Still AWOL first lady accused of affair with Junior doctor as Sata’s daughter officiates at cancer event

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With first lady Christine Kaseba-Sata having deserted Stated House due to marital dispute with President Michael Sata, government last Friday assigned Sata’s daughter Mumba and vice-president Guy Scott’s wife, Charlotte to officiate at the cancer awareness function in Muchinga provinc

And the Watchdog now understands that part of the differences in the first couple arose from a report concocted by the OP controlled by Inutut Suba sent to Mr. Sata alleging that the first lady was having an extra-marital affair with a junior medical doctor at UTH.

The report of the alleged affair is so serious that it involves some parternity issues.

First lady Dr. Christine, who has been championing the fight against cancer disease ran-away from State House on 1st November around 04 hours after fighting with president Sata over the president’s relationship with Inutu Suba.

President Sata and Suba have a son.  Inutu Suba was recently promoted to Permanent Secretary for Special Duties at Cabinet Office. She is in charge of operations of the OP, the first time the Special Branch have a PS.

Several family elders and influential people to the first family have been spending days and nights at State House to try and reconcile Mr. Sata and the wife because of the potential embarrassment to the highest office but so far have failed.

One businessman who wanted to act as go between was told by Sata to just go back his business.

Dr. Kasuba dancing when all was well

The first last’s whereabouts are not clear, but sources indicated that she may have travelled to her home area in Serenje, Central province.

The same day Dr. Kaseba run-away, 65 PF compromised MPs voted in favour of allocating K1.5 billion to the non-existent first lady’s office against 43 opposition MPs who voted against the move.

In supporting the illegal allocation, ceremonial Vice-President Guy Scott said there are no illegalities in allocating money to the First Lady’s office as the PF government wanted to enhance transparency in financial allocations and expenditure.

Debating the budget, Kalomo MP Request Muntanga (UPND) said allocating funds to the First Lady’s office would drag the office-holder into politics.

He said the First Lady’s office cannot be allocated funds because there is no structure to support and wondered how the money will be accounted for.

“How is she going to be supervised?  This is the first time this is happening in the history of Zambia,” he said.

Senga Hill MP Kapembwa Simbao (MMD) said parliamentarians have nothing against the First Lady but what they opposed is the allocation of money without an establishment for the office.

Mafinga MP Catherine Namugala (MMD) said the office of the First Lady is not a constitutional office.

Ms Namugala said allocating funds to an office that does not exist constitutionally, is tantamount to creating “a slush fund.’’

With the beneficiary having run-away from such a huge allocation, it is not clear who will benefit from this tax-payers money.

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196 Responses to Still AWOL first lady accused of affair with Junior doctor as Sata’s daughter officiates at cancer event

  1. Marital affairs happen everywhere. Why get so concerned about other people,s bedroom issues?

    longman - November 15, 2012

  2. Really would love to see a cat fight between Suba and Dr. Kaseba. That would be tooooooooooooooo funny. Don’t laugh. It may just happen at the rate things are going.

    Do wonder how the security establishment is feeling in Zambia at the moment, what with Sata embarrassing his air force chief in public and now having somebody without any intelligence training supervising OP.

    These are the types of things that I am talking about when I say Sata is digging his own grave. If you want to survive by decree like Sata you need to have a good security system behind you. At the rate Sata is undermining the security establishment, I really don’t think he can take their loyalty for granted.

    Crazyboy - November 14, 2012

  3. Too, too funny. What is next in this country ? As I keep saying to opposition members, stop trying to bring down Sata by talking too much. He is doing an awful good job of digging his own grave.

    Crazyboy - November 14, 2012

  4. ba sata thats why you declare 7 gun coz you know that your house is divided,be like HH

    cbu - November 14, 2012

  5. Sata does not last more than 20minutes in bed. He needs to tutored by people from NWP. Kaseba knows she deserves better, and knows her rights. I would do the same especially with inutu around, atase.
    Give it happily ba kaseba, you need to enjoy life too. Fu,ck like crazy mwandini

    Zambian - November 14, 2012

  6. I wish I was the junior Docter..

    BOKO HARAM - November 14, 2012

  7. i pity the frustration the young lady was going thru every time the evening drew near knowing very well the negotiations that are ahead of her to make the pistol fire. no wonder she is a cancer advocate!!

    big mac - November 14, 2012

  8. Iwe ka junior doc, how can u chew the first kant?

    juju - November 14, 2012

  9. Iwe Junior Doc yaba shani iya bakulu?

    INNOCENT - November 14, 2012

  10. Leave us alone. We intend to get married soon. I love her and she loves me so much.

    Junior Doc - November 14, 2012

  11. Chalilowa sana chi Kaseba!!

    nomakanjani - November 14, 2012

  12. Vera Chiluba = Archie MacTribuoy
    Maureen Mwanawasa = Darlington Mwape
    Thandiwe = Amon Jere
    Kaseba = Doc

    Nayopa its scaring…. and u want to send those girls away from Adis Ababa drive??? Awe mwandi….

    Zed Mania - November 14, 2012


    HERMAN NEWMAN - November 14, 2012

  14. This “OP” data created by Inutu Suba entails danger to 1st-Lady and the innocent Medical Doctor. The genes which were fully expressed during the tragic years of FTJ Chiluba’s 3rd-Term bid are still abundant in our environment. An escape for refugee status for those acused by Suba would be the best option till normality is restored.

    Mwansa Kabinga - November 14, 2012

  15. @ Zimbwi no brain! ZWD is not wasting your time. Just say you like the article. ZWd did not force you to read the article. Our first couple is embarrassing if the story is true. Let them come in open, like Chiluba did and end there.

    Real zambian - November 14, 2012

  16. Pa Zed Pali Fi First Lady…. Fili Free.

    Chi Maureen ma ma ma ma

    Chi Regina ma ma ma ma

    Chi Vera

    Chi Doctor Kaseba ma ma Dr Apwalala… Jerabo’s where are u???

    Mpangula Mputyu - November 14, 2012

  17. Uyu joni ndipo niyovuta osayetsa kumukonkeleza, uzayonda iwe uzasila bati yeve…. MA DOCTOR BONSE IMWE BAMUZIBA! sombody sing along bloggers

    sharp - November 14, 2012

  18. Kutengela munzako sugar olo kukutengela chibaba.

    Fundango - November 13, 2012

  19. It is a shame each time men are involved in scandals they blame women. I do not believe that the first lady is involved in this. The President by appointing his ex girl friend is bringing confusion in his own home and this will disgrace not only the Satas but the whole Zambia. Ba President please save Zambia from shame. The first lady has been through alot.

    kabolisoap - November 13, 2012

  20. Story siyipanga sense

    Alistoto - November 13, 2012

  21. if this story is true then let the first lady come back to her house and tell sata to resign on morow grounds. thats embalacements to the president as heat of state. what a shame

    DR. ZIGWEPANO NZATONSE - November 13, 2012

    • Can’t spell “moral”, man? Too bad!

      tombolilo - November 14, 2012


    BOSS - November 13, 2012

    • you must be foolish am sure you mean your mother,thats the problem with you black zambian men with small crayons as instruments,l wonder what gratification you get by insulting women imbwa ya munthu owe

      mushota - November 14, 2012

  23. yaba sex yakubukulu iliko bad..the old man may not be able to give her satisfaction..hahaha

    taliban - November 13, 2012

  24. Infidelity is like a rash it spreads and can have bizare consequences on the couple, children and relatives….and just wen you think all is well it comes to haunt you again and again it affects all aspects of your life together bedroom included…

    mwata - November 13, 2012

  25. I really love Sata and my mum KAseba. Pls people do not insult her, she is wife to the president. I mean our president whether we like it or not

    dr jet - November 13, 2012

  26. Ndelolelafye!! VivA UPND

    Defend Democracy - November 13, 2012

  27. why fire/kill the young doctor? over the girl? us real men do not fight over those girls who have appetite for JONNNYYYY…IFWE IYO BONSE BALATASHA…INCLUDING THE FIRST LADY

    Risky Security - November 13, 2012

  28. So what’s the deal about Kristine Kaseba Sata? Leave her alone, please will you! She is a grown woman and she is educated enough to make up her own mind whether she wants to stay married to Sata or not. If she is having an affair so what? She won’t be the first and won’t be tha last. There are so many issues you should be focusing on, and here you are wasting our time with Sata’s bedroom affairs. ZWD get your act together.

    Zimbwi no brain - November 13, 2012

  29. Bane mwaya sana.Let us give respect to the First family.Mr Sata is our father of the nation and deserves maximum respect from us the people of zambia.As long as you remain alive on earth you will never find a home which is as peaceful as the biblical paradise.Mr Sata and Madam Kaseba are not angels but humane like any of us and are bound to have mishaps in their home.Some of you bloggers your parents never lived in peace, but here you want to pretend that you are born of angels or Saints.Please don’t insult the First Family.I rest my case.

    The Eyes of an Eagle - November 13, 2012

  30. She is back, I litened to her on radio news this afternoon!!!

    Hurricane Sandy - November 13, 2012

  31. Imwe ba Watchdog, are we safe like you. We need your asurance that OP wont pounce on us one day. The insults we post here are tantamount to treason. Tizayenda mukudya beans muchimbokaila ngati batigwila ba Zabwino Palibe. Beside Given Lubinda threatened to detain all blogers on this Site. Has anyone been arested yet fellaz….?

    Watchdog - November 13, 2012

  32. Why not just retire the junior doctor in national interest with immediate effect? It will solve the problem

    Nafwa nanaka - November 13, 2012

  33. The junior doctor has been killed

    Komando - November 13, 2012

  34. Imwe ba Watchdog, are we safe like you. We need your asurance that OP wont pounce on us one day. The insults we post here are tantamount to treason. Tizayenda mukudya beans muchimbokaila ngati batigwila ba Zabwino Palibe. Beside Given Lubinda threatened to detain all blogers on this Site. Has anyone been arested yet fellaz….?

    Proudly Virgin - November 13, 2012

  35. If all of you think this something to smile about when your mum leaves yr dad, examine yr heads. Marriage details are secret, not for public meal. We talking about our father, mr Sata. Let’s have respect countrymen. Am not happy. I love the First family, whatever the case.

    Sad Citizen - November 13, 2012

  36. Kaseba amona kwati akanyo kawe kaliba sana important. Utunyo ubwingi mu Zambia. Anyway, she is now back. I forcifully took her back to State House. I sat them down. I even called the Ka Junior Dr. His name is Dr. Lambat. So no wories guys. Tonight she will feature on ZNBC. I talked to Chibamba Kanyama so that we mislead the Nation that all is well when infact not. The 2 Chaps dont trust each other anymore. Divorse follows soon after losing 2016 Elections to UPND.

    Proudly Virgin - November 13, 2012

    • @ Proudly Virgin Let’s tone down guys. We need to show maturity as we blog. You never know, the comments on this sight could have built some institutions and individuals. Instead of insulting, it would be good if we could turn the Zambian Watchdog into a think tank site where solutions to most challenges our society is facing could be addressed. Let’s not insult guys.

      EMMY - November 13, 2012

  37. My aunt was the first wife to Michael Sata. They divorved long time ago (60s or 70s). I am starting the process of reclaiming Michael. I want to be sent to USA as ambassador.

    Wasted5Years - November 13, 2012

  38. Kuichaila

    Maambamba Musaama - November 13, 2012

  39. Seems our state house is cursed zigololo wise, but I don’t blame these hot First ladies, they are only human, they also need some ntwenikani since the hubbies are busy with national duties neglecting their emotional and libido needs. At least Thandiwe survived such scandals (maybe RB fulfilled his duties). A starved woman is an angry one and will also pounce, look at Winnie Mandela…………..

    Maambamba Musaama - November 13, 2012

  40. Mulenga u are very dull, infact u r the 1 who is a dog

    Emk - November 13, 2012

  41. you watch dogs, are indeed dogs , what are blagging abut wen none has said anyting about the matter, are you the only media house in the world

    mulenga - November 13, 2012

    • yes other media cant say anything because they are scared..only ZWD can.

      back bencher - November 13, 2012

    • mulenga, you are an embarrasment. do you know the meaning of news? if there is this issue on the ground, why should Watchdog wait for others to report and follow suit? ofcourse its not the only media house but that does not stop them from informing the nation. u seem to be blinded by something

      2/7 - November 13, 2012

  42. We are never shot of drama in Zambia; when its not Kabimba and GBM, it will be Inutu and Kaseba. This is stuff for what would be popular melodramas or soaps! Our writers should sharpen their pencils.

    sage - November 13, 2012

  43. The junior doctor has to be put on a protection programme by the United Nations, has anyone started that process yet? He needs to be getting ready for exile…well not the musician, actual!

    His life is in danger, poor young man!

    Komando - November 13, 2012

  44. I don’t get this right! Today the first lady was receiving a donation
    from the Melcome group of companies at State House. Someone please give the correct situation.

    Allen Chirwa

    Allen Chirwa - November 13, 2012

  45. But i have just watched her ZNBC news

    Calvin Machila - November 13, 2012

    • she has just come back for fear of shame.okey where has she been from 4 to today?

      back bencher - November 13, 2012

  46. But i have just watched hes on zNBC news..

    Calvin Machila - November 13, 2012

  47. Interesting story.

    mc - November 13, 2012

  48. Is it true that Sata’s first, first wife died in a house fire before independence?

    THE SAINT - November 13, 2012

  49. ‘There were three people in this marriage.’ Diana, Princess of Wales.

    THE SAINT - November 13, 2012

  50. So Sata has a thing for beautiful, strong, Lozi women even as he publicly tries to deny them the right to revert to pre-1964 BA territorial status, huh? May be that’s why he doesn’t want to let go of Barotseland for them to have self-rule.

    Bo Ing’utu Suba shangwee, please collect as much State Secrets as possible during your love making sessions with the President. We gon’ need that info in Barotseland to plot against N/Rhodesia. Ensure you even know where the new State House Escape tunnels are so Ukwa won’t run away back to Nigeria :(

    Strong_Lozi_Women - November 13, 2012