Zambian men looking for sex swindled on Facebook

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Unsuspecting but randy Zambian men especially in Lusaka are being swindled by an Internet scam that promises them sex with girls in exchange for cash.

The Watchdog has discovered that men are paying not less than K700 (K700 000 old currency) each for a promise of a one-night stand with a girl of their choice after viewing their profile on the so-called Manda Hill Brown Hookups

The photos of the girls look fake but men are being enticed .

All the arrangements are made on the Facebook page

But once the sex hunter pays the money (depositing in a Zanaco account), he is blocked from the Facebook and there is certainly no girl.


It is not known how many men have been swindled so far but several have complained that they have met the same fate.

Men are told to deposit the money in Zanaco Xapit Account No. 083017000087979.

Further investigations have shown that the Xapit account belongs to a Chipo Chiyaba.

One victim complained that:

‘It was on Friday 30th of August 2013 when it happened. This Person enticed me with three photographs of ladies on his/her facebook page so that I pick a lady of my choice.

‘I selected one photo of a lady she latter introduced to me as Sharon.  I was told to deposit K700. I was also given a mobile number for Sharon with instructions that as soon as I deposited the money I should text Sharon on 0954 115245 so that we arrange for a meeting place.

‘After depositing the money, I texed Sharon and she suggested that we meet at Levy Pack at 16hours.

‘I waited for Sharon from 16hrs to 19 hrs. During this time I made several attempts to try to contact them, but all my efforts were in vein. Sharon’s mobile was unreachable, I tried to contact Manda Hill Brown through inbox on her Facebook page, I discovered that my access to her facebook page has been blocked, It was at this point in time when I realized that I have been swindled.’

Some of the messages on the Manda Hill Brown Hookups read as follows:

One of the photos used to entice men to pay

One of the photos used to entice men to pay

‘Morning Friends
Those who wish 2 make payment for a one night stand you can do so this morning before 12:00 n get someone 2 make your weekend wet..

Morning pipo????
‘Make sure u make your payment for your weekend one night stand it’s getting crazy here …………
‘Only gentlemen wit cash loaded nt broke naggas I will block u

If u ar n de following cities kitwe, Ndola, kabwe n Livingston we av contact for sexy ladies if u need one 2 make your weekend sexy contact admin for more information.’

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50 Responses to Zambian men looking for sex swindled on Facebook

  1. where are we heading as a country.why sell sex on is 4 bedroom only.if not happy with your wife teach her to make happy.that is it full stop

    n.mulizi - September 5, 2013

  2. congratulations to who so ever came up with this idea coz ubuule bwacilamo mu zambia.mulenyaaa nombaaaaaaa

    one mwitwa - September 4, 2013

  3. Let’s be realistic, if a married man sleeps with a prostitute or has a young girlfriend who happens to be a gold digger, then there is something wrong with the wife, or the husband is bored. Then again do these men really love these women when they propose or are they worried they will never find anything better in the future? People say Love grows, but if you piss each other off than you are both screwed for the rest of your lives..

    Jerry Springer - September 3, 2013

  4. Wisdom comes from God. U shuld just be swindled because of your immoral behavior.

    Hamus - September 3, 2013

  5. @hospital,it is true a wife will deny hubby when he cant provide she can even leave.The best sex i have had was with call girls in london.But,the problem bwana is sti’ for long life stick to your wife or wives.

    Puungwa - September 3, 2013

    • The best are in Las Vegas, try the Bunny Ranch. It’s like a buffet, wide choice especially if you like big firm boobs.

      Ike - September 3, 2013

    • do u even do ‘metal’ with a call gal? Thinking how you can get an sti if u have wrapped it.

      Peter - September 3, 2013

  6. @chikambwe,not all zambian men r dickheads.mayb only ur father is a dickhead.

    castro - September 3, 2013

  7. The spread of this kind of immorality
    in the form of prostitution shows we
    clearly not Christians. Its no wonder
    Adultery, fornication and homosexuality
    are exploding!

    lgbtzambia - September 3, 2013

  8. The thinking of the dick. Its clear that some of
    these people are assholes plain and simple.

    abana/bamu/vigololo - September 3, 2013

  9. Lol..mature just saw the legs and the belly ring and wow..had an erection..He should come to me and I hook him up with real brazillian chicks seeing that he can afford the starting US$150/per round..

    Peter - September 3, 2013

  10. If you want to hammer women(unmarried)girls for a fee in lusaka just drive to Ndeke hotel,Mwiluzi lodge,Nsimbi Yanga,Kupark lodge,Family 24,,Northmead Night club,,Showgrounds,Breakpoint/EastPoint club, etc. Their charges are as low K40 per round.Why pay k700 per stinking and over-used nyini/icinyo/vagina with high mileage?

    The Cassanova on the saddle. - September 3, 2013

  11. He was just foolish. Me I managed. I insisted on seeing the goods first. All you condemning transactional sex are just burying your heads in the sand. There is no such thing as free sex. Wives are even more expensive than the professional sex workers. Sex worker doesn’t demand that you pay school fees for her young sisters or brothers. Doesn’t demand that you buy her a car. Doesn’t demand that u replenish her wardrobe. Doesn’t demand that you buy drinks and meals for her girl friends etc. And there will be no divorce settlement with a sex worker. Despite taking care of the wife she will still refuse u sex when she is moody. Sex workers are never moody. So shut up about sex with wife being cheap!

    hospital ward at state house - September 2, 2013

    • The wife will also give the man a stroke with their extravagant demands. Keeping up with the Phiris.

      Ben - September 3, 2013

  12. I’m very impressed with this new. That’s why I like Zambia Watchdog, they report without fear or favour… Continue with your great works.. For that idiot that lost K700 to a crook, he should learn to use his money on productive things.. I’m sure some of his relatives are even suffering while he is worsting money on bitches (this time he met crooks who could even be fellow me)..

    Better Zambia (NGO) - September 2, 2013

  13. Zambian men are all dickheads and no brains !!!!! Thinking with the dickheads instead of the real heads!!! You deserve what you got!!!

    Chikambwe - September 2, 2013

  14. Disturbing

    LGBT Zambia - September 2, 2013

  15. This is a load of Buuullsh** lmao who would pay that, when even the photo has copyright of (prove that that pic was downloaded from that site) wtf… smh dumb horny rich a** men!! See your life… Donate your moola to me other than waste your time with such b.s am super pist at those that got tricked by this scam!

    @OwusuSamG - September 2, 2013

  16. Ma hule in Lusaka cost K30-K100 kunyenga, why were these people paying K700?

    Kay - September 2, 2013

  17. Once beaten twice shy.The guy has learnt a lesson…..

    Broken hill man returns - September 2, 2013

  18. some people are so gullible it beggars belief !!

    Taxi driver - September 2, 2013

  19. Zambian men are stupid!

    kaigreene - September 2, 2013

  20. Yaaaa

    linyunga - September 2, 2013

  21. Hmmm.

    John - September 2, 2013

  22. thats good keep it up chipo, some men are fools, good lesson how can a normal person pay for sex sure.

    dr kaseba sata - September 2, 2013

  23. I am reliably informed the account number jointly belongs Sylvia Masebo and Christine Sata Kaseba- munyaule girls

    Felix lame dick Mutale fired from ZAPD - September 2, 2013

    • Surely if it belonged to Sylvia Manda Manda the act would take place even with a mbasela added?

      A cobra afraid of bald heads - September 2, 2013

  24. Don’t mention our leaders mufyabupuba ngefi.God is watching you.

    NKANDU - September 2, 2013

  25. but kasuma zoooona,naine kuti nalipila.

    Big moze - September 2, 2013

    • icho chintu mdala!!! techakulanda,naine kuti nalipila pali aka. so apa nabwima kale!!!ndefwayafye ukwingisha ififine kekele bakalamba.ama bele fit and pointed,firm mdala,noti kwati yakaloshi ka mu shaka zulu ka sitai!!!

      kolwe - September 2, 2013

  26. Why can’t these men donate to charities than paying K700 to internet fraudsters.the best way possible is these men learn to appreciate their wives and dialogue with them on how to achieve successful sex life

    bloated cabinet - September 2, 2013

  27. Ooh nooo too bad kabimba is lossing in all things,to GBM ,SATA n now being swindled Suwa!!

    jay - September 2, 2013

  28. I see nothing appealing about the gel in the photo. is she a cancer patient?

    STUMPY - September 2, 2013

    • hmmm,you must be an ugly old woman and is jealous. ni killer ka gelo aka

      kolwe - September 2, 2013

  29. The wages of sin is death, but the FREE gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus (Romans 3:26). People should give their lives to Jesus. He is their hope and salvation

    Lesa Mukulu - September 2, 2013

  30. Piece of advise.Most girls thought to be sexually captivating actually are not good for the job.Either they are watery, smelly or frigid.Though sex is psychological in nature, they can put you off.A moderate Luvale girl can make you lose your senses.

    Advocate - September 2, 2013

    • or ka village chiken. Veri natural

      obturamas - September 2, 2013

  31. With so many sexually starved beautiful girls roaming around, how does one be swindled on Facebook. Some sicknesses can’t be diagnosed and surely have no cure, or could it be sexualustomy combined with sodomization.Difficult to understand.

    Advocate - September 2, 2013

  32. Ata!! And u even go to deposit. Koma some men r dull.

    Taj - September 2, 2013


    tinaKa - September 2, 2013

  34. The swindled have paid for their stupidity. Very useless men who go about paying money a prostitute they have not yet seen or slept with. And for the girl let her be nabbed and be given to a few prisoners starved of sex for a good whacking.

    Fitiball - September 2, 2013

  35. Iwe how do u pay K700 for sex? Now your abnormal desire for sex has ended u up losing that much. You have been taught a lesson

    chimbwi no plan - September 2, 2013

  36. Guys, it is disgusting! Why do you mention Sata and Kabimba in all these filthy issues. Lets us give our leaders respect! It is un African to insult our elders. You think you are smart but these sins will definitely catch up with you. God is watching you!!

    Elijah - September 2, 2013

    • those are yo leaders not ours, you can give them respect if u hv anz to give danderheads.

      ukwa the urine bag - September 2, 2013

    • You are the one who is disgusting. Are you so stupid that you don’t know that Sata, Kabimba and plenty other politicians have formed “THE BIG BOYS’ MUNYAULE CLUB”? Are you the only Jew in Jerusalem? Wake up and be counted!

      Mutelo - September 2, 2013

  37. I am sure that SataN, Kambimba and the rest of them hoodlums are some of those hoodwinked!

    Manyika - September 2, 2013

  38. One of the girls appearing on that page works for ministry of justice,she is coloured police 2n easily follow up.

    Puungwa - September 2, 2013

  39. atase,foolish men hw do u pay 4 sex in advance??desparate men over sex!!!ba ku chenjesha…

    lisaa.. - September 2, 2013

  40. Just marry.

    Born Again - September 2, 2013

  41. crooks,thats y ine indefye kumushi kuno nga headman,

    headman, - September 2, 2013