Sakeni says UPND free to expose its ignorance to ICC

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Chief government Spokesperson Kennedy Sakeni has dared the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) to go ahead and prove its ignorance to the international community by submitting names to the International Criminal Court (ICC) of people it accuses of human rights abuses.

The UPND has indicated that it has started compiling names of people it intends to submit to the ICC over the violation of human rights.

Mr. Sakeni says the opposition UPND should be free to take whatever action it wishes to take because that is its constitutional right.

Speaking to QFM News, Mr. Sakeni says government will not stop any opposition political party in the country to expose its ignorance in the manner that the UPND intends to.

He says government is not surprised with the behavior of the UPND stating that even its leadership is questionable.

Mr. Sakeni states that it is surprising to see that some leaders of the opposition aspiring to lead the country are always frustrated and never provide any solutions but only criticize.

The Chief government Spokesperson says the government will not be shaken by whatever the opposition intends to do because it realizes it has a very important task of improving the provision of services to citizens of the country.

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56 Responses to Sakeni says UPND free to expose its ignorance to ICC

  1. unless a tonga rules this nation at some point will there peace in this country. there voting pattern is reactive bcos they supported chiluba for 10yrs thinking after that mazoka will b his turn bt alas. a bemba person kano uwalwala will never vote for another tribe. you will never get disapointed by a tonga. give a tonga chance come 2021 n see the difference.

    jin, - November 30, 2012

  2. I am puzzled as to how people from Luapula, muchinga and northern all call themselves Bembas.The majority of these are not Bemba per se but willingly co- opted themselves as Bemba abandoning their indigenous tribes and languages, and shalessly so. For example there are no Bembas in Luapula. Few in Muchinga around Chinsali. There are lost tribes in those areas who speak nothing but Bemba. What pride is in such scenerio.

    Advocate - November 30, 2012

  3. Ka HH thinks he can rule us,we are very strong pipo it will be by the grace of bembas for him to rule.

    mukupa - November 30, 2012

    • DRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREAM ON MAN. Most zambians either bembas or other tribes are are more intelligent than you tribalist minions.

      Wanzelu - November 30, 2012

    • Thats why I hate Bembas, pride amids poverty! What grace r u tolking abt from Bembas? Ba Kolwe & Vinkubala is all u can teach us…..

      Mzilikazi - November 30, 2012

  4. Sakeni wait n c wat hapens wit indipendent courts !

    .Analume nipa tumba anakazi nipamatako ! - November 30, 2012

  5. whenever hh says something this man gets aroused. When Chipimo says the same things he keeps quite.

    shabba - November 30, 2012

  6. Some people are colour blind.They see white instead of black and they black as white. If wrongs have been committed and recorded,can you argue against such tangible evidence? People were beaten and others
    bled for participating in a peaceful demonstration which is there constitutional right to do so. Then some one says they are expressing ignorance when they ask for the intervention of the ICC.

    Honest - November 30, 2012

  7. please check some of those ministers..are they normal…?his smile and dressing..

    taliban - November 30, 2012

  8. we mpapa we Saken

    Mpanga ya mambwe - November 30, 2012

  9. Ba upnd SELENI TUBOMBEKO!!!!!

    Francis Mwansa - November 30, 2012

  10. Why does Sakeni always looks like he is just from waking up?

    Mawee - November 30, 2012

    • its because he is a fossil and lives on borrowed brains. his brain and mouth are in a state of confusion.

      chombela - November 30, 2012

      • You are very correct…………….I thought I was the only one who knew that.

        Southern watchman - December 2, 2012

  11. You are seeing PF as rubbish now. UPND does not comprise of angels unless you are looking at tribe.
    Violence is often in Zambian politicks many people have lost their lives right from independence has this been to ICC?
    Stop thinking like APES.

    Chaz wa Chaz - November 30, 2012

  12. you tell your UPND what my comment you have failed to publish says

    Kalu - November 30, 2012


      chris - November 30, 2012

  13. Government must to completely understimate these guyz. Because they may include the Chawama saga in their petition to ICC. Remember that ICC is in Netheland, where Amstadam comes from if am not mistaken. Govt should instead call for dialogue, and reduce on its excesses with regard to handling human rights issues by reviewing the public order act.

    NGO - November 30, 2012

  14. upnd will not rule this country.

    Patrick Lufafa - November 30, 2012


      Alexander Haig - November 30, 2012

    • Who knew Sata would rule! In the next government we will lock up all tribalist minion to at least 2 years in jail

      Wanzelu - November 30, 2012

  15. Chief government Spokesperson Kennedy Sakeni was a good choice for the job and for the party he represents.
    He does not have any brains.

    .. - November 30, 2012

  16. Let the punks go ahead and expose their ignorance at the icc,remember how de embassies openly rebuked them.visionless bafoons Seleni Tubombeko

    Silent Rage - November 30, 2012

  17. I don’t think Zambia has reached that stage yet. UPND you are slightly too fast for international intervention because you have not exhausted local justice procedures and nobody has denied the same to you. Government should also not pride itself to this call knowing too well things have not been good especially concerning depotarions and the BA64 Saga. Facial description of each other is ungodly. As for insults they are generically inherited by primitve and uncultured clans of the stone age not fit to live in the current civilized cultural norms.

    Advocate - November 30, 2012

  18. Sakeni tried to stop them, he has seen they are determined to do it and he has now given up.

    For once he has said the truth, its UPND’s right to send the names, and they wil do it!

    Lwalwa - November 30, 2012

    • sakeni, u dont think zambia is yos alone. clean yo teeth thats when u can say something senseble.

      Dc - November 30, 2012

  19. You rod of vipers who has let you to expose your foolishness even at the net UPND it is not a part in politics of zambia so if you are one tribe in zambia thinking you can win the Election in Zambia time waste

    Bright chabala - November 30, 2012

  20. UPND and their politics? It’s not every domestic issue that ICC attends to. We are not having a kind of crisis that should attract the attention of ICC. You can make submissions, but be rest assured, it won’t go anywhere.

    Mano Mano - November 30, 2012

  21. Breaking news on Zambia intelligence agency(ZIN): HH is egocentric and stupid says MMD

    John - November 30, 2012

    • The ZIN, is an online media set specifically to denounce anything watchdog and HH, what a mission impossible.

      Sharp shooter-nationalist - December 1, 2012

  22. Sakeni himself is ignorant on how International courts operates. Instead of encouraging UPND he dismisses the matter as if it will be handled by Zambian judges who are themselves compromised.

    JINX-CHINA - November 30, 2012

  23. Frustrated opposition. Just disband.

    KIDMAN - November 30, 2012

  24. Let us mobilise ourselves against these pf rogues ati tuleteka wen u a destroying. Voting 4u was a curse bamambala fiko fye

    Mulendema - November 30, 2012

  25. It will be nice to see the outcome of this case. Surely they will throw it away. At best it will act as restraint to PF excesses if any.

    mwanamumbowe - November 30, 2012

  26. welcome to real justice.

    Arizona - November 30, 2012

  27. Foolish man!! Does he even understands how ICC work? Where did Ukwa exshumed these ghost looking idiots. I wonder if this Sakeni guy can be in position to address the ICC if summoned his looks are very bad he would scare prosecutors to death.

    Pesonde - November 30, 2012

  28. Kekekekkekeeke this guy is as dull as they come he’s one of the most dullest chap in pf next to you know who? Yours truly kekekekekekeke can’t wait to see how this is gonna turn out sakeni or fuckeni whatever they call that brut he must understand that the ICC don’t answer to June or is it winter please some one tell him that international doesn’t mean high court kekekekekekeklele these villagers I ve been with this guy he’s a thug a kaponya even the language is pathetic this guy is suppose to be at Kulima tower as one of the call boys not even a driver call boy

    Ninja 1 - November 30, 2012

  29. This is the biggest joke of the new century, Sakeni of all people, accusing anyone of ignorance. I also wonder whether the retard know the real meaning of the word. lol!

    iNkhosi Mzilikazi DiniZulu - November 30, 2012

  30. prof. Chirwa is too educated to work in the pf govt. He cannot be a match to any of the pf ministers not even ukwa

    Why Tongas? - November 30, 2012

  31. What does this retard Sakeni know about ICC. All that is required at ICC is presentation of sufficient evidence of government brutality against innocent people.

    blago - November 30, 2012

    • …and they will ask you, have you exhausted the legal channels in your country? You will answer ‘no’. They will tell you ‘pack and go, don’t waste our time, we have got more serious issues to attend to’! Comical isn’t it? It is not just a question of having a UPND cadre sitting at the ICC!

      chola - November 30, 2012

      • The legal systems in Zambia are two – one for the ruling party and another for the opposition. That is the reason for ICC’s choice I guess.

        Bob - November 30, 2012

  32. This guy is a retard.

    Bullman - November 30, 2012

  33. When is this dog called Sakeni going to die mwe bantu ? His mouth, it resembles that of a poverty striken monkey, seeking ifishimu in the forest. c.i.k.a.l.a Sakeni, are u intoxicated with power ?

    Alexander Haig - November 30, 2012

  34. APE MAN you are just bitter, let UPND show you that you are not doing anything apart from stealing

    CHIPS2016HH - November 30, 2012

  35. Report them and also invite ICC to come and vote in zambia, poor strategists in UPND, please learn the act of politics,go right ahead and expose your ignorance

    Muchende - November 30, 2012

  36. This recycled Ape man is just bitter with UPND. we will see you when PF is out.muya kunya

    CHIPS2016HH - November 30, 2012

  37. i am forced to comment because of this APE MAN that has attacked UPND.each time you hear this broken hill man talks,he vomits rubbish because UPND is telling the truth.Why shud this recycled person be bitter with UPND.Kalisinde suntwe

    CHIPS2016HH - November 30, 2012

  38. You PF you don’t even have a good and well cariberated mouth to speak for the party.Do you espect that mouth to say anything good

    munamwaala - November 30, 2012

  39. The list must start by exposing sakeni then ukwa as top violators

    Kolwestans - November 30, 2012

  40. This ‘Honorabble’ needs to keeping count of how ignorant he has exposed himself on several straight forward matters so that he stops throwing stone.

    I can easily remind him of the stupid defense on building house for MCS

    The quality of the so called voice of PF sums up the kind of rot in cabinet

    Vilifier - November 30, 2012

  41. mwanya ba swine,especially katanga,libongani en solomon jere!!!!

    the tactician - November 30, 2012

  42. Weather upnd or mmd go ahead.Show this grade 7 how things ar done.Meno monga chojubila mapalanga.

    Virus - November 30, 2012


    Ngombe Under Oath - November 30, 2012

  44. We are going ahead and expose PF and its brutarity.They came into government thru lies and deception.See at ICC

    OT - November 30, 2012

  45. Yes point on

    bandit - November 30, 2012