Zambia still safe, secure investment destination, Sakeni assures Chinese Community

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Government will endeavour to provide a safe and secure environment within which all investors will operate.

This is contained in a statement released to ZANIS in Lusaka today by Chief Government Spokesperson Kennedy Sakeni.

Mr. Sakeni assured the Chinese community at Collum coal mine and investors at large, that Zambia is safe for them and their investment.

He stated that government deeply regrets the death of a Chinese supervisor who died during a workers protest over wages in Sinazongwe, Southern province.

Mr. Sakeni said government is confident that police will carry out thorough investigations on the incident in order to bring the culprits to book.

He said the incident is unfortunate and uncalled for adding that it is abnormal of the peaceful and hospitable nature of the Zambian society.

He has since urged workers as well as employers in the country to embrace dialogue in resolving their differences.

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26 Responses to Zambia still safe, secure investment destination, Sakeni assures Chinese Community

  1. The Chief Government Spokesperson Kennedy Sakeni is lying by saying Government will endeavour to provide a safe and secure environment within which all investors will operate. The Chinese Investors are still in danger for failing to honour local labour laws, mistreated of workers, delaying salaries and special favours from the govt also creates a hostile tension between employers [only the Chinese as the worst culprits here ] and employees. So be careful with government language be used in desperation to woo Chinese Investors

    Critical Situational Analyst - August 8, 2012

  2. Am sure Sata is secretly happy that Zambia is one, has one less Chocholi, remember his statement to the Chinese leaders, “there are too many of you n my country”. So his plan is working!

    Zed Genius - August 8, 2012

  3. Mr sakeni has said WELL. the problem is his colleague, Mr Shams. ba president, please deal with mr Shams or atleast counsel him. there is no alternative to DIALOGUE with issues that require wider consultation, like this one

    punka punka - August 8, 2012

  4. Finshi banga mweba Ba Sakeni naimwe? Muntu wapwa uyu. Sometimes I wonder why some people are not able to read in between lines. Sakeni was removed from one of the most powerful ministries in any given country, and he never realizes that Sata just fell short of firing him. If you look at his comments, it is all MUMALA KUPOLOMYA, there is completely no sense in the whole thing. Chinese have killed Zambian workers in their mines for a long time now, now for them only one has died and not being targeted, but accidentally, very loud noise. It is very unfortunate that our leadership is not suppotive of us Zambians, no wonder they are capable of increasing their salaries to a 100% plus, because they have no heart for Zambians. Ba Sakeni Nabalya baikuta baleya fwe muku tusha.

    UKWA THE TYRAN - August 8, 2012

  5. How can one tell the leadership is not meeting its aspirations? When a new leadership is capable of lossing most of the gains made in years in a matter of hours or days of taking over. PF you govt is typical of bad leadership. You have turned Zambia upside down in a matter of days. Now doing business in Zambia is so expensive and not sustainable. Did you know that most bus/taxi operators have failed to pay due to this minimum wage nonsense. How can someone pay out a million when the cashing per week per taxi is K500, 000 or K2m per month. Who meets the running costs and then the profit? Think Shamenda and team.

    Zed Poor People - August 8, 2012

  6. Stupid Sakeni, Wi Kabwa obebwa. How can Zambia be safe for investment and investors when you dogs are just waking up and vomit anything senselessly? Cursed Governors!

    Mesu a'kawa - August 8, 2012

  7. donchi kubeba you rhelping us in many ways i LOVE YOU

    slim d - August 8, 2012

  8. MWEMAFWAFWA DONCHI BLAME SHAMENDA, /SATA OUR BLESSED SEVIUOR 4 DE COUNTRY, 4 THE DEATH OF A CHONCHOLI BY MINERS, dont sy tht Sata put this in the minds of people are u telling me that u dont have self control thoz saying dis mwapala abana benu amano mulabakonkelesha ukulya amafi(STUPID MMD CADERZ)

    slim d - August 8, 2012

  9. Last week you deport a clergyman for speaking out on poverty, a man is also jailed for critising Sata, riots breakout in Kitwe over your mishandling of your minimum wage decree . The spread to Cullum mine and a foreigner is killed… You, as the Government spokes person, you turn round and tell, what I believe are intelligent people, that Zambia is safe for investment. Please minister, think again and you may have fooled some Zambians but investors are more astute and will look beyond your rhethoric. The outlook for Zambia is gloom under Sata and his dictatorial behaviour will soon bear fruits..

  10. There are times when in UK, one meets a little boy, say 3 to 4 years old who hates black people. Then one wonders, ‘where on earth did this child learn to hate a race?’ It is obvious that the parents or adults around him are responsible because while, say watching TV, they may pass derogatory remarks about darker skinned people. Now, in political terms, this is what we are now witnessing. The President passed derogatory remarks against the Chinese when he was campaigning. Now his ‘political children’ learnt the same language and now hate the Chinese as well. The blame is not on Shamenda and the minimum wage, it is on Sata who infused hatred against a people, into the minds of Zambians. He is on record at the Voice of America and Oxford University.

    THE SAINT - August 7, 2012

  11. M.H.S.R.I.E.P

    Da Last Don - August 7, 2012

  12. The country is very safe for genuine investors who will pay Zambians according to what the law / laws stipulates.

    We don’t need opportunists and those arrestd 4 protectin themselves shud b released. If dat little guy wasn’t smashed in gud tym he wud have drown a gun to shot at em’ miners. We’ve witnessd some shotin by a Chinaman b4. He ws just a bit late and MHSRIP.

    Peace usually comes after conflict. In shot 1 had 2 die in order 4 peace 2 show its face. Management will nw listen to de miner’s demands. I hate 2 admit dat am proud of Zambia and its people.

    Dr. Smash - August 7, 2012

  13. Ka sakeni with your 100% you cant afford decent clothing and chi shmenda with your 100% you cant afford a decent shave and yet you want me to pay my shop keeper pa maketi k1.1m! You are creating havoc mwe ndoshi mwe, what language do you understand or is it scales on your eyes mwe fibantu? What assurances are you giving when the youth time bomb is surely ticking? What sata saw at show is just smoke from the bomb about to go off. It will soon explode in your ugly faces and we shall c where you and your tuma investor friends wl run to. Dont take things and pipo for granted mwe fi nangwa mwe!

    kapelewula bearings centre! - August 7, 2012

  14. Can anyone assist me please.are these workers unionised?

    Scramble for zambia - August 7, 2012

  15. Funny that Chi Sakeni sees the need for dialogue but CNP is busy doing things like realignment without dialogue. He cannot talk of safety when somebody has been killed. Does Chi Saken understand the word safe. Action speak louder than words.

    Sway - August 7, 2012


    SHAMENDA - August 7, 2012

  17. what do u mean by safe when u r confused dot it safe for zambian who r shot by foregners who came to haverst our resources.stop the inferior thinking we r in a democratic country silly minister shamende.

    rocktree - August 7, 2012

  18. I don’t support killing of foriegners but 1 sided justice is injustice ba minister.

    fish - August 7, 2012

  19. Dont blame the goverment for this case,the problem is workers didnt listen to honourable shamenda.the minster never included unionised workers wen he presented minimum wage.

    Donchi kubambila - August 7, 2012

  20. no need to arrest anyone..those chaps are so abusive..lets support our fellow!!

    Taliban - August 7, 2012

  21. Yes. Rejoice God Sata is in control.

    silu ni silu even in statehouse - August 7, 2012

  22. Shamenda so wat?

    GBM - August 7, 2012

  23. What happened to the bastards who shot our people at this mine?…Your selective justice will not protect your Chinese friends who mistreat workers from the wrath of our people. If you cannot protect the workers interests, they will retaliate in an unpredictable and violent manner!

    CASSAVA REPUBLIC - August 7, 2012

  24. So was ‘dialogue’ also needed when setting the minimum wage or is that the exception?

    Zebige - August 7, 2012

  25. Dialogue is a solution but at the same time government shall realise that raising expectations and playing with the emotions of the voters is not good for our fledgling economy.

    lubasi mundia - August 7, 2012

  26. Minister, where do you stand?

    1. Its not safe in the eyes of the Chinese Investors when they are getting killed

    2. Its also not safe for Zambians when they are getting shot by the Chinese Managers

    SALT - August 7, 2012