the laws of the nation, when only a few years later, all that shall be taken away from him or her? And in addition, shall leave him or her languishing in prison for criminal deeds committed that people can never forget? Wisdom is also being able to imagine and accept that what we may perceive to be ‘the impossible’; might happen. Few people ever thought or imagined that the once all loved and adored MMD, it’s powerful almost untouchable ministers, presidents and vice-presidents, could today be wondering what hit them and their almighty party! He who has eyes-sees; and he who has ears-hears. And with brains in our heads, we can attempt to predict the future.

    surprised!!! - December 8, 2012

  30. Mockery! Mockery! Kabimba shouldn’t grow big headed. Time will tell

    Lwito - December 8, 2012

  31. The problem we have as citizens is that we have allowed the pipo we employ in politics to become our bosses. Even the pipo they appoint become our bosses where by they intimidate us with impunity. Where is the new constitution to save us pliz? Wynter zwaaa then ba Sata amu zweeeee!

    Mutonkela Kunona - December 8, 2012

  32. If it was in Egypt there was going to be a one week protest outside state demanding for the departure of sata and kabimba. VIVA ACC!

    Mutonkela Kunona - December 8, 2012

    • We are far from being like Egyptians! I hope what we are going through will one day bring us together for the love of the nation and not individuals and tribes!

      Mubanga - December 8, 2012

    • In Zambia protests are not allowed. The wrath of the police force can deal with you squarely.

      The Advisor - December 8, 2012

  33. I never voted for Sata and when my wife and daughter went out to celebrate I remained inside & warned them what would happen, these days they always praise me for my foresight, they say we wish we had listened to dad as they watch the tantrums of the head of state bringing embarrassment to the high office and making Zambians a laughing stock!

    Truth Seeker - December 8, 2012

    • Ndipo talakwa! At least there was one among us who remained cool and level-headed. Now that Zambia seems headed to a type of Somalia, lawless and directionless, what do we do?

      Kwacha - December 8, 2012

  34. At wat point 2 pipo hav da power 2 impeach a president coz I think we’v gone beyond dat orydy

    blablabla - December 8, 2012

    • As long as you can ganner two thirds majority in parliament, then the impeachment motion can go through. Right now, parliament cannot manage to get this majority to vote for impeachment as most MMD members have been bought and PF mps have no independent thinking. They seem to have been jabbed with a long lasting tranquiliser. So as it is, we are stuck with cnp until 2016. However, the zambian people have, more than ever in our history, demonstrated unbelievable docility in the midist of glaring misrule. The rulers know this and are openly and brazenly disregarding the constitution which they swore to uphold. We need to wake up and excercise our right to demonstrate against this kind of management of national affairs now.

      Akulu Mpuno - December 8, 2012

      • The zambian people have demonstrated unbelievable docility in the midist of glaring misrule.

        Well said. However this reminds us of the days of Chiluba who ruled with such impunity that he was free to close UNZA 8 months without opposition from anyone, freeze civil servants’ salaries for 3 years and receive only praises. What I’ve personally observed is that it takes a Bemba to destroy the country. Now Bembas must be ashamed of themselves. They say ‘insoni ebuntu’ and yet most Bembas would never be embarrassed and admit making a mistake.

        Tribalist - December 8, 2012

  35. Ba sata some of us who supported u feel let down by some of the things u are doing. Surely how can u promote someone who is under probe. U are scaring pipo who are probing him sir. Am very disapooited to say the least. I don’t think I will make a mistaken of voting for u again. I hv even directed my wife and children not to vote for PF

    moses bwalya - December 8, 2012



  37. I agree with Milupi. Clear and precise.
    Now its don’t kubeba on Scott too.
    I think Sata did it to also show how arrogant he is. We are all calling on the same Kabimba to resign as minister, but Sata even goes a step further in the opposite direction to promote him.
    Are these people opposition can work with? No.

    Spyglass - December 8, 2012

    • I may add that its this same arrogance that has earned Sata this useless man of action titled.

      Tribalist - December 8, 2012

  38. School is very important, we all no that. I wonder why we trivilised school by puting this guy into office.

    Vilifier - December 8, 2012

    • Vilifier, ni zo ona!

      Kwacha - December 8, 2012

  39. buti this one, Uncle Sata, think again

    Diasporan - December 8, 2012

    • He has no capacity to think!!!

      Chief Zambian CNP - December 8, 2012

    • Incapacitated to think by what? Choose the correct answer.

      (E)All the above

      Chin Shoe Pool - December 8, 2012

      • I think non of the above. It seems the guy has an evil spirit working in him. He doesn’t know what he is doing.

        The Advisor - December 8, 2012

  40. According to plato,sata is not fit being a ruler(philosopher king) bt as an auxilary(to defend and protect the republic).he startd nicely as a constable…i dont know what made him think he can rule….

    Evelyn Hone reloaded - December 8, 2012

    • pf will never deliver

      Manchips - December 9, 2012

  41. Awe mwandi

    Haisha - December 8, 2012