Sata tells Oasis Forum to stop playing to the gallery

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President Michael Sata has told the Oasis Forum to stop playing to the gallery. And Sata say the Oasis Forum may win praises for issuing anti-government statements but that will not take them anywhere.

Sata was reacting to concerns by the Oasis Forum that Zambia is at Cross roads because of the current government’s conduct.

But in a press statement issued by his spokesperson George Chellah, Sata the forum should  pin-point the specific violations or ‘hard-won democratic gains’ the Government is attempting to reverse.

“As leaders we need to encourage our citizens that our nation’s survival and growth is anchored on active engagement and participation on several matters concerning our country. Therefore, we wish to advise our colleagues in the Oasis Forum and other stakeholders to learn to engage and not play to the gallery,” said Sata.

He claimed that his regime is determined to build a deeply united, democratic and totally transformed country.

“It’s only fair that if there are other broader governance issues they want to raise they should engage the Minister of Justice. Merely issuing statements will not solve our country’s problems. It might win them kudos but it won’t take them and the country very far,” Sata said.

Sata went on to say:

“We are a democratic Government that fully understands its limitations as enshrined in our Republican Constitution. Furthermore, this Government is serious about delivering development to our people through economic growth, job creation and combating corruption and crime among others.

“We are aware that this will only be achieved if we work with all stakeholders who are serious about meaningful dialogue that translates into beneficial results for our people. No wonder, since getting into Government, I have made it my preoccupation as Head of State to engage the public as widely as possible including the Church.”


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  1. President Sata must just own up and become a better leader so far he has failed and of all the Zambian presidents he comes out last, mealie meal shortages, electricity outages including state house, army worms a curse from good. His desire to destroy any semblance of democracy the kwacha is now at 5300 smuggling has increased is it by design. Farming inputs he has no clue what to do, corruption he is not sure what it is hence groping in the dark. the list is endless PF members woke up.

    Mzee Hekima - December 16, 2012

  2. What’s wrong is your spelling of ‘constructive’ criticism! And probably you writing in capital letters. Our system is very much British even now. Although we have been trying American Capitalism, Britain your model’s power is vested in ceremonial supreme powers; (The Queen) The Chief of Executive of government is the Prime Minister and that helps the governance structure with democracy held with pillars in the absence of presidential powers and balanced with parliament. Ours is still a developing model and as a result democratic structures will take long to grow because we shifted powers to the President in the Cold War and must transition now. Even China is seriously transitioning now.

    Changa - December 16, 2012

  3. the guy on top with that stupid pf comment we can tell you are just a shu shu and a not educated one how does some one confuse brand and write bland them failiers really that’s the best you can come up with the typing is all in capital letters, its says a lot about you, your caps where on meaning you were using a phone and you didn’t take time to read and type carefully you were being emotional not objective, meaning you haven’t matured as a person because you,

    joseph silverine - December 16, 2012

  4. Oasis forum is free to make statements.

    And what does this pfool, Ukwa mean statements wont take them anywhere?

    These are just statements to educate people on what is happening, The oasis forum never intended to GO SOMEWHERE using the statements.

    Lwalwa - December 16, 2012

  5. Donchi Kubeba wilalilalila ashhhiiiii !!!!!

    Chimbwi No Plan - December 16, 2012

  6. Democracy redifined under Power Failure (PF)….lol

    Zed@crossroad - December 16, 2012

  7. This president of ours thinks a dont kubeba slogen wont apply to him;but wait and see.People are fully awake and their wounds are still fresh and growing.When people wanted change they got read off mmd when they thougth money could buy them a place in state house.I do agree with my fellow bloggers who are advocating for real change not recycled politicians.We need leaders with knowledge and wisdom to take our country zambia forward and i feel mr Sata is not that man.A persons character can be judged within a short period of time and this government has just potrayed its character of selfness hence i dont need the five years to be proven wrong.the sooner we get read of this government the better.HH FOR president a wise bemba!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ndutu - December 16, 2012

  8. The Deceiver has spoken.
    Allergic to corruption only within 90 days.

    .. - December 16, 2012

  9. You are out of touch with the people bwana! Its amazing how short a time it took for you to loose people! You do not have the monopoly to play to the gallery. You are totally out of touch mr presido!

    Django - December 16, 2012

  10. More cheating ! You are busy destroying our democracy we all can bwana no wander 2016 u should pack for the new generation to takeover. Your much talked about political experience is working against the country. We are in a reverse gear.

    zambian chiwala boys - December 16, 2012

  11. mr chela be reanable and write things that make sense.we know you are a half baked journalist with little are behaving like membe with a mature entry law degree,that is useless education equivalent to night school education.membe found himself at the post by mistaake and simply because he has apltform where to write nonsense he things he is intelligent far from it . intelligent peolpe study harder things like science and technology,you two guys you write like kinder garten journslists with very poor grammer/sentence contruction. Richard sakala writes far much better english has wide vocabularly, read NATION newspaper if you want to prove.Mr chela you are so empty and jail is waiting for you ater sata, everything has an end.

    kandwa - December 15, 2012

  12. I am one of those who love my country Zambia, I have come the respect the institutions of Government in my country. I do respect the laws of the land. President Sata may not be my favourite, but due to the office that he holds I have accepted him as my Head of State, though I hate his tribalism and nepotism.

    But one thing that is so hard for me is this, I no longer have trust in what comes out of my President’s mouth. The Barotse rebles, the confidential salary increament, corruption fight, windfal tax, public order act, threats on democracy just to mention but a few. Mr President with your age please, u ought to do better.

    No Name - December 15, 2012

  13. Mr Cheelah and the President should not insult the Zambian peoples intelligence. We all understand when they say that the aggrieved ones should engage in active dialogue, meaning silently discussing with the executive on national issues of public concern of which people will be simply “compromised” when at State House, thats the style our leader knows. The Chiefs have been feated, the Barotse Activists have been feated etc. Let democracy reign by allowing open-dialogue so that any short comings by government is known to all. What is the worry if the government is doing eeverything right? Ba Chellah Mukali Bafana Mu Game

    "THE SILENT MAJORITY" - December 15, 2012

  14. Another Meembe editorial. Let him call a press conference so that we see if this English will come out.

    Bokoseni Mwale - December 15, 2012

  15. I can’t belive that zambia is a failed state!!!

    Nelson Elisons BJ - December 15, 2012

  16. Is this president talking to his bastards he fathered with Suba? Which democracy is he talking about when he has been working to destroy it? If RB conducted abitrary arrests like he is doing to NM and HH he would not have been where he is now. He was allowed to campaign freely just after 2008 elections where he was able to transverse the country without hindrance but he is doing the opposition of it; what is he afraid of. Even an embecile can tell that things are not all right under his rule. You tell that to Mulenga Sata not to fool us.

    Zomela - December 15, 2012

  17. I have just been browsing Chanda chimba documentaries, stand up for Zambia, on You can always find them.

    He painted sata the same way he is acting today. It’s just surprising that Zambians did not take seriously what this man was reminding them of. He used historical records to describe sata, yet you guys thought it mere politics.

    You should have taken seriously what chimba showed you.

    What blindness got into you? Or you are just plain archaic people?

    Prophecy - December 15, 2012

    • It’s satanism brother. Zambians allowed themselves to be jinxed by the unholy trinity of Mmembe, Sata and KK

      shi mpundu Nshiwamya - December 16, 2012

  18. Bob and Bonzo, may i endorse your statements in this subject matter as my words too. I cannot say anything further for fear of jeopardising the original meeting. MR.SATA SHOULD BE DRAGGED TO THE PRESS CONFERENCE TO ADDRESS IMPORTANT NATIONAL ISSUES LIKE KANITUNDILA KA KOLWE USED TO DO. AM URGING THOSE BOYS FRM MMD TO DO A REPEAT OF KACHINGWE FILM ON MR.SATA TO DRAG HIM TO THE PRESS CONFERENCE.

    Mutonkela Kunona - December 15, 2012

  19. Lucifer the deceiver has spoken.

    Menemene - December 15, 2012

    • But this is a dictatorial statement. A president to publically rubbish our views? Oasis speaks for the people.

      And this Chellah guy is always sugar-coating things ai? Tiza ona

      Spyglass - December 16, 2012

  20. Whatever Sata says should not be taken seriously by all well meaning Zambians.

    The Advisor - December 15, 2012

  21. Kabimba: I Don’t Make Personal Decisions In The Party, SATA Just Tells Me What to Do
    Don’t shoot me I am just the messenger of President Michael Sata, Zambia’s Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba has revealed.

    Kabimba who has received condemnation for his actions and pronouncements in both the government and the governing Patriotic Front party where he serves as Chief Executive says his role is to deliver the message be it bad or good.

    “When the President and the Central Committee gives me a message, it is my job as Secretary General to deliver it whether it s good or bad” outspoken Kabimba explained. “That is why i was voted into this position. So don’t shoot the messenger, just get the message.”

    Kabimba says to the contrary he has no powers as perceived by people adding that he derives the powers from the President.

    “No, I dont have any powers apart from those powers I derive from the President,” he said. “I do not make dicisions on my own.”

    He was speaking on Friday 14th December 2012 in Lusaka’s Chilenje when he officiated at a skills graduation ceremony for 100 PF women cadres at Tiki school.

    Kabimba has come under fire from members of the public following his behaviour at Anti-Corruption Commission and his seven ultimatum expulsion threat to Foreign Minister Given Lubinda.

    The Advisor - December 15, 2012

  22. The presss statement is so lovely and impressive……if only it meant what it said…….

    offman2000 - December 15, 2012

  23. Almost tempted to believed what this CNP is sayin..bu then I remembered…its all words…No actionss…in their fuckin usual style…I wasted my vote.And now am on the ground,flat out,campagning for HH.Come 2016 I am voting for real change…Not these recycled politicians with nothin new to offer…

    Mwansa K - December 15, 2012

  24. no development for north western province from this satan

    joseph mulaliki - December 15, 2012

  25. Docility among Zambians is immense. Even the so called oasis forum and NGOs are of no use because they are the cause of the current mess. Why become concerned now when intelligent people saw this a long time ago.

    Advocate - December 15, 2012

  26. It is clear that Sata has not been playing games that foster democracy in Zambia. His enticement of morally weak members of the opposition parties to join the PF has helped to draw a clear line between democracy and autocratic governance in Zambia. Sata’s outbursts against the Oasis Forum is a sign that he is too sensitive to criticism. The PF’s prayer is to instil and maintain ignorance in the minds of the large masses of Zambians. Hence PF’s hatred for the independent electronic and print media.

    Mphangwe - December 15, 2012

  27. Ndeloleshafye……

    Kandondolo keshi mukomba - December 15, 2012

  28. I challenge the President to hold the first press conference where the media can ask him questions on the current state of affairs. Sata’s failure to hold even one press conference shows that he is a coward who doesn’t want to be questioned for his misguided behacviour.

    Bob - December 15, 2012

    • Exactly! Nail in the head

      Joseph Mbesuma - December 15, 2012

    • If u hail from Malawi please be gone! Leave us alone.
      U r as disturbed as your name appears to be. Presidents are public servants. He is employed by us and we pay him hansomely and keep him nicely so that he should perform. Most of all ULTIMAtELY HE IS ANSWERABLE TO US WHO PUT HIM IN THAT OFFICE!!! And we will hold him accountable sooner or later together with his Kabimba!

      Joseph Mbesuma - December 15, 2012

    • Tulibakopo, we don’t want to be asked questions. The same way Kaunda used to behave when he was president, I remember when he was being interviewed by the late Francis Mando, when asked a brilliant question, in defence would answer back as that is a foolish question, I am not surprised the way SataNa is behaving, he has put bashikulu super K at the helm as his advisor, thus the emerging of colonial rule.

      Pedro - December 15, 2012

      • Charles Mando??????!!!!!

        Changa - December 16, 2012

  29. Leave Sata alone.He is your president.Are u not eating food becoz of Sata.Give him time to rule.if u don`t want our sata please go to malawi, the borders are open.

    MMMZZ3 - December 15, 2012

    • you are very stupid

      KEKE - December 15, 2012

    • What food are people eating you moron with all these shortages of mealie meal? The Presidency is too complicated for someone of Sata’s intellect. Sata is only good at taking orders and not ruling. Your Sata has failed lamentably in the short time he has been in power because he doesn’t want to heed advice from people who see things in light of the 21st century and not the 1950s were this dinosaur Sata belongs

      Shrek! - December 15, 2012

      • have manners boss

        clever - December 15, 2012

    • i fail to fathom your stupidity. what eating when we have food and gas shortages.

      zed woman - December 15, 2012

      • But u ar really foolish!!

        The Bully - December 16, 2012

    • Another comment not worth reading please give us quality i beg you…..jst saying

      offman2000 - December 15, 2012

    • U r as disturbed as your name appears to be. Presidents are public servants. He is employed by us and we pay him hansomely and keep him nicely so that he should perform. Most of all ULTIMAtELY HE IS ANSWERABLE TO US WHO PUT HIM IN THAT OFFICE!!!

      Joseph Mbesuma - December 15, 2012

  30. Pin point wat? This man z mad for sure. It z the calibre of sata dat hv brought down ds country in de name of politics. Cnp can not take us anywher. The zambian pipo wl 1 day wake up to reality en get united to redeem ourselves frm ds midiocre of a gvt. Dey hv evn cut off der tails so dat we dnt catch dem.

    Justice - December 15, 2012

  31. This man is being used by the devil and is a satanist since he won bad things are happing so is paying back to the devil . But God is watching him to what is doing remember when u die u go to hell without expranation u should no that .

    Bashapilo - December 15, 2012

  32. Not good speaking.

    libolio - December 15, 2012

  33. Saya sata sata.Sata has not changed.He is simply showing his true colors!Sadly he hasnt yet shown them all.Wait untill he does.Elo lwanya!

    Beerman lungu (home affairs)! - December 15, 2012

  34. Mr president dont listen to these useless statements just do wat u think is right. The same pipo brought down the mmd they may bring u down too.

    Profet - December 15, 2012

  35. An old illiterate dunderhead president with decaying brain cells.

    T.H - December 15, 2012

  36. some chiefs have been engaged to a lesser extent but there is need to actively engage the opposition,technocrats,church and civil society to a larger extent because they are in touch with the masses at the grassroots

    grace - December 15, 2012

  37. This man fails not only to say sensible things but to act with sense. This o called response is empty. It appears his brain, mouth and action are not coordinated. He is not a cabbage but a garbage

    MilesGBMSatan - December 15, 2012

    • Garbage indeed. I absolutely concur with you.

      Liminabanganga - December 15, 2012

      • The song mad President by Miko zulu was prophetic about our time

        CRY MY BELOVED COUNTRY - December 15, 2012

  38. Get away you dictator! What democracy are you preaching when you are busy intimidating citizens while protecting corrupt people? Nonsense!

    Mubanga - December 15, 2012

  39. God help us

    Pray - December 15, 2012

  40. How I wish the President could be subjected to questioning instead of issueing these one way statements. On combating curruption, how does he reconcile this statement with his lambasting the ACC and ordering them to first seek permission from him before investigating people in power. Coherence is not one of the Presidents strong points and that is what happens when one lies. The tendency is that stories do not always match up.

    Silent Majority - December 15, 2012

  41. Are you so dull that you cannot read the tension you are causing in the country? Fuel shortages, Maize Meal scarcity, illegal detention of political opponents, denial of opposition parties’ rights to assemble, let alone hold public rallies. The list is endless. At the rate you are going, you will soon have a revolution at your hands. Even your house (P.F party) is not in order; what with your abrasive Secretary General’s ability to start quarrels in an empty room!!!

    Bonzo - December 15, 2012

    • Spot on sir. This chap has never been known for his intelligence but even I could not foresee that he is this dull. Notice how even all the leaders of neighboring countries are embarrassed to associate themselves with this basic idiot. Even Mugabe has cooled off considerably since discovering that this chap has the IQ of a wet chicken. Ok lets try to catalog this nincompoops mistakes:
      1.Donates food and fuel to neighboring countries when his own country has not sorted out these issues
      2.Says he is allergic to corruption but then we find ministers closest to him involved very deeply in fuel supply deals
      3.Praises the public order act and promptly uses it to suppress opposition when he enjoyed unprecedented freedoms previously with the same public order act in effect under MMD
      4.Completely mismanages the whole staple food supply chain leading to UNIP era style shortages
      5.Implements an ill advised minimum wage that actually has the net effect of increasing inflation. Now with mealie-meal prices doubling we can no longer talk of single digit inflation.
      6. Fails to handle input supply program in the name of reform
      7. Sleeps dreams something at night and rushes to western province to order creation of districts, stadium and university items not budgeted for anywhere. If these projects have to be done either we borrow dollars or print local currency; either way we are doomed. Debt to build stadiums and universities that may not see a return on investment mean we are just borrowing to consume. If we print money inflation will eat us up. Please someone with brains better start talking to this buffoon and his cabal of parasites

      __TRUTH - December 15, 2012

      • It wouldn’t be too far fetched to think that pf govt is just printing money like Idi Amin while manipulating the inflation rate to keep it artificially low. But results will be disastrous economically. Let them just ask sekuru Mugabe

        shi mpundu Nshiwamya - December 16, 2012

  42. Uluse bamudala aba sure. Sir, pull up your socks. We feel disappointed some of us who risked our jobs and friends supporting you. we had alot of hope in you. At this rate Sir, 2016 may kick you out

    Chile - December 15, 2012

  43. Feeling the heat. SATA get out of the kitchen if u cannot stand it.

    The oasis forum helped to kick out KK. Sata u should not give out a challenge but note the areas of concern.

    For u it will be a walk over a stroll in the park to remove u from power.

    One day pipo power shall rein.

    Mpangula Mputyu - December 15, 2012



    CHISANGA - December 15, 2012

  45. Is this the Sata who was in opposition for 10 years? Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad!

    Ulemu ni Wabwino - December 15, 2012

  46. Ha ha ha ha aha aha aha laughable. Really when people call you UKWA they have a point.You really make me laugh. You can win an Oscar. I thought sir you could redeem yourself by firing the Minister of Justice and not to support him. So you just came to comfirm his word of yesterday that he is just your Chola boy. I thought you could grow after giving power.Kansi ndiye mwasila amudala

    SUMMER - December 15, 2012

  47. Our President has spoken.

    Blessings - December 15, 2012

    • Spoken what you fool

      wajimona - December 15, 2012

      • Just leave him my brother, he’ s also a dead man walking.

        James Carrington - December 15, 2012

    • Spoken from his backside yes!

      Joseph Mbesuma - December 15, 2012