President Sata orders army to attack Barotse activists in Lukulu

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President Michael Sata has ordered defence and security chiefs to immediately take charge of the confusion being created in Lukulu, western province by a group calling itself the Barotse Liberation army.

President Sata says he is aware that the group is currently recruiting ex-soldiers and ex-police officers and has since recruited over 600 people.

He says the country should not be very comfortable with the peace it is currently enjoying as there are some individuals who are trying hard to destabilize the country’s peace.

President Sata says if it means using force, the defence force should go ahead and use it because what is more important is the preservation of the country’s peace.

He said this in Lusaka this morning during the 15th command and staff course graduation of 62 officers.

President Sata says there is need for the armed forces to prove their relevance because as the situation stands, it seems the army is irrelevant as it has no proper ammunition.

Sata said it is government’s desire to see a defence force that is grounded in professionalism with officers that possess knowledge not only in matters of defence and security but also in other disciplines of knowledge.

And President Sata has authorized defence minister and defence chiefs to go to the Democratic Republic of Congo to discuss with that country’s defence force over the current situation in that country.

President Sata has also instructed Mr. Mwamba to warn the Congo defence force not to temper with Zambia because it is committed to respecting principles of non-interference in international affairs of other countries.

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  1. UKWA shudn’t be fast 2 act coz it will affect the generation to come. That declaration it will never prosper in Jesus name!! No blood shed in our country. Its one zambia one nation!!!

    Will b praying for our country..

    matamando - December 3, 2012

  2. @chax,xpres nt yo stupdt on such a way on ths platfom.u idiot.

    GOVERNOR - December 2, 2012

  3. @mubanga martin,u re th kind of person who jst feel gud in praising others even wen they dont kow that u exist.can praising some1 of th position he z holdng solve th problems u ar facing nw? u re th kind of peson who jst folo th mob aimlesly simply bcoz therez one u knw amidst.any u sound lik a cadre.

    GOVERNOR - December 2, 2012

  4. @jacklee wateva u re coold,u sound as some one who has jst wokd up from slumber in a meetng and then alova th saden he jst raises a point minus knowing how far th discusion has gone.think b4 u utter nonsens.

    GOVERNOR - December 2, 2012

  5. @north westen,my bro u shud hav said that we ar going to ax their necks if they hapen to com.the reign of sata(n).

    GOVERNOR - December 2, 2012

  6. Allah bless the entire zambia and that we require any blood shed in dis part of our western province we need development and not those soilders..

    taliban - December 2, 2012

  7. yaya its one z nation but its ukwas creation thats y all thisnonse he startd them they were quite not even talking about it but ukwa is to blame give them what u promised them apart fm 90 dys u hopeless fool

    gkchulu - December 1, 2012

  8. Which soldiers? Those who were running away from Mushala and Sayinbwende and ran away in South Sudan and were captured in Seara Leon? Risking your life is about a cause and bravery and Z soldiers have neither! It’s not guns that fight but people. Why should soldiers die for mad Sata? Vietnam, South Africa, Libya, Syria, are examples of people’s will defeating banditry and might! Barotseland has truly gone

    North Westerner - December 1, 2012


    Mubanga Martin - December 1, 2012

    • Look you may have points but you spoil everything with insulting other. This is true not a Bemba issue, but an issue where one decides to put lives of other people at risk for motives best understood by him. What is needed at the moment is just opening dialog without labeling the other party as being weak or strong. ”Umushi bantu” without people Sata can not be a president he needs the Westerners as much as he needs the Muchingans…

      Zed@crossroad - December 2, 2012

  10. How much is zambia worsting over there illegal operation in Barotseland?

    Barotseland Black Bull - December 1, 2012

  11. Mwamba is in country rodge, lets be sensitive to alarm war. We are already as we said and nothing to fear or to take our move back ward. Old planes are nothing to us, same as the one who sent them. Rubbish chaps.

    Barotseland Commander - December 1, 2012

  12. Where are these toy soldiers from zambia as the Maximum force BDL-X5 from RD reteriation division is waiting. Zambia mubanana mwacepela tuu.

    Barotseland Black Bull - December 1, 2012

  13. In the case of this barotseland we wud like to see how being BEMBA is as meaningless and useless as being an ant! How cn some1 think that bcos he is BEMBA them he is going to fool fellow non Bemba citizens and treat them lik they were half humans in a world he creates? U cheat at pre-election time and u thot those Lozis gave u a vote they did not attach their livelihood to. Lets us accept that sometimes a monkey misses the branch in mid air and tumbles to the ground. U SATA SIMPLY MISCALCULATED AND THOT YUOR BEMBA BACKGROUND IS TOO SUPERIOR TO BE CHALLENGED, HERE WE ARE, LETS C. U HV A TENDENCY TO LOOK DOWN UPON THOSE OF NON BEMBA ORIGINS, U WL NT HV IT EASY.

    T.H - December 1, 2012

  14. Those in support of Sata and his madness are in for a rude shock. In this world either u follow reality or die with yr illusions. It is an illusion to think that Sata can use any means to stop cessession of barotseland. Sata cn b president but of Zambia only, not for the entire world, he is too small to the larger than life international law which is in favour of barotselnad ceding frm Zambia!

    T.H - December 1, 2012

  15. Even wen the pungs of genocide still cringe in our ears from Rwanda, the uneducated Sata cant hear them, history no meaning to him. A Grade 7 level of education is not all that bad to a person who has bin in govt all along but Sata it seems did not even go to school any day in his life. All this time he has bin trying hard to follow advice frm Mumembe to use brains towards the barotse issue but Sata ‘s brain cnt bring out an inch of reason, it is a retarded brain that is as ugly as his face. So option is to do wat he is good at, VIOLENCE. We all kno Sata is the cause of prblms in WP, HIS BEMBA TRIBALISM is the cause, if anyone’s head hs to b crushed to maintain peace in our country Sata’s head must b crushed, THE PEACEFUL ZAMBIA IS AT CROSSROADS WITH THIS BEMBA TRIBALIST IN CONTROL.

    T.H - December 1, 2012

  16. Any 1 breaking the law must be dealt with SEVERELY! ENOUGH OF THIS BAROTSELAND SH!T. Barotseland my as$!

    Chax - December 1, 2012

    • u ar a fool my friend.z fitng 4wat z yoz breckng th prity sure u ar a bemba.4yo own im4mation we jst want wat b longs 2us,th barotseland period.dont yap yap wit thngs u dont understand.leave ths 3 th lent nt u kaponyas.

      black bull - December 1, 2012

    • munungu wa hao for real.

      floss - December 2, 2012

  17. Sata is playing world tricks like mad president. His got informations sent to UN and even knows that no country today exist without security. He shouldn’t call our security as rabels. His security is occupy our Barotseland irregal , and is also breaking the vienna international law coup 276 (1970) occupying our territory and using physical machines on peaceful country Barotseland that riverted her self on march 27, this year 2012. The people of Barotseland also got own constuetion that was signed with fully signitories of Barotzis. And was sent to UN and Sata his got that document. No gun shall cry now for nothing, if it means physical force we are waiting Mr President. We are tired of Zambians and we still facing same problems when we are free.

    Barotseland Commander - December 1, 2012

    • Ok dude,

      Do you read the stuff you write? Do you have someone proof read and edit your comments?

      You really need an editor! Your writing is scary. It does your cause no good when you write like an illiterate. You seem to think that you understand what you’re writing about. Unfortunately, it comes off like you are dyslexic and a dunderhead that uses English far beyond his understanding and education.

      Truth hurts: learn to write or appoint a literate scribe and spokesman you clowns!

      Ps so what are you buffoons going to do? Overrun a nation with your big bottomed women and dis proportioned men (either too big heads like smooth IK and In’utu Himanje or the reverse). You fellows are more likely to fart and crap yourselves that to organise a rebellion.

      “When it rains, it pours” when a Lozi is thick they are really thick, like the big print version of the complete works of Charles Dickens!

      snickering - December 2, 2012

      • well, well. You need not include people who have not done anything to you in your write up. Being from one tribe and not the other is just by chance and whatever tribe or clan you belong to does not make you any special. Chances are that you may not have points to debate as reflected in the level of points you have raised. Any way God being great he found it fit to create those people you have demeaned. In future talk to your god to change things to suite you and your clan.

        Zed@crossroad - December 2, 2012

  18. sorry zambia, cry my beloved country!

    THE LOST NEWSPAPER - December 1, 2012

  19. it si turu

    yami - December 1, 2012

  20. Mr President,you mean you can forget so soon?

    Nelson Elisons BJ - December 1, 2012

  21. But a cheat promised them freedom.

    He cheated the people of Barotseland to vote for hm so that they could be free – they did vote for him. Why has he changed the goal posts???

    He even released those who were awaiting trial from prison.

    He created a problem and now he wants to be seen to be the champion.

    LIAR, LIAR!!!

    ZAZA - December 1, 2012

  22. christians lets fast for God to remove whatever obstacle is trying to trying to bring war to the peaceful country of zambia how can someone say that we boast of too much peace?

    voice of one crying in wilderness - November 30, 2012

  23. What happened to my beautiful peaceful nation, a beacon of democracy and hope in Southern Africa. Jesus intervene in our beautiful nation and deal with every root cause of confusion in Zambia, Zambia does not need war, Zambia is a Christian and peaceful nation that has had it’s people living together as one people. Christians need to pray for Zambia 24/7.

    Zambia is a peaceful Nation - November 30, 2012

    • in your wet dreams

      Zambian Citizen. LSK - December 1, 2012

  24. Blood thirsty evil man wishing to drink blood of the slaughter that will take place like his friend mugabe did to the ndebeles awe twakana whoever wants to spill blood let his be the first in jesus name

    voice of one crying in wilderness - November 30, 2012

  25. They have made their bed, now let them sleep in it.

    Mp'nga Mbizi - November 30, 2012

  26. Twalemyeba ati uyumufyashi ni ‘mugabe’. imwe ati ‘donchi kubeba’. as long as we continue putting iliterate chaps in plot 1, we wil suffer..Ati ‘degree tayiteka’ bt now u hv seen wht a certificate can do 2 the country u all love so much..

    Damn you - November 30, 2012

  27. Zambia needs serous prayers.

    Zambia needs prayers - November 30, 2012

    • meant serious

      Zambia needs prayers - November 30, 2012

    • time waster

      Zambian Citizen. LSK - December 1, 2012

  28. Go Sata Go

    ZAMBIA - November 30, 2012

    • Where is Sata going?

      Zed@crossroad - December 2, 2012

  29. Lest something happen, state house, acades, indeni, intercity, citymarket and many other targetsbe vigilant. Sesitaha sitahe till Barotseland is free

    Barotseland Black Bull - November 30, 2012

    • And the wet dream continues

      Rejuvenated Buffalo - November 30, 2012

    • You clowns will end up hurting a bunch of Lozi refugees in Lusaka. They are running from the sand, illiteracy and Litungas (I hear you have 2, one female and one male).

      Dull buffoons, expend your energy developing your dust bowl, slice of hell!

      snickering - December 2, 2012

  30. oh our God! when are you intervening to remove the biggest problem Zambians have created for themselves? My appeal to the soldiers being undressed is to heed the president’s advice but look no further than where the advice is coming from, for the sake of innocent Zambians, to remove the obstacle we have brought ourselves.I commend the President for reminding the security forces that they appear to be inactive. MWE TATA LESA TWAFWENI!

    man of the people - November 30, 2012

  31. This old chap knows nothing, no one can stand are way to self determination- not even the Litunga. RB fired guns to scare us, not knowing he was reminding us to be focus. Sata is about to fire one bullet which will change the status of northern rhodesia for once and for all.

    Barotseland Black Bull - November 30, 2012

    • This is what you get when mix mbanje with ignorance in presence of delusions of grandeur.

      Sabre rattling in the age of smart bombs!

      Te he he he.

      You numb skulls crack me up

      snickering - December 2, 2012

  32. This old chap knows nothing, no one can stand are way to self determination- not even the Litunga. RB fired guns to scare us, not knowing he was reminding us to be focus. Sata is about to fire one bullet which will change the status of northern rhodesia for once an for all.

    Barotseland Black Bull - November 30, 2012

  33. And the plot thickens! Are these not the same raving loonies who only a few months ago were scaring Zambians with another non-existing shadowy group which had supposedly taken an oath to slaughter Bembas in Southern Province. The only threat to national security in Zambia emanates from this despical misfit Sata who appears to be missing a few screws in his head. If Zambians are not careful they just might find themselves in a war situation before they know it.

    Liminabanganga - November 30, 2012

  34. I am in Lukulu and NO ONE is in that organization, meaning
    it is not existing. He should get information from normal citizens
    not from job seekers.

    Narep - November 30, 2012

  35. Barotseland will fight this war with brains and she shall win this battle for freedom without weapons.
    If one civilian is killed by Mr Sata’s Army Chiefs, hence all Barotish have human right to defend themselves.
    And those who shall be found wanting, the ICC is patiently waiting for them. Ukwa will be dealt with easily.
    BLA is like a be hive, do not disturb them, otherwise, this will unleash the provoked Barotselanders to defend their Kingdom.
    The ICC is watching the culprits.
    We are coming to defend our people and kingdom.
    God bless Barotseland.

    Kay Love - November 30, 2012

    • If you are going to fight with brains why recruit ex-soldiers and police. What are they meant to do. Sell piza’s in the shops of western province?

      Kelvin D Mweemba - December 1, 2012

      • It is the very same brains of soldiers and police to be used.
        Wondering which country has any army personel’s selling pizza in shops.
        Is the soldiers in Zambia selling Pizza?
        Let us know.

        Skeletone - December 2, 2012

    • Forget about the ICC! You air heads need the ZCC (Zambian Counselling Council). You have psychological problems.

      You present signs of paranoia and schizophrenia.

      You clowns require 6 soft walls in a padded cell, for your own protection.

      Maybe its the heat and hunger from a hangover. Lozi’s are famous for your legendary prowess at drinking yourselves into a stupor.

      Take a couple of cups of cold water, dude! Wash out the methanol from your systems. Put down the Chamba too.

      No, you are not superman!
      No, you cannot catch bullets and neither are you bullet proof.
      Yes, you are high on a psychotropic substance that is listed on schedule A!
      No, you shouldn’t have drank so much skokian

      Get the picture, dudes

      snickering - December 2, 2012

  36. Ukwa should be killed.This is to avoid killing alot of people by careless orders.

    Virus - November 30, 2012

  37. Ladies and Gentlemen, those of you that are advocating for war in Barotseland do not know what you are talking about. War is not good. The president should find ways and means to resolve this issue maturely. He is Zambian, let him face the Zambian reality and for once stop asking for trouble that you can not finish. People, stop inciting hatred among peaceful citizens. I have seen how people die in war, dont forgot that nowadays war is fought based on modern technology, one can be in Iraq and wipe out the entire city of lusaka including your so-called defense quarters. So please dont talk anyhow. Learn something from Rwanda…..

    Mpumalanga - November 30, 2012

  38. Very unfortunate indeed. A former policeman undressing (sory addressing) the army like that! God forbidoooo! This man wil soon put this country on fire. When u fail to lead, this is what happens. I honestly think this job of president is too big HEMCS

    Evaristo Hanjalika - November 30, 2012

  39. What happened to the ‘VALID BRE64 AGREEMENT’ that Ukwa used to sing about prior to elections?

    Lwalwa - November 30, 2012

  40. The Lozis should wakeup to reality what they’re propagating for has potential to change their future and that of their children’s children. What they’re fighting fir is unachievable. Rebellion has its own price. “BLOODSHED”!!!BRAVO THE PRESIDENT BRAVO!

    Steve - November 30, 2012

  41. we call for peace ..please…..please,one zambia one nation.some of as are maried to bembas and we re mother is lozi and best friend from chipata ,,please one zambia one nation…ndakomba

    cute kid - November 30, 2012

  42. America give the Lozis weaponry to cleanse these Bembaz! Bemba men with small dicks! We shall bang their women!

    wizard - November 30, 2012

    • We shall obliterate lozi and trust me, i will start by bonking your mother.

      Nomba ninshi? - November 30, 2012

    • Which small dick kapala bring your Momma so that you have more brothers and sisters !

      Rejuvenated Buffalo - November 30, 2012

  43. Yango yeee, ala ba Ukwa wesu ine insoni……

    KASEBA CHILUFYA - November 30, 2012

  44. why have you hidden my comment?

    Black Bull. - November 30, 2012