Sata suddenly cancels swearing-in ceremony

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michael_sata_ficha_biografiaState House has suddenly cancelled a swearing-in ceremony that that was scheduled for 08 hours today.

President Michael Sata was supposed to swear-in some yet to be identified officials but the ceremony was called off without explanation.

The government-controlled news agency has circulated a news diary that Sata will be swearing in some people this morning but it later said the ceremony had been postponed to Monday.

It is not yet known who was supposed to be sworn in but it could be an opposition MP who changed his mind at the last minute.

Or maybe the opposition MP did not change his mind but Sata who often walks with the aide of walking-stick nowadays is not feeling well and can  not stand long enough to peep into cameras.

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53 Responses to Sata suddenly cancels swearing-in ceremony

  1. Swearing in postponed to embrace Foolish Ngoma for Feira. Ba Ngoma and PF you know how to waste tax-payers money.Pipo of Zambia will judge you. Just wait you will see.

    mac - June 23, 2013

  2. sata nimbwa sana

    dickson tombani pussy_g - June 23, 2013

  3. Don’t waste your time talking politics when others are enjoying their lives with money without politics. See how this Zambian poor woman became a millionaire just by buying and selling accident cars, Very interesting idea. Go to (USED.CO)not dot com, to see the various methods and companies that she was using (USED.CO) not dot com, it is A very simple idea but a very powerful One, Wake up Africans(USED.CO)

    makuma - June 22, 2013

  4. even if the holder of the office is insane?

    eagle's eye - June 21, 2013

  5. The reason is simple & straight forward,He jst want 2 include Ngoma,instead of doing it seperately.The bigman is looking good,lets hope he has not eaten the Zambeef products coz we want him to rule us beyond 2016.

    Mwenya mwaume - June 21, 2013


    proffesor - June 21, 2013

    • How many virgin American boys and girls have been vaccinated for cervical cancer?Why virgins and not those who are practicing.Let us not just accept anything for the sake of accepting.Please fellow country men and women.Zambia has just become a dumping site for everything.Kaseba stop cervical cancer vaccines as this has more harm to us who for a longtime cancer is not part of our culture.Cancer is theirs in Britain and America.Please leave our young virgins alone.How many young grandchildren to Mr Sata have been vaccinated for cervical cancer.I have started this campaign against vaccinating our beautiful virgins for cervical cancer.Please it is too much as State house is just in the habbit of accepting anything.Please my children forget take your money.Let us not just talk about Zambeef.Please share this if you can as Zambia is in trouble.ABASH TO CERVICAL CANCER VACCINES.

      Kattie Zambia - June 23, 2013

      • Before making unfounded conclusions you hear in compound gossip do your research:
        *HPV vaccine is give to ‘virgins’ because they have not yet been exposed to the virus
        *Most humans will get HPV (symptom less until cancer) and since our ‘christian nation’ doesn’t practice safe sex and most have compromised immune systems the country has higher than normal rates of cervical cancer. Again we have lack of access to contraceptives (since its taboo and un-christian) and few women go for PAP smear tests. All these issues have culminated in us having high rates of cervical cancer.

        Don’t live in ignorance. If you wish to preach to stop the vaccine then you better start preaching to these virgins to condomise and go for regular PAP smear tests.

        Ignorance will kill us - June 23, 2013

  7. can somebody sniff the reason for the cancellation. May be we need to pray for our president.

    yangayake - June 21, 2013

  8. Hahahahaha….

    allan - June 21, 2013

  9. Fr Ukwa looking good with our money, nasambika uyuu kolwe. Look at this pic!

    UKWA II - June 21, 2013

    • i reckon his handlers must using a be a wire brush to clean his face..

      eagle's eye - June 21, 2013

    • Stop the Tribal hate it is demonic.

      Zambia - June 21, 2013

  10. This is Donchi kubeba for zed pipo

    chomba musonda - June 21, 2013

  11. waiting to swear in the same with patrick ngoma from faira.

    poko ya kayombo kakutemba - June 21, 2013

  12. kekekeke..the walking stick is a welcome move..i love the idea..let him drop dead..kekekekekekekee..some chaps will never win again..

    pompwe - June 21, 2013

  13. “and can not stand long enough to peep into cameras”. translated into his native Bemba would mean “ukuloleshamo muli fimashini fya fikope”.

    eagle's eye - June 21, 2013

  14. Ngoma was to be sworn in as D/Minister but family, friends and party officials will be holding some celebrations today and tomorrow. So postponed to Monday. Do not be emotional and insult, we have lost this one; let us go back to the drawing table. Speculation about a walking stick will not help our dwindling fortunes as opposition.

    Village mentality - June 21, 2013

    • Walking stick,fly wisky,fedora,cowboy hat is all personal selling tactics. HH should wear cowboy hat and in his hand a golden baton!

      Puungwa - June 22, 2013

  15. Sata wants to break down ZAMBEEF, thinking it will cripple HH as a major beef supplier. If it was possible he would have nationalised it but he fears investors losing confidence in Zambia. I am told Sata has imported 2,000 cattle from Tanzania and we are yet to find out where he got the money from.

    Since ZAMBEEF is not funding PF they want to bring it down. Beware of PF tactics. Dictators always fall. It is a matter of time, Sata will fall and made to account for his misdeeds.

    Bread - June 21, 2013

    • and he is being helped by the Post. just watch the way Fred M’mambe has incessantly been making it front page news.

      eagle's eye - June 21, 2013

    • Do you mean HH must be left alone even if he poisons Zambians

      Kalu - June 21, 2013

      • that meat is said to have from the U.K & the U.S. H.H is Zambeef’s biggest supplier of beef, so their must be political manoeuvrings to fix him somewhere, somehow.

        eagle's eye - June 21, 2013

  16. I think it is better to address the nation, on a number of issues like economy,state of our nation politically, the shooting of residents in chongwe,shortage of parafin etc and make first hand answers available to zambians from the president himself.As of now the president has over sworn in positions or people.

    MULENGA WA MPANGA - June 21, 2013

  17. H.E. President M.C. Sata must have some strange supenatural powers. I’m 48 and I’ve never looked at someones’ picture and it produces his voice in my mind…


    British Caledonian - June 21, 2013

    • I am sure you are under his spell. Remember how the same voice from his picture on the ballot said,” vote for me!”, and you did!

      Vizungu - June 21, 2013

  18. Lol this is funny I hear he used to make fun of his ill friends now its on him theres comment sayin hes soul will rest in hell shame judgement has come to quick for this guy

    riddick - June 21, 2013

  19. Chishikulu nichi risk !

    Mwape - June 21, 2013

  20. Idiot what are u saying respect who for what? Thats the problem with you apes or your real name kaffas you dont know that respect is earned you cant demand it even with a wife if she doesnt respect you chances are you ll never get because you never earned it

    riddick - June 21, 2013

  21. nganimwebo bapa nkoloko mufwaikofye fimbi ifyakuchita.a reasonable person should be able see that he is now finished .

    kadio kadio - June 21, 2013

  22. I think most of you people commenting are too emotional,lets all be objective and just talk

    Grandpa - June 21, 2013

  23. Sata lishilu!

    Pankoloko - June 21, 2013

  24. does it mean it mean there are some pipo in the state house who are working against our presido… ilafuma sana you may even wonder why wishing you all a better day

    Agoni - June 21, 2013

    • iwe chikala why do you forget so easily.sata alefumwa kwisa data when he was in opposition

      PILATO - June 21, 2013

  25. He is now using a walking stick – palibe vamushe!

    Mwense - June 21, 2013

    • manje bambuye bako basebenzesa chani kodi?

      bonse inimwe bafikala - June 21, 2013

  26. I wil never trust pipo in pf generaly. Next year we-re going to by m/meal at kr150.00 mark my words.

    UNIQUE MAN - June 21, 2013

    • Who are you to determine the direction of the price of mealie meal.Just shut your beak at continue to suffer like that iwe pungwa

      bufi - June 21, 2013

      • Its that beak that will make or break your pabufi in 2016; UNIP and MMD have a great story for your History! Avoid the shame its very depressing

        twalishama - June 22, 2013

  27. The Almighty God holds our lives in his hands. The UPND cadres and their leaders thought that Sata was dying soon. God has ashamed them. The man is still going on strong and fit. Your enemies Mr. President will feel even more ashamed when they see you standing for a 2nd term in 2016. God bless our dear president in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

    Fountain of Wisdom - June 21, 2013

    • Just like george kunda,sata will pass on immediately we withdraw our subsdies to him.Will his soul rest in hell?WHSRIH

      chumangan'nga - June 21, 2013

      • @chumangan’nga, you will surely pass on before Sata.

        Neighbor of Makwacha - June 21, 2013

      • No matter what you think AND SAY the life of Sata lies in the almightly God.

        bufi - June 21, 2013

    • U easily forget how SATA was celebrating other peoples illness. GKunda, FTJ & Levy.

      Today u want to paint SATA as loved by God than anybody else.
      Sata the adulterous man with a chain of children for so many women.

      atase…. Even the Devil can control someone in leadership. How did rogue leaders ascend to POWER? Sata included!!!!

      Mpangula Mputyu - June 21, 2013

    • Stop making God (and Jesus) look like poor plannes OK?! Ala!

      British Caledonian - June 21, 2013

    • take it from me, I pity you ba pf cadres. the truth and only the truth is sata will not finish his term of office while in statehouse. God of heaven and earth can not allow satanism to control his children while he is in control. sata and his minions are busy importing wizards at statehouse. on labour day he even admitted using witchcraft to ward off his enemies

      matipa - June 21, 2013

  28. So it is not even know who were to be sworn in! It’s all secrecy huh!

    FuManchu - June 21, 2013

  29. Walking stick?

    Chikonjiwe - June 21, 2013

  30. Assumption is the mother of all f*ck ups

    Moses - June 21, 2013

    • and you call yourself a human being.

      conman - June 21, 2013

    • And you are assuming they are assuming wonder what that makes you?

      Suggestor - June 21, 2013

      • “…It is not yet known who was supposed to be…”
        “…Or maybe the opposition MP did not change his mind but…”

        Vizungu - June 21, 2013

      • “…It is not yet known who was supposed to be…”
        “…Or maybe the opposition MP did not change his mind but…”

        Vizungu - June 21, 2013