Zambian Woman arrested in India for drug trafficking

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A Zambian woman has been  arrested in Mumbai, India for allegedly trying to smuggle out 9.79 kgs of drugs worth Rs 1.46 crore.

The accused, identified as Monde Nawa, was intercepted at the Chhatrapati Shivaji international airport in the wee hours of Sunday and upon checking her luggage, Customs officials found methaqualone drugs meticulously concealed in her luggage.

Nawa was scheduled to take an Ethiopian Airlines flight to Lubumbashi in Democratic Republic of the Congo via Ethiopia, a Customs official said today.


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  1. This woman is not zambian.She acquired zambian passport dubiously in order to conceal her true nationality.She is congole.Lozi women are morally strong.

    Kasai - April 12, 2013

  2. Leave the lady alone! That’s far much noble as compared to the thefts of June,Work,Talker and Leaking-Grandpa

    Witness - April 12, 2013

  3. People that person is probably non Zambian it is so easy in Zambia to steal someone’s identity. A lot of people are coming to EU via Zambia ask yourself why?

    mweemba A - April 11, 2013


    Mushota's dog - April 11, 2013

  5. Imwe pliz its mistaken identity.

    Albert chikuta - April 11, 2013

  6. Not a Lozi, just a Bemba twat! Hang the whore and get the passport back to the owner.

    Bobby Digital - April 11, 2013

  7. This woman was going to Congo not Zambia. that should tell you she is unlikely to be a Zambian.

    Odya Mphafa - April 11, 2013

  8. Shaka go to hell. you and all those who hate HH i wonder if you are paid for that primitive hatred. you want to call him tribal if he answers you back. may i give you some free advice that is also applicable to all those miserable souls like you.

    some of the teachers teaching in your village are tongas, some of the medical staff in your village are tongas. needless to say that, some of your girlfriends are tongas too. your foolishness does not help you in any way.

    the poor lady involved in this scandal is not a representative of lozi speaking people nor Zambians. if you are not that educated, try night school classes my hopeless friend. i will pay for you school fees.

    Katwamba - April 11, 2013

  9. She could be a BEMBA and used Lozi name

    Rusco - April 11, 2013

    • She is Lozi lisholi ki lisholi…period!

      twoo - April 11, 2013

  10. Chooma, its not nonesense this a known person! i know her! stop commenting from without!

    ziba zako - April 11, 2013

  11. Chooma, its not nonesense this a known person! i know her! stop commenting from without!

    ziba zako - April 11, 2013

  12. This is nonsense – and a pure case of stolen identity!! A congolese woman got a Zambian passport in the name of a lozi woman and has been caught in India! Otherwise what would a lozi woman be doing in Congo?

    CHOOMA - April 11, 2013

    • Delivering drugs of course. While it could be true that the suspect may not be Zambian after all it also plausible that she is and may have arranged for safe landing in the DRC. Drug couriers use all manner of convoluted routes. E.g. flying from Brazil to RSA then Zambia and finally Angola, when there are direct flights to Angola.

      mop - April 11, 2013

    • I agree with you. It “can’t never”, a Lozi tota! Who doesn’t know about Lozis’s self pride in Never wanting to sink so low in their clan, society let alone Barotseland!

      It would automatic in beleiving if it were a Bemba. Bembas live and thrive in crime like their fish and water. Does any Normal Zambian argue on such facts apart from the “nabulafye” thives!

      God save my country’s name. Of all the things, its agony to find oneself in the same Country as Citizens with this crap known as Bembas! Its Agony Indeed.

      bembas leak Tonga Arse - April 11, 2013

  13. too bad sis

    Ntabafye - April 11, 2013

  14. A lot of our ladies are driving now in our streets,where do u think they get the money from?they are known as quick investers.

    great kalu - April 11, 2013

  15. Airtel Zambia says it will not terminate the contract with convicted musician Wesley Chibambo popularly known as Dandy Crazy who was recently convicted for drug trafficking.

    Defend Democracy - April 11, 2013


      ME - April 11, 2013

    • Niwona dabo dabo!!!!!is that weed talking?

      great kalu - April 11, 2013

    • what has this got to do with the story in question…ndiwe chipuba!

      twoo - April 11, 2013

    • that’s why you fail exams just by simply writing the wrong things on the a different platform. we are discussing of an arrest in India and you are talking of Dandy crazy what is wrong with you????

      ANTI-SATAN - April 11, 2013

  16. The whole world knows what zambian women are into, sex and drugs! In soo many different countires you would find a zambian prostitute standing on corners, Facts are facts, try defending the beloved zambian as much as you want but everyone knows the truth! As usual zambians always looking for easy money,Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    zambia needs a change - April 11, 2013

  17. Ba malozi kamulilemeka,why not just look for wealthy tongabull and be mai nini and live happily.

    Puungwa - April 11, 2013

  18. purely lozi. shine bamigwila madam muziba ku ‘zingimana’ weyu more money in the pocket na ka harrier pa side. mwandi its to get rich whilst you are young kuti wafwa ulechula.

    nawakwi - April 11, 2013

  19. Our Immigration structures are porous. its no wonder every other nationality can masquerrade as a Zambian. Given a chance, u would discover that the woman in question is actually of Senegalese or Nigerian or for sure Congolese Nationality. The easiest document for a foreigner to obtain in Zambia is a Zambian passport. What a pity. Our name has been tarnishe.

    nathan - April 11, 2013

    • shes zambian and lozi until proven otherwise

      kim - April 11, 2013

  20. What has really gone wrong with our dear Zambian women? They are too eager to take dangerous short cuts in order to get rich. Sad…

    John Cena - April 11, 2013

  21. Too bad,just hope her lagguage was not tempered with by other people especialy on that airline,considering where she was destined. I do smell a small rotten rat somewhere somewhere,sure!

    Simba - April 11, 2013

    • It is tamper not temper

      Puungwa - April 11, 2013

      • So petty, shimabolo

        Destroyer - April 11, 2013

      • So u knw better? Congratulations u manguam.

        Simba - April 11, 2013

  22. STOP IT GUYS !! ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION ! Our fore fathers taught us well, so we should not be retrogressive !!!

    Kokoliko - April 11, 2013

  23. She is not Zambian but barotzeland citizen

    REBASED ZULU - April 11, 2013

  24. She is not lozi but a congolis national.No lozi can get involved in such crime.

    Ngananiwa - April 11, 2013

    • atase iwe! are Lozi’s special?

      doris - April 11, 2013

    • Lozi girls are fearless,they smuggle anything.lozi,bemba and nyanja speaking mantha!

      Puungwa - April 11, 2013

    • She is a Lozi. Go to Jozi and you will find many Lozi prostitutes. Lozi girls have woken up now. Let us hope the Indian authorities are not going to wring her neck.

      Sikimbinyi - April 11, 2013

  25. Shame.
    Only a zambian can do such a thing.
    what a horrible lot of useless people.
    arrest then and let her rot in jail.
    only a zambian…..

    ZIMBABWE - April 11, 2013

    • Shame.
      Only a zambabwen can do such a thing.
      what a horrible lot of useless people.
      arrest then and let her rot in jail.
      only a zambabwen…..

      Life In Zambia - April 11, 2013

  26. The Lady is Bemba blood, just using lozi names. Barotesland is peaceful, with no such activities taking place.

    Snepa - April 11, 2013

    • Lozis are greedy people thats why!

      doris - April 11, 2013

    • idiot!

      twoo - April 11, 2013

  27. Greediness is what is making our ladies indulge in these risky, shameful and embarrassing vices. they are ready to do anything ranging from prostitution, pornography, bestiality, lesbianism to drug trafficking. All this is done in the name of wanting to live a plush life. its very sad.

    missed call - April 11, 2013

  28. for some of these ladies,it is poverty that drives them into enganging themselves in such vices.It is a question of survival.Its rare for a person who is empowared and lives a relatively comfortable life who woould take such a risk.So,lets not demonise them but find means of empowering our women folk.

    Abwino - April 11, 2013

    • it is greed!!!

      umuntu - April 11, 2013

    • How can a poverty stricken woman find her to India?

      PF Yosila - April 11, 2013

      • only 2 possibilities; either she has been doing it before and can afford, or someone is using her as a courier and paid her ticket. The drug in question is also called mandrax. A courier is paid KR30000 upon delivery in jobg. She obviously planned to connect via road from Lubumbashi to jobg.

        shokolokubbangosha - April 11, 2013

    • How did she get on a plane if she is poor?

      Kb - April 11, 2013

    • it is just petty greedness.No drug lord would hire a woman without any educational background to go as far as india.Imagine a woman from chibolya in a plane going to Jburg.It would look suspious on its on but a university or college graduate that would be considered normal.WOMEN IN ZED SHOULD TAKE A CHILL PILL. SIMPLE.

      victoria falls - April 11, 2013

  29. This woman is a disgrace to the Nation.

    Joe Johnson - April 11, 2013

  30. Tis a shame,what our dear women r doin 2hav mo money in their pocket

    jonah - April 11, 2013

  31. Then come to zambia by road.

    zakaro - April 11, 2013

  32. Better to involve myself in drug trafficking and drive a posch car and live in a beatiful house than to be a satanist

    jason Nyirenda - April 11, 2013

  33. Women want power and power is the money. We humble men propose they turn us away like scabied dogs. Now look at what you have put yourself in. The chucks for ten years maybe more. Muletekanya Rome was not built in a day and 9.7kg is too big a contraband to go un noticed. I pity you because in the cells the indian fellow will be doing you bad. Hope they can show liniency to you I only hope.

    form four - April 11, 2013

  34. How much is Rs 1.46 crore in kwacha or USD?? Sad for the lady and the country

    lorna - April 11, 2013

  35. Women and drugs ! Who sent her? A certain Miriam Tembo is serving a ten jail term in Swazi prison.She will be fluent in Siswati by the time she comes out.That wild be her reward.

    chams - April 11, 2013

  36. Thought fakas here thot it was only bembas that are drug dealers

    Mumba - April 11, 2013

    • Didn’t you read the article? It says “Lozi woman of Bemba origin.” Pay attention to detail. That’s why you failed Grade 7!

      organ failure president AKA pansi paitana - April 11, 2013

      • kekekeke lozis at it again! kikikikiki

        doris - April 11, 2013

  37. Pure..100% citizen of the new Barotseland Nation. Kokulia mukombwe kiena kwa hae.

    What kind of a Nation is it going to be??

    INDUNA - April 11, 2013

    • It will be like the USA at the international level and South Africa at local level. The USA is the biggest in everything, including dealing in drugs and South Africa is the biggest at local level. Next question please….

      Sikufele - April 11, 2013

    • Kwa india eeni sha!

      Puungwa - April 11, 2013

  38. women n drug trafficking…dnt jst admire wat pipo drive and the homes the live in ka….

    dexter - April 11, 2013

  39. Trying to raise money for UPND

    sisi - April 11, 2013

    • i feel pity for this lozi lady, i we shaka try to have respect for other people who told you it was HH’s sister. you should learn to have manners. from the way you talk you don’t have manners even bad ones. if you don,t have respect for your parents, learn to have even little respect for other people.

      chileshe - April 11, 2013

      • Had he said sata you would have been happy yah?…imbwa iwe!

        twoo - April 11, 2013

        • did i insult you twoo,if you say imbwa then what are you? muchila wanga,what is your problem hopeless and senseless idiot. twoo

          chileshe - April 11, 2013

        • You’re both dogs and idiots.

          Kb - April 11, 2013

  40. Obviously some other contraband was hidden in her intweno

    nkeyema - April 11, 2013